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Top 10 IRON MAN Armors [2017] | Marvel Cinematic Universe

September 7, 2019

SuperSuper Intro Music So guys , if any Super Hero in comics and cinematic universe who has made his mark with his armor , he is Iron Man. Iron man A.K.A Tony Stark is a genius , billionaire , playboy and philanthropist who makes new suits in advance for any emergency from world or outer-world. “Uh-Oh” “HELP” We all know , if anyone who has taken the character of Iron Man to new heights is Robert Downey Jr. Due to his awesome acting , it is impossible to think anybody else in the role of Tony Stark. “It’s Christmas , Lets go to church.” So guys , I’m Aman Sinha and today we’ll talk about ‘Top Ten Iron Man Armors in Marvel Cinematic Universe’. Taking care Spoilers , lets get started!! NUMBER 10 MARK I ARMOR In true sense this armor , this armor is nothing except garbage in front of the other armor. But this is that armor that gave our Tony Stark idea to save the world. This armor was so primitive that its main weapon was a ‘dangerous’ flame thrower which left a massive mark on villain who captured Tony Stark. And with this tank like armor , Tony Stark was able escape and return back. So , this armor was important to be included in our list. NUMBER 9 MARK III ARMOR This may be not the first armor , BUT MARK III ARMOR is that armor which implemented Iron Man’s classic look in Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tony Stark needed to make this armor because MARK II ARMOR had freezing problem Alongside this is the first armor in which Iron Man was shown in its iconic ‘Red and Gold’ paint , just he look like in comics. NUMBER 8 MARK V ARMOR If we talk about color , ‘Silver and Red’ are awesome combination as ‘Red and Gold’ and this combination was seen In Iron Man 2’s MARK V ARMOR. This armor is better than the previous two armor because it can be carried just like a suitcase. Due to this speciality, Tony star was able to fight against Whiplash without any preparation and defeat him in Monaco Grand Prix . This armor was inspired by comics’ Silver Centurion Armor . NUMBER 7 WAR MACHINE This armor was stolen by Tony’s friend James from his lab when Tony was high . This was basically MARK II ARMOR , but it was loaded with weapons by Justin Hammer and made it ‘War Machine’s. This armor has very good firing power but this armor changed it color in Iron Man 3 and renamed to ‘Iron Patriot’. But in Age of Ultron and Civil War , it was renamed back to War Machine and became a part of ‘Avengers’. NUMBER 6 MARK XLVI ARMOR This Iron Man’s armor was shown in Captain America : Civil War. Though this armor is very much powerful but still Tony’s eye turned black and few cuts due to fighting. In this armor only , Tony ordered Friday to record Captain America’s moves , after which Tony beated Steve Rogers. And alongside , the unibeam of this armor broked the bionic arm of Winter Soldier , after which Captain America threw him. This armor is inspired by Bleeding Edge armor which has retractable helmet exclusively only. NUMBER 5 MARK XLII ARMOR To save time and rather than taking armor place to place , Tony Stark created MARK XLII armor. To use this armor , Tony inserted some nanotechs in his body and suited up with mind blowing songs. But this armor was in development phase , so this armor was not ready for battle. Still Tony Stark charged it in a backyard of a small kid’s house and defeated Aldrich Killian This armor was one of those 35 new armors which Tony Stark created in ‘shock’ and ‘passion’ after New York attack. This armor is inspired by the Extremis Armor , seen in comics. NUMBER 4 MARK XLIV ‘HULKBUSTER’ ARMOR MARK XLIV ‘HULKBUSTER’ ARMOR was made by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner , to control Hulk if Hulk loses his control. This armor was seen in ‘Avengers : Age of Ultron’ which was called upon after activation of veronica and control Hulk in South Africa. This armor is suited over MARK XLIII ARMOR and alongside Veronica revolves around it , to provide replacement parts if Hulk torns off its limb. This armor is inspired by HULKBUSTER ARMOR as seen in comics and it is biggest armor created by Tony Stark in Marvel cinematic Universe. NUMBER 3 MARK VII ARMOR MARK VII is fully loaded rapid deployment suit which was used by Iron Man in New York battle. This suit was seen in 2012’s ‘The Avengers’ movie. In which , Tony Stark forced J.A.R.V.I.S. to prepared the suit , and it was still in underdevelopment. Yet , Tony Stark used this suit against Chittauri Army because MARK VI ARMOR was damaged at S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Helicarrier. We slotted this armor at third position because this suit helped Tony to fight against Loki , deflect Nuclear missile and helped in placing a missed called to Pepper. Though it was in development phase , it showed a great action which gave possibilities of being more helpful if it was fully developed. Alongside , it was first suit that used Tony Stark’s bracelet code and set upon him. And became an inspiration for MARK XLII ARMOR. NUMBER 2 MARK XLV ARMOR MARK XLV is 45th armor made by Tony Stark . In this armor , F.R.I.D.A.Y. was featured which was integrated before Sokovia battle. This armor was seen in ‘Age of Ultron’ where we also saw Iron Legion and Hulkbuster armors. This armor is first armor with hexagonal chest repulsor transmitter. This suit is supposed to be most compact suit till now. Alongside the suit carried S.H.I.E.L.D. transporter weighing around 200 tons. We have mention this suit in our ‘MCU Top Ten Most Powerfull Item’ because the unibeam of this suit is so powerful that it melted Ultron’s vibranium body. Before we get started with Number 1 , we’ld like to do some honourable mentions. This are those suit which are fan favorites in comics and movies , but couldn’t reached in our list. These suit are MODEL 51 Endosym Armor , Iron Destroyer Armor , Thor Buster Armor , MARK XLVII Armor , Starboost Armor , Black & Gold Armor and MARK XXXVIII ARMOR . Now , lets talk about Number 1 armor in our list. MARK XLVIII ARMOR Iron man’s MARK XLVIII ARMOR is going to be seen in 2018’s ‘Infinity War’ . Recently , we saw top half of it when few Infinity War’s set images were surfaced online. No special features are revealed till now. But we can see the chest repulsor transmitter is quite difference. This armor is at Number 1 in our list because in this armor , Iron Man is going to fight against Thanos and his army. Whatever may be the result , this suit will be best one till now. So guys , this was our list of those top ten Iron Man’s armor that appeared and that will appeared in Marvel Cinematic Universe. And if we’ve missed any detail or you have come to know a new fact about Iron Man , so please tell us about it in the comments. Alongside , also tell us which is your favorite Iron Man Armor from these armors. Above that, for latest Superhero news and updates related to our videos , don’t forget to follow us at FaceBook , Twitter , Instagram and Google+. WE ARE EVERYWHERE! And if you like this video , don’t forget to like and share this video. And for more Super content , don’t forget to subscribe our channel. Thank You Guys! This is Aman Sihna AND YOU ARE SUPERSUPER!!


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