The RENDER BUTTON is Back!! | Filmora 9.2 Tutorial

December 13, 2019

I just found out that Filmora is
releasing the new version of Filmora 9.2 today and I got my hands on an advance copy to walk you through some of the new features you’re not gonna want
to miss this one let’s go hit the subscribe button and click the
notification bell to be part of the conversation there are two really
important features that I want to talk to you about today and the first one is
split screen if you notice up in the upper left all the way to the right of
the normal tabs were used to accessing you’ll see split screen has been added
if you click on that you’ll see a whole host of options of different split
screen styles that you can use in your project I’m gonna show you a really
simple one to help you understand how to use this new feature choose the split
screen you’d like to use and drag it down into your timeline
double left click on that element and you’ll see in the upper right your two
windows open up or however many you’ve chosen on the left you’ll see the split
screen settings window has appeared and this allows you to grab your footage and
bring it over into your preview window and drop it into the window you’d like
to use it in if you click on that window a small control panel opens up that
allows you to adjust the zoom of the piece of footage you’ve dropped as well
as the volume and the settings grab the pieces of footage you want to use and
bring them over into your preview window and place them into the window that you
want them to exist in you can do some really cool split-screen effects by
changing the zoom of each in these windows and create a double effect that
I really dig now you can control the length of each of these split screens by
just left clicking and dragging them longer now if you click the Advanced tab
you’ll see that you now have even more control of each section highlight the
section you’d like to work on and in the left you’ll see controls from media
video audio for each of these cliffs the color correction and the motion which is
really cool you can add motion to individual Clips and have some really
neat effects happen you can also left-click within the frame
and move that piece of footage around to place it exactly the way you’d like to
have it once you’ve got things where you want them click ok and your split-screen
animation is ready to go the other cool feature that has come back that I’m very
excited about is the render button now this was a feature that we had in
version 8 that allows you to render these files so that the playback during
your editing phase was easier on your system resources that old render preview
button works exactly like the last one click on it and it will render the files
in your project for smooth playback on your system this will really help take
care of the lag issues that some of us were experiencing with older systems
that were very close to the system requirements now your project will
playback as smooth and easy as ever how cool is that one thing I do want to
mention is even though the render button is back we still have access to the
proxy file settings that we had in the last version of film ra9
you can still enable proxy files to make it easier for your system to work with
some of the higher resolution footage within your projects and we still have
the GPU acceleration feature that we’ve come to love how cool is that the render
button split-screen all coming back later on today if you want to get your
hands on a copy of it right now I’ll drop links in the description below
where you can download the latest version of Filmora 9.2! Well don’t you
stand there… go get it!! Peace!

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