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December 29, 2019

In this Lightroom CC tutorial, I’ll show you what is the Power Of Lightroom. Hi! Welcome Back!! I’m Back Again This is Shamim Rahman from adesignpoint The Power Of Lightroom: This Lightroom tutorial for beginners the video is perfect to see the real editing power of Lightroom CC. Learn how to do Lightroom editing in this Lightroom tutorial. This photography edit could be done on both Lightroom portrait edit and Lightroom landscape edit. this photo editing was done in Lightroom CC but can be done in Lightroom 5 and Lightroom 6 tutorials too. You can make a Lightroom presets to make this edit in Lightroom CC even faster. You can see in this video the difference between Lightroom vs Photoshop. Visit!! Our Web Site Lightroom Color Grading: Lightroom color grading is amazing and always important to have an idea of the final images before you start. Color Grading in Lightroom CC You can dramatically change the color tone and the photo’s desired photo feel with matching. Lightroom color toning and editing are extremely powerful and properly done you can get some amazing results. Color Grading: Color plays a huge role in the way your audience will interpret your images, and color grading is the process through which you’re altering the colors of your images to get a desired feel or mood.

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