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Take BETTER iPhone Photos with Lightroom Mobile

September 4, 2019

You guys asked us relentlessly for this video and We’re so excited to partner with Adobe to bring you some of our favorite tips and techniques On shooting better Mobile photography using Lightroom mobile let’s get started If your phone is capable, shoot with raw enabled. We’re shooting on iphones today, so in order to shoot raw, We’ll use the Lightroom mobile app. No matter what phone you have, avoid using digital zoom when shooting to maintain the maximum resolution wipe off your camera’s lens And turn on your grid overlay and level. Now let’s go shoot With the grid and level as your guidelines, keep the lines in your frame level. Another thing we like to do is adjust our white balance before we shoot because we want the whites in our images to be true to how they look to us in real life. We can do this with lightroom mobile by switching the shooting mode from auto to pro and picking the mode that will best help you achieve that based on your environment. We can choose from auto Tungsten Florescent, Daylight Cloudy and Custom We like using the eyedropper to set a custom white balance by filling the frame that pops up with a neutral color, preferably on the grayscale. Now since our style is a little moodier, We err on the side of slightly under exposing our image. To do this, we tap on the screen and drag our finger to the left Regardless of your preferences, set your exposure to your desired brightness before you shoot. When editing, we usually create a slight s shape on our tone curve to have control over the contrast in our image. What’s really cool about this app is we also have the RGB channel separated into their own curves for more fine-tuned adjustments with color balance or even cross processing techniques, but that’s beyond the scope of this tutorial. Since the tone curve adjustments made our image a little dark, we’ll click the done button and make some adjustments to highlights, shadows, whites, and blacks. These give you a lot more control over how your image looks rather than only adjusting the exposure or contrast levels. We typically like to bring the highlights down to retain more information. Likewise, we lift the shadows to bring more detail into the darker areas of our image. We’ll also list the blacks a bit and lower the whites Now, we’ll lower the overall contrast And nudge the exposure up, just a touch. We can also make adjustments to the HSL sliders to get the colors exactly where we want them. In the color menu, we’ll click mix. We have sliders for each color, so you can craft your tones to match your style. We usually like to adjust the hue and saturation of the oranges, yellows, and greens, but feel free to make your own adjustments. Let’s Recap: Shoot with raw enabled if possible Avoid using digital zoom and keep your lens clean Use the grid and level overlays to ensure your phone is level Adjust your white balance and exposure before you shoot Consider adjusting the highlight,s shadows, whites, and blacks levels to add detail while maintaining contrast in your image We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and encourage you to leave your favorite mobile photography tips in the comment section below. See you next week!


  • Reply London King August 1, 2017 at 2:34 pm

    Hey guys great videos! I love your style of photography. I'm currently struggling with trying to figure out how to really get into the photography business. I'm currently attending school for something I don't have any interest in pursuing after. What's some good advice for someone that doesn't want to spend a shit load of money to attend a university to get into a photography career? Thanks in advance!

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