Theodd1sout – MEGA TUTORIAL (Reupload)

September 21, 2019

A lot of people ask me “What kind of drawing program do you use?” So here we go This is a mega tutorial about everything that I use I’m breaking this video down into four parts Each timestamp for the different part will be in the description So now you guys can stop asking me ..and if you see a comment that’s like asking “What blank do you use?” It’s now YOUR job to link them to this video So if you were linked to this video… that’s why Alright grab your pencils and papers To draw, I use a Yiynova MVP22U version 3 Whooh! And it’s a little pricey but on nearly as pricey as Cintiq I would really recommend it if you prefer drawing monitors over tablets and you wanna stay on a budget Some people complain that the pen uses batteries and I was a little worried about it too but it only needs one Triple A And the pen itself is already light but I think the battery gives it a good ‘weight’ to it I mean it is kind of annoying sometimes you’ll go to draw in the morning and it’s just not working So then you restart the computer its still not working and you like “Oh it’s the battery” And this thing actually broke when I first moved And I contacted the people who made it – The Panda City And they repaired it for free so A+, thanks guys! One thing I will complain about is that the pressure sensitivity is a little bad It always thinks you’re pressing really lightly with the pen And to get the thick lines you need to press REALLY HARD. And I personally don’t like pressing that hard So I just had to change some settings in Sai and then we were good to go And also I use a smudge guard glove I got two fingers left-handed – cuz i’m actually left handed If you’re drawing on a screen, then it really helps I can NOT draw without that glove And I don’t have a fancy computer I don’t know what brand it is so hopefully yours is fine. The program I use to draw is called Paint Tools Sai It’s free – if you know where to look And one of the main reasons I like it is because it’s totally customizable! You can make your own shortcuts for tools It also has a stabilizer and that really helps when you’re drawing especially when you’re first starting out The stabilizer makes the line you’re drawing follow behind your pen so it makes your lines smoother One thing I will say about this program is that it was not made for cartoons but more “artsy, legit style pictures There’s not even a text tool in the program so I have to print the screen on a word document and copy and paste it in So that’s a little unprofessional I think it’s pretty easy to use You can pick it up pretty quickly and there are hundreds of brush settings on the internet to try out Now to color, I see this time and time again with people who use Sai They will move a layer down and colour everything in like a colouring book Like a coloring book and then erase the stuff over the lines. No, you don’t need to do that, son So you want to use the magic wand tool make sure it’s set to transparency and working layer So go to the Lion our layer select just one part like there head and boom now you have it selected You can only draw on this space So now you move down a layer and you can get some base colors in with the paint bucket tool I just draw the shadow line with the pen and then fill it in for shading You want to make a layer above the base color layer and then set it to multiply and then I like to use a dark blue or a dark red depending on what the base color is and then you just turn the opacity down on the multiply layer and it looks like a pretty Good shadow same thing can be done with the screen function, but for highlights I use Adobe Premiere to edit It actually costs money and I’m paying for it But I’ve used Sony Vegas and Camtasia and I love this one way more than those This program has everything I need to make videos like this I’m not going to go into too much about how to use this program There’s a video made by Barry from the game grumps and he made an Adobe Premiere tutorial It wasn’t really made for beginners It was more people who already have a basic understanding of the program and I learned a lot from that video so I would recommend watching it if you already have an idea of what Adobe Premiere is and when I have my character and let’s Say you moves from this position to this one what I do in paint tool size I save another picture where I distort the second image slightly in the direction of his travel I save it and then I put it in Premiere and it lasts one Frame and that gives it sort of a bouncy Look, it’s a whole heck of a lot more work, but I don’t know why I do it I just like it so you probably see a lot of people use this program. It’s called audacity and I really like it It’s pretty simple and easy to use. There’s a lot of tutorials out there I recorded my colleges sound booth. So I have to request times like 2 or 3 days in advance So I have to make sure my lines are perfect And if I buff align then 2 back bad dang it I used to use a blue Yeti to record But now I don’t and the microphone that’s in the sound booth. I think is the audio technica at2020 You hold on I mean look at it Yeah, it says audio-technica on it and it says at2020 I think it’s the same one that game theory uses. So that’s pretty cool and for headphones I use the cinefacts Synthesizer HD 2080 Pro said 2080 it’s not 2018. So I think that should cover everything I mean Post-production update. I just want to mention another program I use called level ater So if we look at the original audacity audio file and we play a clip of it Or the different part will be in the description So now you guys can stop asking me it’s actually kind of quiet But that’s okay because that means the screens are at a normal level and we can fix the talking So what we do is we export this as a WAV file. I’ll just call this part 2 And we want to use this program called a level later This thing will raise the levels of the quiets without raising the levels of the highs So that means the talking will be at the same level as the screens So we just drag the wav files in here and then it loads up and just poops it out so now if we put this into Adobe Premiere and We play a clip of it a different part will be in the description So now you guys can stop asking me and if you remember that was kind of the loud part But now all the talking all they all sound the same and that’s because of level later That means the talking is the same level as the screams So, you know It’s not all over the place and also you want the levels to be around negative six negative six is like the best this is Like asking what’s around me I’m saying that so yeah But just I just wanted to tell you about level later It is really good makes you sound better. So it’s like foam in the sound booth I fell I mean if you want to record it, you could get some acoustic foam You may think that’s excessive but it’s worth it. So that should be everything. I hope you like it Now you can stop asking me

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