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The Photos App iOS 8: Share, Delete, Slideshows

October 24, 2019

In this lesson, I’m going to look at more
features of the Photos App and in this one, we’re looking at how to share photos, and
how to create and show a slideshow and how to delete photos. So when you open up the
Photos app and I’m now in the Moments View, I can share one photo or multiple photos.
Now what does it mean to share? Share means you’re going to send that photo to another
app or you’re going to mail it or you’re going to post it to Twitter or Facebook or Pinterest.
You’re just giving it somewhere else, putting it somewhere else and in the Moments view,
if I wanted to share all the photos in that moment, I could tap the Share button here
and then I could share that whole moment. All of those 4 pictures would be shared together
instead of me selecting them one by one. Or I could share some photos of that moment.
So by picking a couple, I could just share a couple of them. Now if you don’t want to
do it that way, you can tap the Select button and then select the photos, if it’s multiple
photos that you want to share. Once you’ve selected your photos, you tap the Share button
and then we have all of these options here that we could share to. If I wanted to share
just a single picture, then I open that picture in Moments view and tap the Share button and
then I have the sharing options. So let’s look at the sharing options first before we
actually do share some. So there are two rows here. The top one is the Sharing Events and
there are apps that you can share your photo to and the one at the bottom are Sharing Actions
where I can assign this photo as wallpaper, or put it on the contact and have the picture
there, Airplay it to another device, copy it to another app. In this instance, if I
wanted to send this picture to Facebook for example. I’ve got it selected, you can see
the tick there, and I can tap Facebook because I want to share it with Facebook and in order
to use Facebook and Twitter, Vimeo which is a video sharing app, then you need to have
signed in already. Now I’d be able to post this picture because I’ve already signed in
in the Settings. Let’s come out of Photos for a minute, into Settings, you’ve got Twitter,
Facebook, Flickr and Vimeo. So if you wanted to share your pictures to those social networks,
then you need to have signed in to those apps, logged in with your accounts, and once you’ve
done that, you won’t have to sign in each time. Now if you, if you wanted to share it
to somewhere else then again you’ll have to sign in with your account before you’ll be
able to post it there. So I can post this to Facebook, could put it in an album if I
want to, put in a message if I want to or just post it so I just post it up to Facebook
and now I’ve shared that picture and it will appear in my Facebook feed. Let’s check it.
You can hear it going now, the whoosh. And this is my Facebook feed so it’s just happened
instantly. There’s the picture, waiting for some comments. Now what, go back to photos
and have a closer look at the sharing options. There are many more different things you can
do now in iOS 8 so you can have many more apps that you can share a photo directly to
that app and if you tap More, any app that I have installed on my system that I’d like
to use to share photos to, I simply turn it on. So if I wanted to add some photos directly
to Pinterest, then I have to turn it on. Any of those applications can accept photos directly
from the Photos app and I can just move them up and down, and in order of importance. So
My Cloud, for example, I can send a photo straight to that, which is a cloud sharing
service for a series of hard drives that I have. And anything you don’t want to share
to, you just turn off and then you tap Done. If I was going to be sharing to Pinterest
in favour of, you know, ahead of Flickr, then I can just reorder them. And if I think that
Flickr is more important than Pinterest, I can just move it up and down. You can also
share it to iCloud Photo sharing so that’s going to go into your Photostream. The other
way to share is with Airdrop. Now Airdrop will work with anyone who has an iPhone or
an iPod Touch or a MAC computer. You can send photos directly to that person. Any device
that is within reach will be displayed here so it can see my iPhone. So if I tap that
and it’s going to contact my phone and send the picture directly to the phone. You can
sort of see it there. The one on the left there is the phone and that picture’s been
sent to that phone. So I want to send this photo, I want to share it. It’s waiting (Alert
sounds] I’ve shared that photo. That’s the photo there that I’ve just shared with the
iPhone. The iPhone is up on the left there. So it’s another way of getting photos across
from device to device. If you want to share them to email, let’s pick a few pictures.
Selecting 12,2,3,4 maybe 5 pictures and I want to email; those. So I’m going to select
the pictures, tap the sharing button and I’m going to mail them. Now you can send 5 images,
no more than 5 at a t time. It puts them into an email, just one under the other and you
can address the email so I’ll send it to myself and before you do that, if you tap here, in
the images section, you’ve got to decide how you’re going to send those images. Are they
going across at actual size, and if you do that, it’s going to be a 3 mb email which
is quite large. Or are you just going to send little small thumbnail versions of it. Email
is not necessarily the best way to share photos to other people. I’ll just send that as an
email and send. (Whoosh alert sound] So it’s going to send that. And they won’t go across
as full quality. Now with a group of photos, you can also show them as a slideshow. So
if we go back into photos, in the Shared Album, we can show those as a slideshow. Any of the
albums can be seen as a slideshow so if I open up, which is these pictures here, they
can be viewed as a slideshow. You can create a slideshow on the go, if you like, going
into the Camera Roll, selecting a whole lot of photos, so just anything and the Camera
Roll is just any photo you’ve taken at any point in time. There is no organisation to
it. Now I can Add That To, Create a New Album, let’s call it Slideshow, Save, so I could
create a slideshow that way as well. So I’ve now created an album which has got photos
that I want to use as a slideshow. So if I want to show as a slideshow, I tap Slideshow
and then I’ve got, in my case, I’ve got a couple of locations where I can show those
images. If you have an Apple TV, then you can display these photos directly to that
Apple TV. In this case, I’ll show them on the iMAC because that’s where I’m projecting
this screencast. And you can have the transitions, so as the photos change, how do you want those
to be, what do you want the transitions to be, and you can’t have a different transition
for each photo but I’ll just say Dissolve for all of them. If you want to play music,
you can turn that on and then select some music from your music library that is on your
iPad, so I’ve got a number of things I could connect there. I won’t do that at this stage.
And then just start Slideshow, and because of the way I’m filming this, I’m not going
to be able to show you that. But it will just transition every so many seconds and you set
that up in the Settings, Photos and Camera, and you have Slideshow, how long do you want
to play it for. I want to play, each one for 10 seconds, and I want them to be shuffled.
So you can set that up in your settings first before you play the slideshow. Now to delete
photos, go back to Albums, and into Photos. So I can, I can delete an individual photo
by going to the photo, and just tapping the Trash and Delete Photo. So one photo is gone
that way. If you want to delete multiple photos, Select, just select the photos you want to
delete So I want to delete these two and then the Trash. Delete two photos. Now as you’re
deleting these photos, in iOS 8 they’re going to the Recently Deleted Album. So in this
album here, the last two photos that I deleted are in the top here. So this is the ones I’ve
just deleted today, they all have 30 days. Any photo that you trash will go into the
Recently Deleted Album where it will stay for 30 days, and then it will just drop off.
So the one’s down here have one day left before they just drop off the Album. If you
want to delete it immediately, then just go into Select, and say select these two, I want
to delete these immediately or again I could select, say this picture, and recover it,
and it’ll go back into the same place it came from. It’s a safety net, if you like in case
you really didn’t want to delete it. To delete photos in albums, go into this album here.
I can select, and I can select one picture and trash it and that picture will be removed
from the album but it’s still in the Camera Roll and I can select multiple pictures to
remove them from the album and trash them. Or if I wanted to delete the whole album,
just tap the Edit. Any album that is able to be deleted will have a black cross. The
ones that haven’t are either the Default ones that come with the iPad or have been synced
across with iTunes. So i’ll delete that, Slideshow1 and I’ll get an “Are you Sure” message, yes
I’m sure, delete and tap Done. If I was in the Years, in the Collections View and I wanted
to delete a picture, say this one. If I tap and hold, it becomes a thumbnail, I can let
go which opens that picture as an individual Moment and then I can trash it. Delete it.
So in this lesson, we looked at how you shared photos and created slideshows, created a Photo
Stream and how to delete photos.


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