This Lightroom Adjustment Layer Trick Will Save You TONS Of Time! (Photo Edit Trick!)

October 12, 2019

Hey guys Ryan here at signature edits,
and I want to share a really quick trick that is going to save you a ton of time
when you’re working with adjustment layers inside of Lightroom. Ready? let’s
do it! So I’ve got this photo of some beautiful horses here and let’s say I
want to make them just jump up from the background a little. Well I can go to my
adjustment brush here and I can select a nice brush preset that I’ve got. This is
from the genesis pack if you’re interested, if not you can always make
your own. You get the point – this brush basically has some slight
adjustments on many multiple sliders okay so I can paint on top of these
horses here and you’ll see that they’ll pop out just a little bit we’re adding
some contrast a little bit of clarity little D haze saturation that sort of
thing now let’s say I make this adjustment and
then I decide hmmm I want it to be stronger well
that would normally require me to go to all of these little brushes and one at a
time take them up down just sort of magnify the effect right and it’s not
gonna be perfect or pretty or fast it’s going to take me a long time and it’s
really finicky it turns out there is a way faster way to adjust the intensity
of a brush or an adjustment layer inside of Lightroom ready all you have to do is
go to where your adjustment drop down normally is and look at that triangle
just to the right click that triangle and it’s going to collapse the whole
panel awesome now you can see we’ve got an amount slider that we can drag to the
right or left to either decrease the intensity or increase the intensity
whatever we need and it’s going to adjust all of these independent sliders
all at once equally how awesome is that the best part is it actually applies to
all of the adjustment brush adjustment layer tools all you have to do is go to
your radial filter to find this out go to our radial adjustment layer and let’s
say that I want to just go down here and say add some D haze darken okay let’s
say that this effect is not near intense enough for me because I want it to be
super dark and moody well all I have to do is drag that amount slider up and
just like that we have magnified the effect or let’s say I want it to be
super subtle I can drag it all the way down same goes for your gradient
graduated filter you drag that down from the top and let’s
that I want to just now what can we do here let’s do a Sun flare because why
not and let’s say that I want that to be more intense well I could try and do it
manually like that or I can hit this little collapse window and I can drag
that up or down depending on how intense I want the effect to be really cool
saves a ton of time and I hope it helps you the way it’s helped me all right
take care don’t forget to Like subscribe and leave me a comment if you knew about
this why didn’t you tell me sooner I’ll see you in the next one take care

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