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The best photo settings for instagram in 2019

September 3, 2019

Today I show you the best settings for
your photos on Instagram in 2019 quite a few of you have been asking me about my
export settings for Instagram, so here they are, and be sure to watch to the end
as I have a cheat sheet that you’ll be able to screen grab as Instagram does
compress every single photo that you upload you do need to exaggerate your
settings to make them look as good as they possibly can and don’t be fooled by
blogs or other videos telling you otherwise they can press everything so
they know that the compression rate is the same across the board when you
upload they make a set of images from your uploaded image from 150 pixels
right through to 1080 pixels so to future-proof my images I upload at twice
the resolution at 2160 pixels along the long edge you can upload at any
resolution and they will just resize that image to a maximum of 1080 pixels
the reason I upload twice the maximum resolution is because if they ever
changed the platform and they start showing the images at a higher
resolution if they keep the originals that resolution will be there and there
won’t be any loss in quality well that’s my thinking anyway so this is the
process I go through I edit all of my images in Lightroom and then I export
them and then transfer them to my phone before uploading them to Instagram if
you’re not sure about editing your photos in Lightroom but want to learn
more click on the I in the corner or the link in the description I have a couple
of videos on this process once you’ve got your photo to where you want it to
be in your photo editor you want to set your aspect ratio vertical or the
portrait orientation photos work best on Instagram and the ones that look really
good are 4 by 5 images once you’ve set it to
4 by 5 click export in this export panel I set it to jpg I set the colour space –
srgb and I set the quality to 90% I choose
this as it’s a much smaller file and it’s really hard to see any difference
between 90% and 100% now if space isn’t an issue on your hard drive or your
phone you can use 100% but I usually set it to 90 and I haven’t
seen any issues with this I then resized the long edge to 2160
pixels and then I set my PPI to 72 I do all my sharpening in Lightroom
so I leave sharpening unchecked Instagram wipes all the metadata so I
don’t worry too much about changing any of those settings and then I export I
have a Dropbox account so I send it straight to Dropbox and then it’s
available on my phone through the Dropbox app so if you have any cloud
storage it’s good to use that and if they have a phone app you can then
access these photos from your phone in an instant if not share to your phone
using airdrop on a Mac and an iPhone or the equivalent on Android and PC once I
have it on my phone I’ll select the image in the Instagram app and then
scale it as it’s bigger than 1080 pixels I’ll make subtle changes with the
brightness the contrast and the structure I’ll then add a little
sharpness then do all other stuff like descriptions and tags and then I’ll
share it one thing I’ve found is that if I do all
my editing in Lightroom I’m not quite hundred percent sure that I’ve got the
settings right sometimes I’ll bring it onto my phone
and I’ll have too much sharpness other times I’ll bring it onto my phone and
it’ll look quite flat so what I’ve found is I do my normal editing in Lightroom
and then I’ll bring it across to Instagram and then I’ll do the last
little tweaks in the Instagram app this means that you’ll get the results that
you want instead of trying to edit in Lightroom and exporting it and uploading
it to Instagram only to be let down that the settings aren’t quite right by doing
it this way you do your basic editing in Lightroom and then you’ve tweaked and
tuned it in the app so you get to see what it looks like before you upload it
one other bonus as well is because you’ve got that slightly higher
resolution you can upload them to Facebook and other social media outlets
ones that have higher resolutions or ones that will be viewed on PC screens
or laptops and that’s about it how are you getting on with uploading to
Instagram and social media do you have any problems with it or do you have a
seamless process if you do and it’s different to the way that I do it let me
know in the comments it’ll be interesting to hear how you guys do it
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