Top 10 Apps for Songwriters

February 5, 2020

When it comes to songwriting it’s always a good idea to have some helpful tools to hand. Even if they are on your phone or
your tablet. This is my top ten apps for songwriters. I think you guys will find some of these
apps really handy especially for writers amongst you that are always on the go so let’s start at number ten. If you don’t have an instrument to hand or you’re just plain stuck on coming up with new chord progressions… …check out this app. To demonstrate the
app we’re going to start in the key of C I swipe my chord to the left and then
click chord suggestion. The app will then show you some
suggested chords to use after C. We’re going to go with F. Once I’ve picked my chord I
click the tick button. And the F chord is added to my chord progression. To edit your chords make sure they’re hovering over the red arrow. Then click chord suggestion and you can change it in this panel. The chords shown are rated in stars.
Chords belonging to the more common chord progressions are usually at the
top of the list with four or five stars. This can be a fun app to experiment with
and once your chord progression is in place you can even record it. And the most expensive app on this list at a whopping seven pounds ninety-nine… …but it’s got some great features. Songwriter pad allows you to organize your song in blocks. You can also record a sample or demo of your track. An interesting option that songwriters pad offers that the other apps don’t is the ideas tab. The ideas tab gives you some buzz words, phrases, rhymes and a dictionary just in case you’re lacking inspiration.
You can even filter ideas by mood such as love, desire, silly, anger… …and then you’re met with
relatable phrases to suit that mood. While this is an interesting option for
the app to have, I wouldn’t necessarily encourage you to use the ideas tab to all the time. I believe that writing from your own
heart with your own ideas is always the best course to take. however this is a great tool to use if
you’re lacking inspiration and you can’t find the word or phrase you’re looking for. Nano Studio has a vast library of preset sounds and
samples. Clicking on the menu icon to the left opens up your mixer, tracks and other
options. By clicking on ‘song’ this will take you to a visual overview
of where you are with your song This is your management page in Nano Studio. Here you can create a new track, save a new track, load a new track or
share your track via soundcloud, email or you can even export your track to other
audio interfaces. It also has midi integration and a shop
for more instrument tracks should you need them. Considering this is an app for phone or
tablet even on a small screen it’s really easy
to use and versatile. I’d definitely encourage anybody who hasn’t tried out Nano Studio to check it out. Evernote is essentially a notepad for your phone. It’s really well designed and really easy to
use. Once you’ve opened up Evernote click ‘add’ to add a photo, text or reminder. We’re going to add a
piece of text. Type your note, or in this case your
lyrics and simply click ‘save’. You’ll also notice that there’s a
microphone icon. click this to start recording. Click done when you’re finished
recording your idea and it will appear at the bottom of your document. Also try
checking out the Evernote scannable app. Evernote scannable will allow you to
scan your lyrical ideas on paper and convert them to on-screen text. Medly allows you to create and experiment with sequences of loops and offers a broad list of typical sounds
from different genres. Open an album and add a new song. The screen is split in two sections.
Double tap one section to open it. You’ll see that the notes are already there for you. All you have to do is fill in the blocks.
Medly is a great app for working out beats that work for you. It’s quick, it’s simple and quite easy to
use. You can also export your medly to Soundcloud, share the audio or even share the midi. This is one of the simpler apps on the list
but i think is really handy to use anyway. A metronome or click track will play out
the beats per minute of a song. To play the click track at your desired BPM swing the metronome. A metronome is used to basically keep
you in time with the track. You’ll often find that you’ll have to use a metronome
or click track in the studio. It’s good to use at home to practice along with too.
To change the BPM or beats per minute click on the information tab at the
bottom. Here you can change your beats per minute and you can also change the
time signature of the song. You can get physical metronomes to play along with at home but this is just as good. Four track – it’s one of my favorite
apps on this list. Four Track is a multi- track recorder for your phone and it’s really easy to use. Simply arm a track and then slide to
record. for track works with your inbuilt Four track works with your in-built microphone on your phone and other audio interfaces so you can record your guitar, piano or other instruments. It even has in-built tone presets for
your guitar and my personal favorite EQ’s from Taylor guitars – with the
advanced option of creating your own EQ. It also has Dropbox integration so you
can easily store your ideas. Four Track is perfect for recording ideas on the go and I’d recommend it to anyone – – even if you’re not an instrumentalist. It’s
perfect for recording melody and harmony ideas too. GarageBand is an app that
I’ve had downloaded for quite a while now and it’s perfect for arranging new
ideas quickly and easily. It has its own in-built tracks for
keyboard, drums… you have the option to plug in your guitar and play through an amp, an audio recorder so you can record your voice or any sound via the
microphone on your device… it also has a sampler so you can record
a sound and then play it back. Then we have our smart instruments – smart drums, smart strings, smart bass, smart keyboard and smart
guitar. Again GarageBand is another app that comes with so many options and to really to see the benefit of what it can do, you need to download it and try out for yourself. Music Memos – an app I use on
the daily. Music Memos is an app to help record and organize your ideas on the go. When you open the app you’ll see a blue
button. Click this button to record your idea. When you’re finished with your idea click the stop button to save it. At the bottom of the screen you’ll see that your idea has been saved and you’ll see
it as a waveform. click on the waveform at the bottom of
the screen and this will open up an editing panel. Here you can change the
time signature, tempo and key of your song. You can also trim your recording at the
beginning or the end if there’s silence… and you can make any notes that you need to remember on the notepad tab. Once edited you can even share your idea with friends or export for use in GarageBand. You may have multiple ideas for one song. Organizing your ideas is really easy in this app. Just click
on the bottom left icon to tag your idea. At the top center you’ll see a filing
cabinet icon. Click this to view your library of ideas. In terms of organization i found this app very, very helpful. Hum is an app dedicated to storing
your songs, ideas, lyrics and recordings all in one place. When you open the app click ‘add song’ to
add your first ‘Hum’. You’re going to need to add your title
and your lyrics in this section. You can colour code your project
just in case you have multiple ideas for one song. You can choose the key, the tuning, whether a capo is used… …and whether it’s a sad song or a happy song, or a quiet song or a loud song. At the bottom of the app you can then record any ideas you have. It’ll give you a countdown so that you’re ready. When you’re finished you can stop your recording and it will appear at the bottom of the
screen as a waveform. This last tab allows you to make any further notes on the song. When you’re satisfied you can share your ‘Hum’ via message or email or
even print off your lyrics. All ‘Hums’ are stored on your home page and you can
open them at any time. Once you have a bigger library of song
ideas you can click the top left to filter through and find the ideas that
you’re looking for. Hum also has Dropbox integration so you can store your ideas on the cloud. With easy-to-use, simplistic features and a pretty slick design ‘Hum’ is my favourite songwriting app from this list. I hope this video has been a help to
some of you. If you have any other recommendations for apps that you use as songwriters leave them in the comments below. Also, check out this… At the end of August I’ll be releasing my first book – ‘the Songwriter’s Handbook for Beginners’. This interactive e-book aims to help the
absolute beginner songwriters out there offering some motivational methods when
it comes to getting into the writing process. If it sounds like your cup of
tea, grab the book when it comes out at the end of August and thank you so much
for watching.

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