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The new features in the Creative Cloud version of Premiere Pro

October 30, 2019

Hello, I’m David Clarke and I am the managing director of DVC and I’ll be your guide… ..on this tour about the differences between the current Creative Cloud version of Premiere Pro and the CS6 version. Why we doing this video? Well, basically, we’ve got a lot of
customers who are using CS6.. and we’re constantly asked “should I rent the Creative Cloud version what is in it for me?”. So I thought the best thing to do is to do a
video showing all the new features off… so you can judge for yourself whether
you think it’s worth renting the software or not. I think there is a lot of really really nice stuff inside the Creative Cloud… ..and I’ll tell you which ones I’m particularly interested in as we go through the video. I do explain all the features in depth so it is quite long… so I have split it up into different
parts find a bit in which are most interested… We are intending to take this video and then mix it with some other videos about Premier Pro.. ..and make it available for purchase on the DVC website.. In addition to this video we also do training courses one-to-one training courses… DVC or at your premises. Just visit our website or… .. give us a ring for some more information. Anyway enough of that, let’s get straight on with looking at some of the great new
features… .. in the Creative Cloud version of Adobe Premiere Pro.

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