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The Secret to a Happy Family | The Science of Happiness

January 18, 2020

What makes you a happy parent? How do you
raise a well-adjusted child and while we’re on
the subject how do you go from worrying about only
your own happiness to caring about everybody around you? How do you do it when
for so long you’ve likely had to worry about yourself? Well luckily for you, you’re actually getting
a little extra boost. Studies have shown that within days of
becoming a parent the neurons in your brain start rewiring themselves to make you a better
caregiver. And as you interact more and more with your child you rapidly grow new brain cells to help
make you a better parent. Helping you make the shift from “me” to
“we”. Well, turns out we’re not the only ones
who were interested in family dynamics. The folks behind the new film Wish I Was
Here came to us and asked if we could investigate some of the ideas that are
tackled in the new film. Out in select theaters July 18th. Wish I
Was Here is about that moment in your life when you go from simply being a
member of your family to being the leader of your family. “This is it. This is the spot.” “What is it?” “This is the spot where I had one of the
deepest most sincere spiritual moments of my life. Last time I had an epiphany it was right here.” “What’s an enifany? “An epiphany is when you realize something that you really needed
to realize. It’s, you know, sometimes in life you can
get kinda stuck and you feel like you should’ve
changed chapters by now but you can’t.” We gathered a selection of parents
and their children to act as our subjects. First we asked the parents to step outside. -Ok Once they were out of sight we asked their
kids a series of questions about them. Then we invited each of the parents back
in and asked them to tell us how they thought their child answered
each question. -Ok -So the first question we asked him was if he
could have any wish for you what would it be? -Oh, boy. Let me… tour the world with my band. -Ok, let’s see what he said for him to have his band takeoff. *laugh* Very cool -Right on the head. He knows what kinda efforts and persistence I’ve put into gaining success at music To… be happy and live a long
life. *Laughs* For her to get a better job. -Why do you say that? Cause we need more money probably. -So why do you think he said that? Maybe cause me and his dad argue about money? My wish will be…He will be a happy dad. -So she just said she wants you to be happy.
Why do you think that is? I’ve been having ups and downs. Trying, you know, to get it together so my family’s well taken care of and they’re happy. -Do you worry about your mom? -Sometimes -Why do you worry about her? Cause her dad died when I started school. Like three days before school happened. Well, he said he does worry about you sometimes. Why do you think that is? I don’t know. He worries a lot. I always tell you don’t need to worry all the time. Just be a kid. I guess he is like me. I worry a lot too -Sometimes -Why do you worry about him? -Well, sometimes he gets a little frustrated on things. Getting jobs. So he is working hard to get a new job. -Does he have one right now? -No, he is getting one. -Right on the money. She worries about you sometimes. Yeah, just trying, you know, to get a job and, you know, it’s frustrating. I hate being turned away. -I worry about her sometimes because she has a pretty stressful life. She does yell a lot. She yells a lot I don’t know why. -So was he accurate? -Yes *laughs* That is like my stress response and I
start out saying things really softly of what I need to be done around the house and each time I have to say it, it gets a
little bit louder -Not at all. wait, wait, wait. A little bit -Not at all. -Really? Why not? I mean he’s not in danger any time. I mean sometimes the rent. He pays it late sometimes but other than that we’re pretty
good – Do you know if he liked his job or not? -I used to work at Children’s Hospital. I got let go. I’m working 9-5 I can’t do nothing else. I can’t hustle and make extra money. My whole day is gone. So that is why I need a night job. When are you going to find time to sleep? -I don’t know but right now I don’t have time to sleep. I work too much already, as you saw, and I have an eight year-old daughter. She knows that I’m trying to get it together. She knows. She’s, you know, eight years old but she knows.
She’s smart. She knows what’s going on. I wanna be a provider for her and I want to be able to give her the best. That’s my first born, you know. That’s my baby girl. -She especially likes working with kids. That’s why she is teacher but sometimes it’s just too much for her. -Do you think he is accurate? -Very accurate. Yes, it
does overwhelm me sometimes because, like I said, I wanna balance
everything and to be a good mom and a good teacher and a good wife and a good everything. It’s just… It’s stressful. Sometimes he gets like a thousand-dollar check every day but sometimes he gets nothing because he didn’t sell Life Alerts(?) but on the good days he’s happy -The key to being a good parent is being there for your kids not just financially, but physically. -Do you think you spend enough time with her? -Yes -Yes -Time is hugely important but I think too many people waste all the little moments in between. -Do you spend a lot of time with your dad? -Yeah, usually we play games together. He is actually learning very well. It’s about how you’re utilizing the
time. It’s in the details. It’s in the small things. We love to gear up for a camping trip and go
out and have that event to look forward to, but
there’s the times in between just when you’re sitting on the couch. He’s playing and “Hey dad, can you get me something to drink” and you’re attentive to that. You’re there for him. -Do you think you get to spend enough
time with your son? -Probably not -Yeah, I spend probably half my day with her. -I didn’t really quite get
that he wanted to spend more time with me from that. That makes me happy -Is it something you worry about? That you are not getting enough time? Yeah it is. I mean with all my kids. It’s always a balance it seems. -Welcome back. Have a seat. If you could have three wishes to make your mom happier what would they be? -Some money so he won’t be so
stressed about rent. -Money, jewelry and a house. It’s a big apartment but mom wants a house. She could use a vacation somewhere really relaxing. And also for my dad to be home a little bit more. Cause he’s a firefighter and he works
sometimes three days at a time. -Love me, happiness, and caring. -I’m working hard and I think that
things are gonna come together financially but the
reality of right now what I’m dealing with comes back to making the very most of the time we do have
together including all the little times in
between. -We as parents need to realize that they’re going to have to spend less
time with us as they grow up and, you know, maybe that’s just the process. -One of my favorite times is in the morning. -You walk me to school. -That is really good quality time. Not this big, you know, thing like a camping trip
or a vacation but we walk together to school.
Maybe for 12-15 minutes but that’s how we start the day and it’s a
great time together. -Every minute counts. Every second counts.
That we spend time And when they are not with me, if I’m at work or
whatever, I know they’re in good hands. These are my babies so I owe them that. Being a good parent isn’t about how much time you spend with them. It’s about the quality of the time. and that as a direct result of your
ability to stay present while you’re with them. Stay tuned for more episodes and check out the movie Wish I Was Here out in theaters July 18th.
I’m Julian and this has been The Science of Happiness. Huuh, Feels good to be back. SoulPancake! Subscribe! 😀


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