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The Handwriting Effect in After Effects CC

September 4, 2019

hey everybody its premier gal here and
I’m going to be showing you today how to create a handwriting effect inside of
After Effects the key to doing this is choosing a font that looks like
handwriting and that is pretty easy to trace using the pen tool if you use a
very fine font that’s very curvy it will be pretty hard to trace using the pen
tool so I’ve included some links to some handwriting fonts that I would recommend
for producing this effect but let’s not waste any more time and let’s get
started okay so I’m inside of After Effects CC 2017 and the first thing we
have to do is create a new composition by clicking on this icon here create a
new composition I’m going to leave the background color white and leave my
aspect ratio to be a 16 by 9 1920 by 1080 when I hit OK and now you’ll see if
I fit this to window that we have a 16 by 9 canvas and now I just want to add
the font text of the word that I’m going to animate which is gal and I’m using
the font lekker ly one which I’ve left as a link to download in the description
box below so if you just click on the canvas here
and type out the word that you want to produce the handwriting effect with I’m
just going to do gal it does take a bit of time to trace this but once you get
the hang of it you can start to do it more quickly so that’s why I’m going to
use a short word because I don’t want to hold you guys up so you guys want to do
this for yourself so what I’m going to do is just zoom in here a bit zoom in to
about 100% and then you can use the hand tool by hitting H to sort of Center it
you can get a nice view now we’re going to use the pen tool first make sure that
the gal is selected down here and then you’re going to go up and hit the pen
tool you can use G as a shortcut and now we’re just going to trace this word as
if we’re writing it and you’ll have to think about what’s the natural way that
you’re going to write this so for the G we’re going to start up here so we’re
going to just going to create one dot click if you click and hold you can make
it a curved line and then just continue along the path here try to keep it as
centered as possible it takes a while to get used to
it but once you start to get the hang of it you know it’ll be a lot easier to do
as you get more skilled and again see this started a new path we want to make
sure that these are connected so instead what we have to do is command Z and
click on this last dot in order to make sure that it keeps the same path as
you’re tracing this all right so let’s keep going here if you forget to click
and hold you can hit option and click and it creates the curved line again so
I’m just going to go along here and trace this entire gal and you can follow
along with your own work I’m going to pull this up higher because the a in
English we usually start right here and create the a this way so what you want
to do is go up and then start the stroke here and then make it curved again much
work the center as possible and now you can probably see why I recommended using
a font that is not so curvy right and then the L we want to start here for
the L so let’s go up around and let’s start the L stroke here so now that we
have a pretty good path happening here we can always make adjustment after we
apply a stroke on top of this path to do this first we have to go up to effect
and then go to generate and then we’re going to click stroke and you will see
that there’s now this white line that just emerged on top of this path to make
it easier to see let’s change the color of the stroke to like a hot pink color
so now you can more easily see the stroke that was applied so right now we
need to make sure that this stroke is completely covering the font beneath it
so that means we need to change the brush size to be much larger so let’s go
ahead and increase the size of the stroke until we begin to see it covering
the entire width of the font and now you can see we need to make a few more
adjustments here to the path because we still see a little bit of the font here
so let’s see if we can move this around a bit to get it just right that looks
pretty good and now to create the animation of this stroke on top of the
Gal font what we’re going to do is animate the stroke so let’s go ahead and
turn this to zero and let’s hit the keyframe toggle animation next to end
and then let’s pull it forward in time to when we want the animation to finish
and then we’re going to hit 100 so now you can see that over time the stroke is
painting on top of the font right but now we want to get rid of this hot pink
stroke so we just see the font animating so just go here next to paint style and
reveal original image so now we will just see now if we fit to the window
here we will just see animation and now you have an animated
text as if it’s hand-drawn so I hope that you guys found this useful this
video was requested by someone just like you by going to my website and I will see you guys next week


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