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The CRAZIEST month of my life.

October 30, 2019

(upbeat music) – [Raven] Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Raven and I think
I’m a famous YouTuber now. (upbeat music)
No, I’m just kidding. But seriously, I’ve been on eight flights in the past three weeks,
which is crazy for me. I’m somebody who is super introverted. I don’t travel a lot. I have anxiety. I just don’t do this. So to go on trips back to
back has been really crazy. I’ve literally went to
Paris, then Las Vegas, then Atlanta, back to back, all three for YouTube-related
business trips and events. And it’s just been crazy so I definitely wanted to document this for you guys. So it all started with Paris for Paris Fashion Week at
the beginning of October. And I’ve actually already posted a whole separate Vlog about this trip, so you guys should
definitely check that out. But long story short, a
clothing company called SHEIN, invited me out to Paris,
flew me out because they were having a fashion show
there for Fashion Week. And they also wanted to get
some really good content, out and about around the
city, which was crazy for me because Paris
was on my bucket list. Literally, I wanted to go there
so bad, but just didn’t find a way to get there and then boom. This opportunity came up. I had never flown to Europe before. I’d never visited anything like that. So this was definitely a
bucket list moment for me. But like I said, you guys
should just go check out that other vlog for all
the details on that. And then literally a few
days after getting home from Paris, I was already
on my way to Las Vegas for a business trip with COL-LAB Makeup. In case you guys don’t know,
COL-LAB is a makeup brand that is sold inside Sally Beauty that I have been a part
of since its conception. I am one of the creators
that they collaborate with, to come up with new
ideas for new products. And every once in a
while we all get together to meet and develop those new products. So this time they decided
to meet up in Las Vegas, which was also crazy because Las Vegas was literally the other place that was on my bucket list to visit this year. – Hey all that stuff for two days. – [Raven] It’s options, it’s just options. Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Raven. And Daisha.
– Hey, what’s up? It’s Daisha. – We just pulled up to the airport. We are about to go to Las Vegas. Ta-da. I’m going to Vegas because it is a business trip with COL-LAB Makeup. I’m bringing Daisha as my plus one and hopefully we should have some time to explore Vegas a little bit. We’re only going two
days but I’ve never been to Vegas so I’m excited. Just went through security. Heading to Vegas. – Yeah.
– Travel girls. Travel little besties. Girl trip.
(Daisha laughs) – [Daisha] Jet setters.
– Jet setters. Gonna go gamble my savings away. – [Raven] so far today is a good day day. Daisha said I’m living in abundance because I ordered a small smoothie, but she accidentally made it large and give me a large for free. Then I ordered one taco
and the lady was like, “do you want two tacos? But I didn’t take the two tacos ’cause I know I wasn’t gonna eat it, but I’d have got a free taco too. Back to back in two different
places at the airport. (Daisha laughs) – I didn’t know you were
doing something behind me. We just landed in Viva Las Vegas. – [Daisha] I heard
somebody say Grand Canyon, that’s out here? – Grand Canyon is in Arizona. – Oh. Somebody was like, see
you at the Grand Canyon and I was like, wait– – When we just got off the plane just now. First thing I see is slot
machines in the airport. You wanna to go gambling? – Yeah. It’s Las Vegas. (Raven laughs) – Gamble that money away. Look, see, look at these. Gambling at the Airport. They just trying to steal your
money soon as you touch down. Soon as you walk into the city. Look, a whole Casino, in the airport. I have never in my days seen nothing like this. This looks like Dave & Buster’s. What in the world. – Weird, it’s like as soon as you touch down it party city. (Raven laughs) – [Raven] Let’s go gamble. – [Daisha] Day one (mumbles). – [Raven] A Liquor Library. (upbeat music) – [Daisha] Wish you were here. Psych. How does it feel? You’ve made it. – Made it in the city of, What is it? – [Daisha] I don’t know.
– Casinos and cigarettes. That’s a whole casino down here. And we are in the Fantasy Tower
over here on the 16th floor. So yeah me, Wesley, Sam, Leisha, Lizzy, Ashley, Nyan. Is that everybody? Yeah. We’re all meeting up here. We’re all staying in this hotel. Tonight we have, I think it’s a little cocktail party for all of us. So here’s our room. Wow, very nice. I always have to do a
hotel tour everywhere I go. Oh, love that lighting. Y’all see where I got my inspro
from for my home bathroom was from hotels that I’ve
stayed at ’cause I love this type of light up mirror situation. – [Daisha] Oh. – Cute.
– Selfies. – [Raven] Look at this big shower. Big enough for five people. (Daisha laughs) Wow. Very nice. (Daisha laughs) – [Daisha] Vice. – [Raven] Wow. Pic of your Advil and hang over stuff ’cause they already know
what’s about to go down. And we have a beautiful view of, – [Daisha] The desert. – The event tonight is
not until eight p.m. But we’re hungry, we haven’t eaten. So we’re gonna figure out where to eat. There’s multiple restaurants
inside this hotel. I was told. So we’ll probably just eat something here and then we gotta come
up here and get ready. Get a little glam for the
cocktail hour situation. (upbeat music) – Cheers.
– Cheers to Vegas. – How is that graceful? – [Waiter] So you got
your sliders over there, sticky ribs right here in the middle, the wings, your coleslaw, and then some sauerkraut pickles we throw
on there just for fun. – So we’re getting ready for the little meetup tonight. And I just want to show y’all, look what Daisha packed. (Daisha laughs) – Is this your toiletries and your makeup? – No, this is my makeup. – Okay. – This is a little warm up
bag, you know, just look. – But look at the amount of products. Everything she needs, right? To get her full face. Look what I brought. (Daisha and Raven laugh) – I literally brought
my whole makeup room. This a big old bag and
then this is my toiletries. I always over pack for everything. – Yeah. – Okay, so officially ready for the cocktail hour tonight. I went with this black satin dress. I don’t know if y’all can
really see it that good. I like this dress, I
forgot I had this dress. I’ve been having this
since earlier this year that I paired it with these gold heels. And then I put in my clipping extensions. My hair is kind of subpar. Not loving my hair and
hopefully it’ll last all night. I don’t think it will
’cause I kind of just, I’m not used to doing clip-ins. But I’m just gonna push all the hair to the back and hopefully it’ll look okay. And Nyan is here.
– Hey guys. – [Raven] Wait stand up. I have to show your dress. – [Daisha] It is so cute. – Okay, let me pull it down.
– [Raven] So pretty. So pretty. So cute. And Daisha. – You know, ’cause I’m
totally up (mumbles). – [Raven] ‘Cause I’m so not– (Nyan laughs) – [Daisha] I swear. – [Raven] I guess this
is where we’re going. Hi guys. (crowd laughing) – [Woman] Hey, how are you? – [Raven] Long time no see. – [Woman] I’m Jess. – [Daisha] I’m Daisha. – [Woman] Nice to meet you. (muffled speaking) – [Raven] Hey.
– Hi. – [Raven] Hold on. Let me get the outfits. Yes. (muffled speaking) – [Raven] Oh, I didn’t even see that. (upbeat music) – [Daisha] Oh, legs. – You gotta see the choco lime cocktail. – [Daisha] It’s so cute. – [Raven] Guys, look at this room that, this cocktail hour is in. It’s so cute. ♪ And it’s okay if you’re mad
and I’m dashing without you ♪ Imagine renting this room out for a bachelorette party or something. Look at this bathroom. Goals, inspiration. – [Daisha] I know right? – [Raven] I almost did
gold for my bathroom but I felt like it’s gonna be too much. But low key this is so cute. And they brought all the COL-LAB. Oh my God, this is so cute. They got it all set up with
the COL-LAB makeup in here. We could do our touch ups. Our new lip dous are in here. Our new matte lipsticks,
we’ve got new colors. Look at this. This is so cute. Of course I’m supposed
to be here for the party and I’m worried about the decor. Oh my God. I wanna come back here and rent this space out for some sort of, oh. What the heck. But I wonder how much it costs? – Probably more Miami for my bachelorette but this right here– – Yeah, this would be so cute
for a bachelorette party. We got the ring light over
here so we can take selfies. (pop music) So we’re literally all in
here doing a photo shoot now. – [Woman] Already work.
All black people wear (background noise drowns out other sounds) – [Raven] Imagine how, you
know how you can go through – [Man] Yeah, I know. – [ Raven] In the shower. – [Woman] You guys go in the shower. – [Daisha] Behind the scenes. – Here you go. Perfect guys. And that right there,
those legs, got it all. (upbeat music) That’s funny. (upbeat music) – [Daisha] Alright Raven (laughs). (laughing) – Look what you did. – [Daisha] It was your idea. – Rob?
– [Man] Yeah? – Cheers to COL-LAB. You guys are very
productive, the meetings. we’re all excited for
some of these products. And I’m so excited to be
together with you guys again. (crowd cheering) – [Crowd] Cheers. – Okay, so we just finished
the little cocktail hour. It was actually really cute. I wasn’t expecting them
to have everything, so I feel like there’s
a piece of hair on my, there we go. I wasn’t expecting them to have everything so set up with that room
was, I wanna come back here. – [Daisha] It was the (mumbles) suite. – And have, oh. I want to come back here and have, I want to get that room for something, it was so cute.
– [Daisha] Yeah, it was cute. So we took a lot of cute pictures. We had some drinks, we
had some hors d’oeuvres. We hung out with everybody. That was a really cute cocktail hour. They gave us goodie bags. So. And of course COL-LAB makeup in here. And then we actually took
some, I think this is rose, to go, because we’re in Vegas. So it’s weird because in Texas you can’t bring alcohol anywhere. You can’t walk out of anywhere without even to leave your hotel room, or leave your hotel. You’re not allowed to do that
but we took some time go. And then everybody was
like, let’s meet down in the lobby because
it’s basically a casino down there with a big bar and restaurants, and all this stuff that’s downstairs in, I mean, we’re at The Palms. So if you’ve ever been here, you know how much stuff is downstairs. Like let’s just meet up downstairs. So we’re about to go downstairs, see what they wanna do, probably get a few drinks at the bar, and then maybe venture out. We got some suggestions of
clubs and stuff to go to. I wanna do something. We gotta do something. ‘Cause I’ve never been here
before, so I want to go out. I mean we’re at the best
place right now, this is, there’s so much to do
just in this one building. But I wanna venture out and see Vegas so, I’ma see what we get up to. (upbeat music) – [Woman] Hello.
– [Raven] Hi. – [Woman] Hi.
– [Raven] Hi guys. Good morning. Well good afternoon. Good, how are you? Well this is so nice. So the next morning
after hitting the club, we had our actual product
development meeting, where the whole COL-LAB
collective along with the COL-LAB team met together to
discuss all of the new and upcoming products, that
we could give our ideas and our feedback, swatch
products, and write down notes so they can make necessary
changes and everything like that. So this is a really cool experience. I’ve been doing this for a couple of years now with this brand. And it’s just really cool to actually be able to
put in my own feedback, and low key, really be a part of creating a major makeup brand. So a lot of work goes into
it, a lot of discussion, a lot of swatching, talking about formula, color, everything like that. So we spent a few hours going over a few of our new and upcoming products. So definitely stay tuned in the coming months to see the fruits of our labor, and see all of our new
products that are coming out. I’ll definitely be updating
you guys on Instagram. (upbeat music) – Then of course another
toast to close out the trip, and we all are going to be going home to our separate cities and states. And they gave us suitcases as another goodie bag to take home. I thought that was really cute. (airplane engine roaring) (laughs) Okay. Hey guys. So, I have been back from Vegas, since I got back on Thursday afternoon, Daisha went home to Dallas, Ziya came back home to
me from Grammy’s house. Friday, morning, I got up and
took Ziya to school as normal. Had to get back to the grind immediately, even though I really was not feeling too good from Vegas and everything. I didn’t realize that the air in Vegas, is so dry or just the environment, the cigarette smoke, the weed smoke. I don’t know exactly what
all the factors were, but I came home feeling very, my airway. And I just did not feel good. But I got up Friday morning,
took Ziya to school, and then I had to, so that was yesterday. Yeah, ’cause today’s Saturday. Wasn’t really feeling good but I had a lot of other content and stuff to work on. So, I was editing videos,
I was talking to my video editor about a video that she was editing, ’cause usually we’re both
working on different things. I’m editing a video and
she’s editing another video, and I’m supervising her
editing the other video. And then I also had to shoot some content. So, I did. It was a beauty brand content. So I did this full makeup look. I was trying to get all this done before picking up Ziya from school. I did this full makeup look you guys. And then I got like 90%
done and then I messed up. And I started trying,
you know when you mess up on your makeup and you
start trying to add stuff and fix it, but it just makes it worse? So then I was like, oh my God, this looks horrible. And I had to wipe it all off. I had just spent like
an hour doing my makeup, wiped it off, didn’t get the content done. Picked up Ziya, brought her home, did our little nighttime dinner routine. And then I basically
had to redo my makeup, and shoot the content
after she went to bed. So then I got like two hours of sleep. Woke up this morning
on two hours of sleep. That’s why I look like this. ‘Cause I’ve been traveling
to Paris, to Vegas. Not sleeping, not feeling good,
trying to get content done. And here I am. I leave for Atlanta tomorrow
morning at four a.m. But I’m just trying to
get my life together because clearly my life is not together, and I am not packed or
ready for Atlanta yet. So this is just the reality of, you know, what really goes on behind the scenes, of how it looks all fun and glamorous on Instagram and all
y’all see is I’m here, and here’s me, taking
pictures and I look cute. But what y’all don’t see
is the fact that I am a procrastinator, I am super
last-minute with everything all the time, I do not
have my life together. I need to do better. And so now here I am struggling
to put looks together, figure out what I’m gonna do with my hair. And I’m like bruh, this is YouTube black. I’m going to be on stage. I’m going to be on a red carpet. I’m gonna be doing a meet and greet. If there was ever, this is like prom. So I literally just
posted on my Instagram. If there’s any Atlanta
hairstylist who just may be, you know, available tomorrow,
to do my hair when I get to Atlanta or something,
because I’m really not sure what I want to do with my hair. Be a lot better if I
actually had a hairstylist. But you know, I don’t
have my life together so I didn’t have that planned out. So yep, you heard that right. It’s the day before the trip
to Atlanta for YouTube Black. My first time going. I’m gonna be going on stage in
front of thousands of people, walking the red carpet, and
having a meet and greet, and I have nothing packed
and nothing planned. No hairstyle plan, no
outfits, nothing like that. The only thing I did do is place a very last-minute order on Fashion Nova. Because they have overnight
Saturday delivery shipping. They’re one of the only places
I could find that have that. So I had stuff overnighted
to me that I ordered from Fashion Nova and now I’m just trying to rush and get my stuff together. So far what I did have
is this glittery dress, which is actually also from Fashion Nova the last time I was
ordering last minute stuff. This was actually supposed to be for Vegas but I didn’t end up going
out the second night so I didn’t end up needing
that outfit for Vegas. So I was like okay, I’ll
save that for Atlanta. So I’m pretty sure I’m gonna wear that for the dinner or the
after party in Atlanta. But I also have this outfit
which I’m excited about. I got it from Hanifa, I
think it’s how you say it. It’s a two piece outfit. Houston, we have a problem. My main outfit that I thought was gonna be my red carpet on stage look doesn’t actually fit
like I thought it did. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I realized I never
actually tried on the top. The top is too small. It’s choking me, it’s choking my arms. It doesn’t look right. My whole boob is out underneath it ’cause this is supposed to be,
it’s just too small. All right. It’s just too small. The pants. I like the pants, overall, they fit. They’re good, fit around the waist. They’re super long, even on my tippy toes. Even with heels on they
still drag on the floor which I think is a look especially for especially event red carpet I really like. The pockets, however, are causing
me issues, ’cause I’ve got these big pocket pouches that
create a lot of wrinkles. ‘Cause this is such a light
color and stretchy fabric. All in all I ended up with
a bunch of mismatch pieces where the top fit but
the bottoms didn’t fit, vice versa or it was a cute
look but it just didn’t fit the occasion, or it wasn’t
gonna match the hair color that I knew I was going to
get or just for some reason I knew it was gonna be too hard to walk in and I didn’t want to trip on stage, or I knew it wasn’t going
to look good in pictures. There was a lot of stuff. Like I know you guys are probably looking at this stuff I just tried
on like, that’s cute. Like why didn’t you pack that? Why didn’t you wear that? But there was a reason for everything that just made it not work. And I was really really struggling. Okay, so Ziya is up from her nap, I’m high key freaking out
because I stayed in my closet for a long time trying
on a bunch of stuff, trying to put my outfits together. Like I said, it’s my own fault. It’s just I have nobody
to blame but myself. But my main outfits, like I don’t know. I’ve got options for everything but the most important outfit, which is the stage, red carpet, meet and greet outfit. That’s the main look. And my ideas are not coming together and I’m just struggling– – Mommy. – What? – You said, pap carpet. – Red carpet. I’m gonna do a red carpet. Do you know what that is? – It’s for the four. (laughs) So I literally think I’m
about to go to the mall. Take Ziya with me to the mall. My little crusty dusty
mall that’s right here that I know I’m probably
not gonna find anything, but I’m just gonna look
and you one more time. Good news is I did hear back from two really good Atlanta-based hairstylists who look like they do really good hair. They said they’re available so I’m talking to two fellas right
now to see if I can get something together to be able
to get my hair done there, which will really help
and take a load off. At least I know my hair
will be on fleek hopefully. So then I went to the mall but the mall close by me really sucks. There’s no good stores in there. There’s literally not even a Forever 21. But there’s a Windsor so I went in Windsor and luckily I did find a few options. I’m kind of beating myself
up because I should have brought more options with me
because once I got to Atlanta, I ended up missing some things. But I did find a few options. I found this really cute body suit. I found a red skirt so I
ended up buying this outfit, and I felt a little bit better
about what I was packing. Okay guys, so it is now 9:15 p.m. My mom already picked up
Ziya took her to her house to keep her while I’m gone, like I said. Right now I am finishing up. Still some work. I can say this because
by the time you guys see this vlog, this will
already have happened, but I am doing a sponsored
video with Target. So I think it would be the video I just posted before this video. So yeah, sponsored video with Target. Obviously a super big deal to me because that’s been on my bucket list for forever. And that’s the video that I’m working on right now with my editor. So you can see why it’s
taking a lot and I’m trying to get it done and
get it right before I go out of town, because then it’s
just this whole thing. So I’m still working on that right now. I went got my hair done at a salon. Got it cut and straightened. And then I haven’t washed
it since then and that was, today is, today’s October 19th. I got my hair done on October 1st. I got my hair done on
October 1st, you guys. That’s a problem so I cannot
go with my hair like this. I have to wash it, I have to put a wig on, I have to restraighten it or something, or I have to get together with a stylist in Atlanta who’s going to do my hair. But that hasn’t completely
been settled yet. I thought that I had two candidates but then one candidate fell
off and the other candidate… Update, it is now midnight
and I have some good news. I secured a hairstylist. So, the good news is I don’t have to do anything to my own hair. That’s one less thing that
I need to worry about, or do, or get ready right now. Because the hairstylist is gonna do my hair when I get there. I am a little bit nervous, not gonna lie because this is just somebody
who I just literally heard of today, just literally snagged them up. I’m literally so thankful
that she is responding. It’s midnight and I’m
just finished texting her and getting straight on everything. Fingers crossed. Good vibes. Good manifesting vibes that
everything is gonna be perfect and my hair is just going to look slade and it’s gonna look way better than if I would have tried to just
struggle and do it myself. I’m about to just throw all
the stuff in the suitcase. All the options that I do have, you know, I’m not super happy with, my
clothing options or anything. But I’m just gonna pack
everything that I have just so I have options, accessories,
bags, shoes, all that jazz. Then I’m going to take a shower, slap some self tanner on and
then maybe have time to take a very short nap, before the
driver comes at four a.m. Alright y’all, I made it to Atlanta. I’m looking crusty, I’m feeling crusty. I made it, you know the car picked me up. I made it on time. I just barely got myself together. I barely got my stuff together. But I made it and then
I slept on the plane. (hums) It went by, I really fell asleep and then I felt like I got here instantly. So I’m still kind of tired but it’s fine. At least I got to sleep a little bit. So I’m staying at the
Moxy, which is a really cute, very, very cute hotel. I’m loving the Matt Blatt. Yeah, these are my vibes. Little mini hotel room tour but I’m actually in a rush right now. Because it is 11:30, it’s 11:30. Oh, I woke up like this. The room is really cute. And I am supposed to
be getting on a shuttle to go to the venue to
have rehearsal for the YouTube Black FanFest at 12. They said they could delay it for me a couple minutes if need be. I was rushing to get over here. My flight was actually delayed a tiny bit. So yeah, I have 30 minutes to
try to look a little better than this just because
I’m about to literally go to the venue and meet
all the other influencers that I’m going to be doing
the little stage moment with. And I’ve never met any
of these influencers or the people on the team before. So moments like this I
don’t really want to be, fresh off the airplane looking like this. So I’m going to change
into something else. I’m gonna maybe throw
on a stitch of makeup. Okay, so I did a quick
little 20-minute change here. Light makeup, outfit change, I even have these little heels on. You know, I wanna look cute. So now I’m about to go downstairs. There’s a driver waiting
to pick me up to take me to the venue and I’m
going to meet everybody, and do a little rehearsal. So essentially YouTube Black is an event for Black
YouTubers, obviously. It is put on by YouTube
itself, Google itself. It’s a really big event. They’ve been doing it for a few years. This year was in Atlanta in
collaboration with Morehouse and Spelman for their homecoming. And I was chosen to be one
of the featured creators for their FanFest, which was
a whole stage performance thing that they were putting
on for the students to watch. I was gonna be part of a game
show segment on stage along with some other creators
including Zachary Campbell, Nicole TV, who I love,
the Taylor Girlz, etc. So I had to come the day
before and go to the venue and do a rehearsal so
that we could practice what we were gonna do on stage. And also part of being
a feature creator is that I was going to be
having a meet and greet while I was there and
walking the red carpet. So they were setting up this
whole meet and greet station. It was so freaking cute, I was so excited. Okay, so I am back from rehearsal. Was this piece of hair
sticking up the whole time? We just kind of ran through the game show and how everything is
gonna go, and how we’re gonna walk on stage, and
everything like that. Me, Mima Tang, Zachary
Campbell is hosting it, and Nicole TV is one of
the contestants with me. Okay wait, since this whole video is basically about manifesting and crossing things off of my bucket list, I wanted to point out
something else you guys. Look at this tweet that I
tweeted on September 18, which was before I even
found out that I was going to YouTube Black or anything like that, saying that I love Nicole
TV and I want to meet her. And then boom. I got invited to YouTube
Black and who is a part of my segment that I’m doing, Nicole TV. And the Taylor Girlz are contestants, and then 360Jeezy who’s a barber. This is definitely different for me. I’ve never, typically
I don’t do any type of live performances on stage type of stuff. Like ever. I don’t think I ever have
done stuff like that before. So I was a little bit nervous
but we ran through it. It’s simple enough, easy enough. Feels, you know, not too scary. So hopefully it’s gonna be pretty good. We have another rehearsal tomorrow ’cause everything happens that night, but tomorrow during the day
we have another rehearsal. Age is, actually she just landed. So ’cause there was no reason for her to come early during my
rehearsal, so she just landed. She’s going to be pulling
up to the hotel pretty soon. We have a little bit of free
time, and then there’s going to be a dinner for the
creators tonight at eight. – [Age] Knock, knock. I have arrived. – [Raven] Who is there? – I thought that was hair hanging there. (Age screams)
(Raven laughs) – [Raven] Look who it is. – This is darling. – [Raven] Oh and yeah, by the way, I invited my other bestie, Style Ageless, Adriana Age on this trip. I invited Daisha to Vegas as you saw so then I invited Age to Atlanta. Usually with these trips
they let us bring a plus one and that’s usually just for our manager, our assistant, boyfriend, husband, friend, someone just to come with
you to help you with stuff. And so Age was here to help
me vlog and take pictures, and just be moral support
and everything like that. And I was so glad that she came because she was super helpful. (man laughs) – [Woman] Oh my God. – [Raven] It looks good. – [Age] Raven, what are you drinking? – I’m drinking a Mahalo y’all. (background noise drowns out other sounds) Hibiscus, orange juice And it’s good. – [Age] I was gonna say thoughts? – [Raven] Look at my
lovely date for the night. – Hello, people. – [Raven] They’re serving some very exquisite appetizers hor d’oeuvres. – [Woman] Is this the goblet? – That’s a goblet right there. – [Woman] This is a goblet. – [Raven] Oh my God. – Oh, I’m getting gur. – [Raven] Zack what did you order? – Stuff, stuff. – Yeah, a potion. – [Zack] A whole potion there. – [Raven] A potion (laughs). Happy Halloween. – [Zack] So that– – Good morning, Atlanta. It is the day of the show, the
red carpet, the big hoopla. I woke up this morning
and I washed my hair because my hair had not
been washed in 20 days. And I was not gonna wear
my hair in that bun. The hair stylist is coming in probably like 30 minutes or so. – After what’s not right (laughs). – I’m supposed to be blowing out my hair before she gets here. I’m about to do that right now. Took a shower, moisturized. You know, starting to get
prepped for the full glam today. So the amazing hair
stylist, Adriana Styles, came in and saved the day. Like I said I was texting her that night before I
came at midnight trying to see if she was available and she was. I’m super thankful for her coming in. So last minute. I asked her to do a custom lace wig and I wanted to do this
dark red burgundy color just because I was going
with a red and black theme for my look because I
felt like that would look really good With the
whole YouTube Black setup, ’cause that was kind
of their color scheme. And I thought it would look good on stage. Something eye catching and different. And I mean I’m in Atlanta and Atlanta is known for their hair, their lace wigs. They slay all the time so I wanted to just do something different. So she came to my hotel
room early in the morning. And actually the night before she was up until four a.m.
coloring this wig for me. So, shout out to Adriana for pulling this together so last-minute. And she laid it, I mean, what a lace. That wig was growing out of my scalp, she curled it and everything. And then I just left the curls alone. Obviously I was gonna brush them out but I didn’t want them to
fall because this was done at like 10 in the morning
and I wasn’t gonna be going on stage until eight at night. So I was trying to do my best to keep my hair looking good until then. (upbeat music) Alright, it’s go time. I got my hair mostly done. I just need to brush up
the curls and make sure it’s looking good but the lace is laid. I have like one third of a face of makeup behind so I look crazy. I have my top on but I
don’t have my pants on. I’m just looking, I’m looking wild right now because I’m half ready, – [Age] Like a work in progress. – I’m a work in progress. I look real wretched with
these slides, these pants. Look, don’t judge me. But we’re gonna pull it together. I packed up hell of
stuff, jewelry, makeup, clothes, shoes, all this
stuff taken over there. I make sure I have my
brush, phone, hotel key. I think we’re good. Heading to the venue and then it’s– – Game time. We are boarding. To head to the venue for the real action. Someone can’t choose a seat (laughs) – [Raven] So this moment right
here is why I started off this video jokingly saying I
think I’m a famous YouTuber now because this made me feel crazy. This was a real celebrity type moment. When I got there they had a
talent liaison which is this girl you see right here with the braids. Her name is Shay. She was assigned to me to basically be kind of my assistant and make sure that I’m in the right
place at the right time. Make sure that I’m eating, make sure if I need anything for
hair, makeup, wardrobe. They dropped us off on these nice buses. Brought us around the back
side door of the venue where they had all these
trailers and stuff. Full production team. They had a whole green
room set up backstage that was sponsored by Walmart
with food, and everything. I mean, it was literally
like, I don’t know. I felt like I was backstage at a Beyonce concert or something. I was like is this how celebrities live? Is this what every day is
like when you’re famous? I’ve, actually I’ve never been involved in anything
like this before. Never seen this side of things when it comes to a full production. – [Age] When Raven’s a
diva and she has become to her own little area to
do her own makeup you guys. – The struggle. I guess I should have just
really did my makeup before. (Age laughs) Oh well, I am the makeup artist. – [Age] She ditched the makeup
artist and became her own. – Okay, ladies, when you pack your exciting spray, pack one of these folding fans. It’s just like a makeup
brush, goes in your thing, doesn’t take up too much
space and then you spray your face and then you can fan it. This is my new fan. – [Age] And you will get to be one of the few most dramatic women ever. – Okay do the little… – [Age] Guys look how
good this makeup looks. – Almost done. – [Age] These eyes. – I’m gonna do my lips.
– [Age] Yes. – Tuning back in with the final look. – Kanishtan look. I mean, I still need to put earrings on. Actually I don’t think
I’m gonna wear a necklace. So this is the makeup done, did my makeup a bit of porta potty. They gave us a Google, What is this? The Google? What’s it called? – [Age] This one is the Pixel 4. – [Raven] Google Pixel 4 phone and the camera is wilds.
– I mean, it’s insane. And it was inside the
pizza box as a surprise. They’re like, oh we got pizza. And then you open the pizza box– – [Age] of what we
originally found in here. – [Raven] And it was in here. So as you guys saw, I ended
up doing my own makeup in one of the trailer bathroom
things just because they did have hair and makeup on
site, but I’m kind of picky with my makeup and stuff so I
just wanted to do it myself. And that turned out okay. And then you saw they gave
us Google Pixel phones. And after we ate and everything, it was time for stuff to really get real. So as you can see, this is me backstage, getting miked up, getting
ready to go on stage, and actually rehearse one more
time before the real thing. And you guys can see all
the equipment and stuff. They had a full crew. I mean, Google, YouTube, they really put in a lot
into the production quality, This is a full blown concert type setup. So it was pretty nerve wracking. And they actually had a screen
set up backstage in the green room showing you what was
going on live on stage. So this was Age’s view from
backstage watching me rehearse. – [Age] Behind the scenes of a selfie. One, two, three. – [Man] You know what, I get
up the day after tomorrow. One more. – We’re here. – Heading to the meet and greet with Mr– – Meet Grecia. (people laughing) – Heading to the Meet and Grecia (Zack laughs) with Zack Campbell over here. I’m excited. I don’t know what this is about
to be like but we gonna see. So after rehearsal the
first part of FanFest was actually my group’s meet and greet. So I was grouped up with
Zack Campbell, and 360Jeezy and Next Town Down, and
also Sherrie Silver. We did kind of a group
meet and greet where all the students who signed
up for it could kind of funnel through and
meet all of us at once. And this was the most legit meet and greet I have ever done. Like I said, the production quality, the setup of everything, this
whole time was just so nice. And they actually told
me that I could keep that little sign that says my name on it. They’re going to ship it to me. So I’m gonna put it in my studio room. I’m so excited. But yeah, it was just set up so nicely. And so many of you guys came. I got to meet so many of you guys. It was so exciting. So nice. I love doing meet and greets. I love being able to talk
to you guys in person and hug you guys, and take photos. And you guys had me out
here signing autographs. Like I have never signed
autographs before. So that was like a really
cool feeling as well. It was just good vibes,
good energy all around. I think I was in there for like about an hour or something like that. Trying to meet as many
of you guys as possible. So shout out to everybody
who came through to meet me. I really enjoyed it. (upbeat music) – [Age] Okay so where we going? – Okay, so I did my meet and greet. I did a little outfit change. – [Age] You guys see this? – Obviously and then– – [Age] At night mama comes out to play. – Now I’m about to go do the red carpet. I’m a little nervous ’cause I forgot that, I have to actually talk and do
a little on camera interview. – [Age] Have you done a red carpet before? – I’ve done a red carpet
but I didn’t talk. It was just photos. – [Age] Mmmhh. – I can do photos. The talking part is the scary part, but– – [Age] But won’t this be
even better than going, you’re about to talk in
front of a lot of people. – Yeah, but I have that already pre-planned out what I’m gonna say. – [Age] All right. This, I don’t know what it’s, you know. – [Age] We are officially
at the red carpet. We’re like feel really good. Her hair looks really good. It’s already a vibe in there. – Who you gonna sound like? Oh, oh, you gonna sound like me? Okay, you’re gonna sound like me. All right, I’ll take that. – [Raven] So I walk out on the red carpet, with hell of photographers
and videographers, and fans on the other side of the carpet. And Katie Don is there and she’s going to ask
me an interview question. I have no idea what it’s gonna be. – Yo man, you go from a ten to a two. How you doing tonight? You look good. – Thank you. – Okay, so what is one
thing that you love most about the YouTube Black community? – I just love, like the hyperness. This is a hype lit group of
people and like high energy. – I agree, I agree. Who’s someone you look
forward to seeing tonight? I’m excited about Queen, Queen
Naija on the forum, yeah. – I agree. So I got a gift for you from Walmart. Do you cook? – Well, I’m trying. – Well you won’t start now. So thank you for coming
out here talking to me. You look good and I hope
you’ll enjoy tonight. Okay (mumbles). – [Raven] I didn’t know
Walmart was giving out gifts and they had a Kitchen Aid mixer for me. And this part was super awkward ’cause I didn’t know if I
was supposed to grab it. Then, of course, I had to do
my little step and repeat, taking photos on the red carpet. And I’m just being real with you guys, all these photos came out trash because I didn’t know where to look, what to do. So every photo that they got of me, was like with me with my eyes closed. (upbeat music) After that, it was time
for the show to start. So my segment wasn’t until about like halfway through the show. They had Queen Naija performing. They had Black performing. They had dancers and comedy
acts and all types of stuff. And Age was in the audience
watching and recording this. But I was actually
backstage the entire time watching from the screen
until it was my turn. ♪ Just wanna love, just wanna love on ya ♪ ♪ Just wanna love, just wanna love on ya ♪ – [Raven] So not only was I on stage in front of I think over 2000 people in the audience but this
was also on a live stream. And when I checked at the
beginning of the show, there were over 55,000 people
tuned in on the live stream. (crowd cheering) – Nicole TV, what’s up bitch? (crowd cheering) – And we cannot forget
the beautiful Raven Elyse. – [Age] Go Raven!
(crowd cheering) – And last but not
least his wave is always on swim and you may drown girl. Y’all got your answers? – Yes. – All right, three, two, one. How said Steve Harvey? (crowd laughing) Who’s that? Hey Rave. – Hey.
– Hey. – Can I ask you a question too? – You may. – All right. So, since we talk about YouTube channels and making a YouTube channel. You have a beautiful daughter. If she was making a YouTube channel what would it be about? What would the name be? – Well, we’ve actually
already talked about this. – Oh what did y’all talk about? – It would be called Ziya
Reign TV, like Raven Elyse TV. And it would probably mostly be about like fruit snacks– – Fruit snacks (laughs). – And baby dolls. – And baby dolls. – That’s her two obsessions are now. – She doesn’t care for
the baby dolls, does she? – No, she is super lovely. She’s like changing their
diaper, feeding them. She’s always got baby doll
in her arms, it’s so cute. – That’s so cute. And Nyma? – [Raven] So I walked out on stage. I didn’t trip. I looked kinda awkward
but that’s to be expected. I answered all the
questions, I said my piece. Everything went well. I felt so relieved after it was all done. And then at the end of
the show they brought us back out onstage to do the
swag serve and just dance and party on stage with all the confetti. I was too busy recording other people ’cause I didn’t really want to dance. So mostly was just the back of my head, but you can kinda see me right there. (upbeat music) Just got back from the show
and look how cute they left this little setup in my
room while I was gone. Look at all the YouTube merch. It says, we heard that the
temp may drop tomorrow, so here’s a little
something to warm you up. Additionally here’s a
few things to keep you lookin’ fresh and photo
ready, love Team YouTube. Looks so legit. We gotta hoodie. They gave us a jacket already at the thing and something else in the bag, I haven’t even like
looked what’s in there. Then we got a full bevel shave system. Welcome to Atlanta, read this. Oh, this is like, all the info. What’s this? I think it’s skincare. Oh so fancy. They hooked us up with some fancy, okay. Is that a hint? I hope that’s a hint for tomorrow. Probably not. ’cause they say they
have some big speakers. – Really big. – [Raven] I’ll literally cry. I will. – I think you’ll pass out.
– I will bawl my eyes out. – Okay, so last night
at dinner we were with the people from Google from YouTube. And they haven’t told us who the speakers are tomorrow for the actual,
like, creator summit. And they’re like but last
year we had Naomi Campbell, we had you know, Monae, we
have big names of (mumbles). So just know, it’s like big names, but they wouldn’t tell us who it is. And so I’ve been trying to like think of like who it could be. And I see that they gave
us some Fenty Beauty, – [Age] Just know she won’t record it ’cause she’ll be passed out. – I will bawl my… I don’t think you guys understand. I will bawl my eyes out if
Rihanna is a speaker tomorrow. I don’t think she is – But if that was… – But if that was, look. Personalized coke. So cute, I’m not gonna open that. I’m gonna keep that. Oh. The creators, oh they’ve
got all the creators. Oh. Look at Alissa. – Oh here I am. Oh my mom is gonna be,
she loves Funky Dineva. – And you’re getting the right next to one on there.
– And we’re next to. And the Queen Naija is right here. – [Age] Shambles, defines my life? – Wait, I wanted that to the (mumbles). – Nike Air, they said,
somebody already told me. They got us, Air Force 1, these. – [Age] I mean take them downstairs and you can get them customized. – They’re customizing. These are so cute. – [Age] All this, wow. – Oh they put a sharpie
in here I think maybe, you’re supposed to customize them or like let people sign them or whatever. – That’s so cute.
– It’s like your yearbook. – [Age] Most epic homecoming ever. – Okay, so now, the after
party is going on downstairs. But I wanna like change, freshen up and and then we gonna go downstairs and turn up and meet all the
rest of creators that are here. – [Age] ‘Cause after the
party, is the after party. – Good morning. It is day three in Atlanta. I think it is Tuesday. Today, is the creator summit. So yesterday was the
FanFest, the homecoming, stage show, red carpet, all that stuff. Today is like, just for the creators. It’s like panels, workshops, lectures, you know, giving us tips about YouTube, letting us network, letting
us get together type of thing. I had a whole outfit planned
as you guys saw earlier in the vlog but when I found
out exactly what we were doing once I got here, I was
like, I need to be comfy and casual for this instead of
wearing my little pants suit. Moment, I think I’m gonna put
on the pants suit later today, but anyway, so I’m just wearing
the YouTube black sweater that they gave me yesterday,
which came in clutch ’cause I would not have had
the right thing to wear today. And yeah, I’m about to go just meet up with the other creators. Oh, last night was lit. ‘Cause we went downstairs, they
had like the Creator party. Serving drinks, photo booth,
blah, blah, blah, everything. That’s when I saw Alissa Ashley, and I know Jaelah and
Latoya and Shalom Blac. And everyone was down there and we were having drinks
and talking and stuff. And then afterwards, we went to a club. Got together and went out
after, and then just had fun. And I really got to
hang out with everyone. There’s a lot of people that
I never get to hang out with because they’re all based
in LA, or stuff like that. So these types of things are like my only opportunity
really to ever see them. So I was excited about that. But yeah, I’m about to go. So the creator summit
was held at Skyline Park, or I think it’s called like pots market or something like that. Really pretty rooftop space in the city. And I had it all set up with
lunch and everything like that. And they actually have
this whole big tent set up for the actual speakers
and panels and stuff. And I was hanging out with
Jaelah Majette the whole day. I had met her briefly before,
but this was our first time like actually hanging out and
girl, we just became besties. She is so funny. I love her already. If you guys have not checked out her channel you definitely should. We just sat down in the panel with Keesha. – Hey.
– Hey Jae. Jae. We’re in here. I know it’s copyright but to
do some some special panels. I think TI about to come out. (crowd cheering) (muffled speaking) – [Female] Hey TI. – [Raven] Hi. So obviously, as you can see, one of these special guests that they had was TI himself and Jackie I
know was interviewing him. It was actually a very good,
very interesting interview. I was sitting right
there in the front row. It felt very intimate like
a normal conversation. That’s one of the things I
really liked about this summit. And then they also
brought out Miss Taraji, and did another really
good interview with her. So they were on point with these special guest speakers and the topics. It was, like I said, just a very intimate conversation about some
very important topics. And besides the special
guest speakers, there were also speakers from YouTube,
from Google, from the industry giving us tips, pointers
and things like that. – Come on in. We’ve got to stay damn,
girls, you all look pretty. – We’re all so excited. It’s the first time I’ve been
like, she’s out of the box. (background noise drowns out other sounds) (crowd screaming) – I like Raven Elyse because
she’s really good at makeup and on baby stuff she gives
really good tips on that. – After all the guest
speakers we gathered outside to take a group photo and
this was a crazy moment because looking around me
all I see is just all these, big popular YouTubers surrounding me. – Shit, are you going to
the little trap thing? Are you guys going to the trap thingy? – [Man] I am.
– [Raven] Yeah. So hey, Arnell. – Hey, Arnell.
– Oh this is good lighting. You look so cute. About to head to the Trap Museum. You can make out the signs that say Trap. You having fun? – I’m having so much fun. – Have you met anyone that
you’re excited to meet? – Yes. – Who’d you meet? Drop names. – Everybody. – Yeah for real, everybody’s here. – [Jaelah] So many names.
– There’s so many names. – [Jaelah] Oh wait a
minute, this is so cute. – [Raven] Holding the Rap snacks (laughs). – [Jaelah] Rap snacks y’all.
– [Raven] very fitting. Okay. Alright So we just pulled
up to the Trap Museum. Basically, we took a field trip to the Trap Music Museum,
which was very fitting. Obviously, we’re in Atlanta. We had TI as a guest
speaker, this is his museum. Everything was kind of
all going with the theme and I thought this was really cool. – Come on in y’all, come
on in. Come on in y’all. Y’all in my kind of
stall, welcome, welcome. Hope you like it. ‘Cause you know, we did a little somethin’ somethin’, spruce it up just far y’all. Hope you like what you see. Congratulations. Might be the last cruise. Alright congratulations y’all (mumbles). Hey, lady. – [Jaelah] Hey, girl. I’m looking to match us in the– – All right, welcome to the Bin Building. I’m Grandma. How y’all doing? – [Crowd] Good. – All right. Number one, please respect my house space because if there be any
disrespect we will pay our final respects at your funeral
’cause you gonna have to die. (crowd laughing) – This is the definition of trap music. A lot of people, like I said, out there they make trap music, you know, you hear the culture glorified but
it’s never really addressed. So, his jumpsuits. It was the guns. And we have a couple. We have a portrait. These are all actual
clothing that he has worn. This he wore at the BT awards. That’s an actual Grammy. There is residue in here. But you know you people take pictures like they’re cooking on the stove. One for Gucci Mane, one for TI, one for Jeezy and DJ Jacob is customarily– (background noise drowns out other sounds) – [Raven] You’ll, look where we at. Look where we at. This is so cute. I’m so excited ATL. – [Jaelah] What to do baby? – [Raven] We’re about to go skate. – For sure? – [Raven] Yeah. Can I be Nunu? – Yes. – [Raven] Alright we’re here. So as you can see, after
the Trap Music Museum, there was a secret after party that turned out to be at Cascade. They didn’t tell us what it
was until the very last minute. So we actually had to run to the mall to get outfits ’cause I didn’t not pack accordingly to go roller skating. And then we pulled up to
the roller rink and it was actually Cascade, which
is the famous skating rink from the movie ATL, famous in Atlanta. All that stuff, so, you guys can see how the theme all goes together. I thought it was so freaking cute. I was super excited just
because I live for a theme. I love a good theme. I love a well-thought-out event. And I just thought that
this was super cute and skating is a really fun
idea for an after party. And YouTube actually rented
out the entire place. It was a private event. They had it all set up with
YouTube merch and YouTube, they built out so many
things this entire few days. It was crazy. They had food and snacks and drinks and cocktails and just all types of stuff. It was actually pretty crazy. Thank you. (hiphop music) – I wanna skate backwards. ♪You getting mad ♪ ♪ I’m getting rich ♪ ♪ You getting mad ♪ ♪ I’m getting rich ♪ ♪ Watch out lil’ bitch ♪ ♪ Watch out lil’ bitch ♪ ♪ Watch out lil’ bitch ♪ ♪ Hey watch out lil’ bitch ♪ ♪You getting mad ♪ ♪ I’m getting rich ♪ ♪ You getting mad ♪ ♪ I’m getting rich ♪ ♪ Just say what you want about me ♪ ♪ Yeah allegation ♪ ♪ You know why this is on me ♪ ♪ Why ♪ ♪ It’s betting on never for ♪ ♪ What ya get ♪ ♪ I’ll be mixing whoever
when it happened at 24 ♪ – [Woman] Hey, go feel it. Go feel it. – [Raven] Y’all so cute – [Men] We’re the stronger batch ♪ Oh, chitchat ♪ ♪ Talk about how you rap ♪ ♪ ‘Cause you’re king chat ♪ ♪ King chat ♪ ♪ Oh I’m down with you naked on me ♪ ♪ You’d probably wish it was me ♪ ♪ Barely sided few ♪ ♪ Bang it to chop off what duggin in me ♪ ♪ Look how I’m shaking ♪ ♪ Barely having back
going visit what we buy ♪ – We are on the bus back to the hotel, the skating rink had
to leave for no reason. – I drank my drink too fast. – Leaving for no reason. I’m actually not, I’m completely sober. But I mean, late in terms of energy. (crowd screaming) – [Crowd] Different colors. – [Woman] Different colors. (crowd screaming) ♪ We are sisters ♪ ♪ We cheated God, cheated sisters ♪ – YouTube.
– [Crowd] Black. – YouTube.
– [Crowd] Black. – YouTube.
– [Crowd] Black. – YouTube.
– [Crowd] Black. – I don’t even know words. I can’t do this. I’m not good at this. I’m not new to this, I’m true to this. I make up words, I’m like
Dr. Suess with this shit. I’m not good at it. I just make up shit. I’m not good. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) – So, update, there’s
been a lot, this trip, this vlog is gonna be two hours long. It’s 2:20 in the morning a.m. We… – [Jaelah] We don’t know where we are. We are at a peculiar place. – We’re at a–
Its peculiar. – Okay, so, we had a thing. I didn’t tell. This is hard because I didn’t
say what we did last night. We did something last night. We went somewhere and Jaelah was there and she forgot her ID there. So we went back just now to
that place to get her ID. All the way back we’re
like, well, we are hungry. Let’s just stop and get
something real quick. So we asked the Uber driver where should we go that’s open late? She finds this place, recommends it. We pull up, thinking it’s
gonna be a diner, it’s a club. – [Jaelah] A whole club. – It’s a whole club downstairs. – And I mean, they play wobbles. So y’all know what kind of club. – It’s a wobble Cupid Shuffle club. So you know what that means. But, it’s a whole diner upstairs. So we came upstairs, that’s where we are. It’s called Metro something. It’s popular apparently. So anyway that’s where we are. That’s why it’s 2:20 because this is after everything that we already did today. – [Raven] We ordered, chicken and waffles. – I’m gonna put some butter on yours. – [Raven] Go ahead. – ’cause you know, I’m
seeing I gotta cut this. We got it, we shared it because we don’t want to be (mumbles). We’re not trying to
sleep like a rock tonight because we got to wake
up early in the morning. – Yeah, my flight is really early in the morning in a few hours basically. Okay guys, so it is now probably, What time is it? 3:13 a.m. By the way, look at how I just absolutely annihilated and destroyed this room. I don’t think I ever even properly told y’all that Age left early this morning. She was just coming for
yesterday for the actual FanFest and stuff to help me with everything since
I was going on stage. I needed her as moral support
but she left this morning. It has been a crazy last couple of days. But yeah guys this was a
really really cool experience. Not only just, YouTube
Black itself was a very cool experience, especially
coming my first time, meeting a lot of these creators and
stuff for the first time, but just the entire month of October. The month is not even over yet. We haven’t even made it to
all the Halloween festivities. Yeah, that’s gonna be the next thing. But this month was really just a pivotal this was a crazy month. And now that I’m getting a
chance to kind of sit down and really think about
it, which by the way, I feel like this vlog
is going to be so long. Anyway, just to kind of
summarize everything. This month I went to Paris
the first week of the month. Then I went to Vegas, and now I’m in Atlanta for YouTube Black. And in between all that I had some really big brand deals and opportunities that came in as well that I was super excited about. Getting to work with Target
and things like that. So it’s just been a
really crazy month for me. I mean, I definitely
was trying to manifest traveling more and going to more events, I guess, in a way I was purposely
doing it but it was just unexpected the way that
everything all happened so fast. This month I’m going to
Paris, Vegas and Atlanta. Crossing so many things off
my, I wanted to go to Paris so bad, I wanted to see Vegas
for the first time, I wanted to go to YouTube Black and be
invited to events like this. And for me to not only get invited but to be invited as a featured creator and they personally chose me to go on stage and have
not special privileges but sort of give me that spotlight, to have a meet and greet and these extra things that they only chose a few creators to have those things. And they chose me which
just made me feel so I was talking to Jae in the Uber just now just what the heck. Like YouTube, like YouTube, YouTube itself recognized
me inviting me somewhere. Even though I’ve been doing
YouTube for a long time, and it’s always been a business
and I do take it seriously, part of me always still feels
like I just still feel like that girl in my bathroom making
little crappy DIY videos, like just that weird girl making videos. I don’t see myself as
any type of superstar. I don’t see myself as
any type of celebrity. You have celebrities and
you have regular people. That’s how a lot of people think of it. I think of it the same way
when it comes to YouTubers. You have these super
famous YouTubers and then you have me who just kind of does YouTube. That’s how I consider myself
but to be put on the same list, put in the same spaces,
recognized by the same people, as these big YouTubers that I look up to. To just be sitting on the
set in the same group, literally in the same group, sitting on the same bus,
going to the same event. That is something that
I would have never… I didn’t even think about it. I didn’t even plan for it. I wasn’t even, it wasn’t even on my radar. It’s just crazy. And I’m super just excited
and happy and thankful about it because stuff
like this it becomes a stepping stone for even more things. And who knows what the next
things are going to be. Anyway, I’m rambling on. Long story short, YouTube Black
was a super cool experience. I didn’t even get to vlog
or show you guys everything. There’s so much going on. There’s so many funny
things happening in between. Me, different creators
having conversations, all the events and the parties
and going out afterwards. There’s just so much going on
just in this one event alone. Let alone what happened in Vegas, let alone what happened in Paris. And I just can’t, there’s no way I can share or explain everything. But just know, it’s been lit, it’s been crazy, it’s been an experience. It’s been literally crossing
things off my bucket list. The funny thing is I literally,
right, as I’m planning to go home and finally relaxing,
not be traveling and stuff. I literally get a text being like, “do you want to go to Jamaica”? And I was like, yes. I want to go to Jamaica, but
I’m not built for this life. I just really wanted to make
this vlog and do this vlog in this style to kind
of show you guys just what’s been going on with me recently. ‘Cause it’s crazy and
hopefully you guys enjoyed it. I know it’s kind of different
in, it was really different than my typical mom vlogs
and stuff, but that’s what’s kind of crazy
about my life right now, It’s half, this is very
much, this all of this is very much so my life
but then the very chill at home mom vlogs it’s that
balance between the two. So hopefully you guys like
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