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The NEW Essential Graphics Panel in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 (Spring Update)

October 31, 2019

Hey guys
if you’ve updated to the new Premiere Pro CC 2017 11.1 spring update you’ll
probably notice that titles are different we now have a new essential
graphics panel now the title or tool still exists it’s just now legacy you’ll
notice that there’s no title option from the new item menu in the project panel
you can still however hit command or control T to make a new title but
because the point of this tutorial is on the new essential graphics panel let’s
go ahead and explore this new feature so to get started go up to window and
select essential graphics panel now Premiere Pro has a bunch of pre-made
built-in templates you can work from from captions and subtitles all the way
to video game templates that are made in After Effects that’s right
you can export motion graphics templates from After Effects and you can fully
customize them here in premiere pro’s essential graphics panel this includes
updates to the color the font the size all of that this will replace the live
text template workflow but previously made live text templates will still work
also here you can choose from the list view or at the thumbnail view I prefer
the thumbnail view as you can use a zoom slider to increase the size of the
thumbnail to preview the graphics in the panel if you want to choose from one of
the templates first create a new sequence in your project panel then
choose a template from the essential graphics panel and drag and drop it into
the sequence it will then take a second to load the motion graphics template so
click on the title template in the sequence and then you’ll notice that it
will change to the Edit tab of the essential graphics panel once you click
on either of these layers the text or the shape layer you will see that
further editing capability is then expanded but if you try and edit the
text here by double clicking nothing will happen now this is the part
that I struggled with at first because it was quite confusing why can you edit
the text this was the way that live text templates work so doesn’t it make sense
to just double click here and edit unfortunately no, so it turns out that if
you want to update the text you need to go and select this new text icon in the
toolbar you will notice that when you click on it that you get the option for
a standard type tool or a vertical type tool so if we click on the standard you
will now see a red outline appear around the text in the program panel now you
can just click on the text and type in your new text I’ll just type out
Premiere Gal you can then move on to update the font and the size to update
the font you’ll need to first select all the text using command A and then choose
another font then you can use the slider tool to increase and reduce the size you
can adjust the tracking kerning letting and the baseline shift if you want to
you can also adjust the fill color of the text and you can add a stroke now
the only downside here is that we have less customization with the stroke in
the old titler tool you could choose from an inner or an outer stroke you
will notice that we do not have that option you can also add a drop shadow
but right now it’s hard to see unfortunately you can’t turn on the
transparency here you need to actually add a color map behind the title layer
in the sequence so you can see what the drop shadow looks like so let’s just go
down to new item and create a quick little new light-colored matte to lay
underneath the motion graphs template in the timeline now let’s go back up to the
text in the essential graphics panel and you can see that you can adjust the
opacity angle distance and the blur to the drop shadow you will now see that we
need to adjust the shape layers here so we can go and select that layer we can
scale up the graphic or if you don’t want them you can simply delete it by
clicking on that layer and then hitting delete okay so let’s say if you wanted
to make a new title from scratch how do we do that simply select the text tool
from the toolbar and then click in the black
area of the program panel this will start a new title now let’s just go
ahead and make a lower third and I’m going to show you how to save it as a
motion graphics template so I’m just going to type out Premiere Gal and I’m
going to change the font to a new typeface and then over here in the align
and transform area you can adjust the position of where the text is or my
favorite new feature is that you can go down and select the selection tool and
then move the title in the program panel to whatever desired location that you
want in the frame now let’s say you want to insert a logo or a graphic no problem
simply click on a new layer icon here in the essential graphics panel and it will
ask you what type of new layer you want to make you can choose from text
vertical text rectangle ellipses and from a file in this case let’s select
from file and I’m going to choose to import the GAL logo now obviously it’s
way too big right now so let’s just click on a layer and scale it down using
the scale tool if this lock icon is blue it means it’s turned on and it will let
you scale down the graphic proportionally you can also scale it
down proportionally by clicking and dragging a corner you do not need to
hold the shift key as a lock is turned on now let’s add a rectangle behind the
text all you have to do is go to new layer and select rectangle a new
rectangle will appear in the program panel now I’m going to make the fill white
and change the size and location to be in line with the text and the new logo
that I added you can scale up the view of the program viewer by clicking on the
drop-down next to fit and change in scale so this is something we couldn’t
do in the titler tool so once you get it in the place that you like you’ll
realize wait a minute how do I bring the text and logo in front of the rectangle
well the layers here in the essential graphics panel actually function like
layers in Photoshop so all you have to do is go over and drag the rectangle
layer below the text in the logo layer and then it will be behind so
then we can make further adjustments like changing the font color so it’s
easier to see and make any other further adjustments you like so let’s say that
you want to use the same style the same lower third in future videos well this
is easy all you have to do is save it as a motion graphics template just right
click on the text in the timeline and select export as a motion graphics
template you can export it to your central graphics panel to your local
drive or even better you can export it to the Creative Cloud library which you
can share with other team members if you’re on a team project file so I’m
just going to export it to the essential graphics panel and then when you go back
to the panel you will see that now our lower third is there you can also make
new folders by clicking on the folder icon and then you can right-click on the
new template you made and move it to a new folder then you can choose this
template as a starting point in your future videos so that’s it I hope you
guys found this useful and if you have any questions please leave a comment
below if you go to my Patreon page you can get a free new Premiere Pro and
video editing template each month when you donate five dollars or more I make
new video production tutorials every week so I’ll see you guys very soon bye


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    ⭐You can now get unlimited .mogrts (motion graphics templates) for your Essential Graphics Panel with Envato Elements for just $16.50 per month:

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    I saw a huge text preset pack for premiere pro, you can use them by a simple drag and drop, also it supports any font.

    Text Preset Pack for Premiere Pro

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