The Perfect Mac Mini Setup 2018! 🔥

October 5, 2019

(light electronic music) (loud electronic music) – So one of the biggest advantages with new Mac Mini and how it is updated and not 28 years old, is the fact that you can
essentially build out your perfect set-up like
Steve Jobs once said, ” B. Y. O. D. K. M.” Now, clearly, the Mac is mini. The desk on the other hand, not so much. In the ongoing series of
me butchering Ikea names, the desk is called the
Malcabee, Malcoby, Molcalbee? Someone please correct
me in the comments below, but regardless, this desk
is big boy certified. Also, pro tip, if you’re
looking for a desk at Ikea don’t look in the office section. The best ones are in the
dining area, for real. Now, (mumbles) has the
View Sonic for sponsoring today’s dream desk, because that monitor behind me, just like the desk, is big with three g’s. This is the VP3881 which is a monster, 38 inch ultra wide display,
that is packing 6 million pixels in a beautiful curved package. Seriously, if Andre the Giant,
was (mumbles) up videos, this would be his go to monitor. It was so big, that’s
the reason why we had to go pick up a dining room table because, a normal desk
would not accommodate this curved, colossal beauty. Now, this display isn’t
just big and beautiful. It’s actually a really awesome
choice for Content Creators. You, of course, have
that big curved display, so you’re immersed, you’re
pulled into your content with it’s photos, it’s videos. On top of that you have 99% sRGB coverage and, this also supports HDR 10. In this case, with the Mac Mini, because the monitor supports USB 3.1, it works perfectly. But, you also have HDMI and display ports. So, if all that sounds amazing, you guys want to check this monitor out, there’s actually a special deal, shhh, link down below. (gentle electronic music) From there, if you couldn’t tell, we got this beautiful, space gray, dark theme going on and shout out to the OG Black Power Ranger. Everything from the Mac
Mini to the speakers, to the accessories, the
mouse, the keyboard, the wireless charging,
everything is (kiss sound). Now as it’s set up, yeah, we got tons of space gray, but there’s also some blue tones going on. So, it’s time for a little lamp love. This is the (mumbles) from Ikea. Just keep on butchering names, but it’s got a little
bit of that space gray, a little bit of that blue, and kinda compliments
everything perfectly. Now, for the speakers, these
are the MX Sound from Logitech. They look great, but they’re
also relatively inexpensive. So, maybe, you’re not ready for that entire desk overhaul just yet, but you’re looking for a step up in audio, these are a fantastic choice. Sound wise, these are relatively compact but they will punch you in the face without you knowing it. It’s pretty big, considering the size, and what’s also really cool
is these are Bluetooth. So, in this case, it’s one less wire, and it’s keeping everything
nice, clean, and tidy. Now, going back to the Mac Mini, why I think it’s a really good option, is you are in control of everything. So, if you want just the
Mac Mini and a monitor, you can do that, or, in my case, if you want just a little more power, I added a Black Magic external GPU, which makes a huge
difference for video editing. It also doubles as a hub, is looking really good in space gray, and, normally on an average size desk, I would say things would be cluttered, but, this thing sits perfectly on this giant set-up. Now, going back to the
keyboard and the track pad, I went with this option to keep things super clean and simple. But, if you’re more of
a mouse kind of person, you can easily swap that out. But, in this case, I
kinda just really like 1, the space gray look, and
how everything flowed together. It was kinda like the
Secret Sauce of this set-up. Though one of my
personal, favorite touches is the Native Union Wireless Charger, which kinda sits there perfectly, kept nice and tidy, between the crevice in
the middle of the desk, all stealthy ninja like. Most phones charge wirelessly these days, so having that option in front of you, easily accessible, and also, not looking like and
eyesore, is really handy. Also, what would a Tech Desk set-up be without a plant, and Baby Gru? I’ll catch you guys later. (gentle electronic music)

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