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The best way to create a Watercolour effect in photoshop -12 (2019)

February 3, 2020

I’m Meysam Seddigh in this video i want to make a simple 3d model in SketchUp i want to draw a concept for a villa there isn’t any references, Im just following what is comes to my mind in the moment so i’m starting with a simple rectangle dimension of rectangle must be suitable for the villa it’s more easier for me to working in cm. so i’m changing the unit into cm with triple click you can select all the connected faces. then you can make a group. i’m using my own shortcut. G for making group i made two box, one for floor and another one for ceiling i’m gonna extend the floor to showing the courtyard this level of design is for concept so feel free for creating anything. but first choose your style personally i prefer cubic minimal design let’s continue with sidewalls as i want to have more transparency i’m making as less wall as possible im continue with first idea as a side wall. then i will think about next step this is the way i’m always thinking. it doesn’t matter if i make several mistake it’s part of a discovery. the process of design till end of the project i will changing my idea a lot. everything must be logical at the end i thought the height i decided before is not enough so i want to change it there could be a shader in front of a entrance meybe yes meybe no, lets see i’m looking for next idea. checking the model from different angle, could show the next step maybe another wall as a column. it’s not a bad idea i can check the proportion of the new wall from different the views slowly i can see something, you need to imagine next step i want to block the view in this side. it’s because of the bad landscape out there i want to check the windows and openings around the villa then i will continue by sketch just i need to create a box in separate group and fix it with the walls during modeling the glass walls, i can think about the design maybe i need a deck behind the building or I can make a canopy wider don’t forget you’re a designer. during the process try to think about everything you have to take a note for some ideas to work on it later in concept level, you don’t need to show everything after here I can continue with the sketch. still, it’s up to you. sometimes making a 3d model is faster I erased double faces, then you can use simple glass material any colour would be suitable for a different atmosphere I decided to emphasize the entrance with a canopy of course, I’m checking the height of the entrance let’s see what we can do for the next step its need some lines on the glass walls. it’s showing how you care about the details first, you have to start with important points. where you need to use frames for the windows we can add a pool in front of the entrance. reflection of the villa on the water is given a dramatic feeling let’s find the right angle for starting the sketch you can turn on shadows also its looks like photography. take your time to take a perfect shot change the depth of field to make your angle better change the camera into two-point perspective from style menu, we can pick one of the sketchy styles I decided to not to draw any lines on it with hand I want to show that what we can do with a simple export from Sketchup az I don’t want to draw lines in photoshop, I want to draw more lines in SketchUp I want to show the tiles of the stone. it’s an important part of my design I think it’s enough, its need colouring in photoshop I want to show how you can apply the watercolour effect on your export from 3d model it’s easier to use an image from real watercolour painting as a backgroundit’s easier to use an image from real watercolour painting as a background select the border of the building to create a mask for the sky you can find a lots of watercolour trees on the internet also, you can use a paper texture as the main background I applied the full mask on the sky layer with black colour then the whole of this layer becomes invisible in the next step, I will erase the mask with some watercolour brushes. the sky will appear behind the villa be careful to use different brushes for per click I want to use multiply styles for the villa layer by this style, you can remove the white colour with burn tools, you can emphasize some parts randomly just its need some trees. again use multiply style from the layer menu try to put trees in different size everywhere. it’s important to have trees in background and foreground the trees are given more depth you can add some blue colour on the window or pool with watercolour brushes I want to make the corners darker with some extended lines if you find this video helpful please share it with your friends


  • Reply Jose Gomez May 26, 2019 at 12:02 am

    nice thanks : ) , can you post a link with those tree assets you used ?

  • Reply Yasser Bunni May 27, 2019 at 8:02 pm

    it realy perfect tutorial

  • Reply jhon 62 June 28, 2019 at 12:32 pm

    Amazing peace of a art

  • Reply 0llooll0 December 27, 2019 at 4:23 am

    it is the best. I like it very much

  • Reply Ahmed Samy January 6, 2020 at 6:45 pm

    I need texture background

  • Reply Oscar Rodrigo Hernández Panczenko January 10, 2020 at 2:42 pm

    Most of your video is NOT about watercolor 😉

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