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The Kardashev Scale & The Fate of Humanity

January 23, 2020

Hey everyone! Today, I’m going to be
explaining the Kardashev Scale and my goal for humanity’s future. If you have
any questions, please ask them after the video. Let’s start off by asking
ourselves: “What is the Kardashev Scale?” The scale originates from the Soviet and Russian astrophysicist Nikolai Kardashev, NOT Kardashian. Nikolai
believed that there were alien species out there beyond our planet, waiting to be
discovered, but didn’t know how to classify their
intelligence. So, he thought that the more energy a society could produce, the more
technologically advanced the life-form is, eventually creating the Kardashev
Scale. For example, humans back then harnessed energy by producing fire by
rubbing two sticks. Nowadays, humans just taught machines had to do it and made more fire.. which is kind of sad but at least we got these things! The scale, made in 1964, was split into three groups: A Type One Civilization – which has planetary
power -, a Type Two Civilization – which has stellar power -, and a Type Three Civilization – which has galactic power. Let me explain what each
civilization can do. A Type One Civilization has the ability to harness
the energy of their entire home planet, to around 10^16 watts, which is one
followed by 16 zeros. That doesn’t mean digging for oil or using fossil fuels.
It also means taking in the energy of every wave the sea makes, every photon the Sun shines on Earth, converting every gust of wind, and plenty more. But,
building so much to do this may destroy our planet, filling every gap with nature
with machines. So, how can we fix this? ITER Nuclear Fusion. Fusion power focuses to create an unbelievable amount of energy in a safe, economical, and
self-sustaining way. They do this by fusing atoms together to reach a
temperature 10 times hotter than the center of the Sun. A Type One Civilization would also be able to play with the weather, control volcanoes and
earthquakes, live in oceans – anything planetary. A Type Two Civilization has
the ability to harness the energy of their own home star, to around 10^26 watts. A great example of this would be Star Trek. A Type Two
Civilization has the ability to travel to other planets of our solar system and
can create the structure called a Dyson Sphere. A Dyson Sphere, theorized by
Freeman Dyson, is basically a hollow sphere of mirrors surrounding the Sun to
harness all or most of its energy. Another theory to harness a star’s
energy is called the Penrose Process, in which you throw two pieces of matter
into a black hole. While one piece falls into the black hole, the second escapes it using the black hole’s momentum. As the escaping piece escapes, it gathers and harnesses energy from the black hole – to the point where the black hole slows down in rotation, where the escaping matter escapes. I have no idea what I just said.. At this point, these civilizations are immortal.
A Type Three Civilization has the ability to harness the energy of its entire galaxy,
to around 10^36 watts. Right now, use your imagination, and whatever
you think of, it might be possible with these civilizations. These life-forms are
able to control every or most planets, stars, and black holes in this galaxy –
possibly creating a Dyson Sphere to every star, creating a black hole or
antimatter bombs, driving their solar system with stellar engines. It’s pretty crazy.
An example of a type 3 civilization would be Star Wars. Other Type Civilizations were made later, such as a Type Zero, which can only harness energy
from raw materials, a Type Four, which controls the entire universe, or a Type Five,
which can control and manipulate other universes. Carl Sagan created a formula
which determines the Type Civilization a species is by inputting their energy
use. Currently, we are Type Zero Civilization – off
of the scale. More specifically, humans are a Type 0.7 Civilization and physicist,
Michio Kaku claims that our generation is the current transition from a Type 0 to a Type 1 Civilization, and will become one in about 100 to 200 years. Now, here comes my goal for humanity: To become a Type One Civilization.
Well, Michio did say that we already might become one pretty soon, but he also
said it was pretty dangerous. While we have the potential, there are plenty of
obstacles that block our path into evolving as humans and as a civilization.
These obstacles include wars, the use of nuclear weapons, terrorism, nuclear and
germ warfare, global warming, disease, floods, poverty, environmental destruction –
the list goes on. If these obstacles continue to block our path, humanity will
either halt in technological advancement or if disaster strikes, humans may be
rubbing sticks to start a fire again. Why is this important?
Well, improving our civilization instead of keeping it unchanged will help
humanity survive for Millennials to come. Becoming a type one civilization will be
the first step into becoming an invincible civilization, which again
might be possible by becoming a Type Two or Three Civilization. Can we achieve it? If we destroy ourselves with our weapons and global warming, no. But, plenty of evidence is already existent that we are becoming a type
one civilization right now. According to Michio Kaku, we’re already forming a
Type 1 Economy. With the European Union competing with NAFTA, we may eventually
have a national economy. The internet also can be considered a Type 1
telephone system since it runs nationally across the globe. A Type 1 language
may eventually exist, in which it most likely would be English since many
people naturally use it primarily or secondary. Our planet is starting to join
people of all nations together, especially with the Olympics and other
national events. Because of this evidence, we do have some signs that show that we
are currently evolving into a Type 1 Civilization. So here’s what we’ve got so
far: The Kardashev Scale describes how
technologically advanced a civilization is, and we are currently a Type 0.7. My goal is to become a Type 1 Civilization since we’re already
transitioning into one, but we must face the obstacles that block our path.
Becoming a Type 1 Civilization is crucial for the longevity of the
existence of humans. As said from Michio Kaku, “We are the generation that will determine the transition from type zero
to type one, or we destroy ourselves because of our arrogance and our weapons.”
Our species will have to work towards progression rather than entertainment
among modern technology. The problems we’ll have to fix include global warming
natural conflict and politics. The things we’ll innovate include space
exploration, world peace, technology, sustainability, research, and
discovery. Doing so would fasten the process, as the world would be more open
to the goal and less occupied by problems or entertainment. Also with
these improvements, the world would be less likely to come into conflict. To
help reverse global warming, we need to become more sustainable, especially with energy consumption and harnessing, peace for the environment, and
the safety among animals. We must reduce our carbon footprint,
which consists of carbon emissions from fossil fuels. We must find better ways
for transport, energy use, and production, to become more sustainable. Deforestation, illegal hunting, and wildfires and bushfires must be stopped or slowed. We only
have about ten years before the effects of global warming will be irreversible.
To prevent war, equality among all people, including gender and races, must
be made. Wealth should be shared among everyone so not many people are either too
rich or too poor. Along with that, countries must control
the use and possession of weapons. Too many people with weapons will result in
recklessness, conflict, and chaos. Also, people, especially significant leaders, must
understand that war is not the only way to create world peace. For example, a Roman saying was said: “Si vis pacem para bellum,” meaning peace through strength. In other
words, war is needed to create peace. This adage is still used today and is not a
very good way to create global peace. We also need to recreate and re-engineer our
global political system into a more democratic way because the last thing we
would want is a global autocracy, which means one person in power above all in
the planet. The phrase for this is called world dictatorship, which is bad. If we
recreate our national political system, humanity will become more connected – to the point where different countries or a set of people don’t call themselves a
different part of humans or a tribe of a nation. To the point where we all know that
we’re all humans. If we end successful with reversing global warming, preventing
a nuclear war, achieving World Peace, improving the national political system,
and innovating with space exploration, technology, and knowledge, we
will be able to achieve the status of a Type One Civilization. Like what I said
before, this will be the first step into becoming an invincible civilization. By
this time, we’ll be able to colonize other planets, such as Mars, to stretch
humanity planetarily. We’ll be able to control the weather, which is a lot more significant than you think.
Controlling the weather will allow us to stop global warming, as it will direct
coldness to melting areas, rain to droughts, or decrease global temperatures
to ensure that Earth sustains a healthy and livable climate.
We will also be able to harness energy more efficiently and sustainably, as
we’ll be able to harness every photon of light the Sun gives us every gust of
wind and every wave the ocean makes. Added to that we might even be able to perform
fusion power successfully, which will boost our sustainability and our energy
production. However if a world continues to suffer from global warming, if it
worsens, or a nuclear war takes place, creating hatred among all people, we will
not have achieved the status of a Type 1 Civilization and we might even
decrease our rank as a civilization. Humanity would have gone through
something called The Great Filter, which is a theory made to explain the Fermi
Paradox, which is a question asking, “Where are all the aliens?” Great Filters are
whatever prevents a life-form from continuing, thus, making the life-form
extinct. Great Filters include abrupt global destruction, climate change, a
nuclear war, running out of resources completely, or robots taking over
humanity. Earth has only been through one possible great filter, which is the
creation of the mitochondrion. When a primitive hunter cell swallowed at
another cell. Instead of consuming it, the two cells worked together to evolve into a
more complex cell, which now consists of every animal in the world.
If this primitive hunter cell devoured the other cell, life had not been evolved
into who we are today. The good thing about becoming a Type One Civilization
is that, we, as humans, will have access to plenty more possibilities, ranging from
space exploration to advanced technology. Our potential to expand our species
outside our planet would be high and our security of our own planet would be
strong. The bad thing about becoming a Type One Civilization is that although
we have numerous amount of possible innovations, we also have a new list of
possible tragedies. These include artificial intelligence malfunctioning
to take over humanity, a nuclear war, if not worse, gene-editing the perfect super
bug, an experiment that ends up in global chaos, or even something that comes
unexpectedly. We must also use technology wisely and
not against ourselves. After all this talking my mouth is starting to dry, so
I’ll call this video an end. In conclusion, our planet is currently a
Type 0.7 Civilization, and my goal for humanity is to raise it to a Type 1
Civilization, where we have complete control over our planet. If we do not
destroy ourselves with global warming or our own weapons and improve our
sustainability, peace, and knowledge. We will succeed and achieve this goal. If not,
humans will face plenty more boundaries preventing the evolution for a better species for
many years or centuries to come. And there you have it! The Kardashev Scale
and our march to become a Type One Civilization. Thank you guys for watching
this video! If you enjoyed this video, please leave a like! If you didn’t, please
leave a like! Anyways, goodbye!

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