T-Series office in Bloxburg!!!

November 7, 2019

{Music} Hello everyone! I am Alex back with another video After 3 weeks Yea, I have Alexa with me And today we are in the business park (T-Series) Yay! Yea So today we will explore their almighty office And do some music thing Yay And this is their office Nowhere just telling people Okay she is blocking me xD Okay Yea sometimes Okay so this is the registration office {Alexa interrupting my voice 😂} Yea it’s so bright Okay Okay see their almighty office it’s so huge And congratulations to T-Series for surpassing 100 Million Subscribers Wow this is so good Yea Something is written over here What’s here? Welcome to Business Park {Reading poster} Yay What are you doing? {Turns over} {Continues to read the poster} Oh that’s a long time Yea {Continues again to read the poster} You can read all this thing {Pause the video} And…. this is their shields (wrong) uh play button Okay…. and this is their meeting room Yea He do And now he will never win! Yea lol 48k subs left Today they will cover the difference They are earning um….. 100k subscribers per day That’s so big Haha yea that’s a Tv That’s a screen This is the latest result is taken umm 30 mins ago (We won already) Latest… latest result! Yay Okay Yea hooray! 🎉 Okay so Please do not knock the door…okay I asked the CEO and President of T-Series and they gave me permission to view their office!! Yay Okay so here they make the music {Reading the posters} That’s cool I didn’t have much space {Me and Alexa playing music} Eeh, I am locked Yea Okay… Yea I was just trapped Yea… Let’s go the floor 2 This is so awesome! Like their building… Actually, I build this Okay first thing I saw is a museum of India Trying to explain the posters What mistake? I know lol I know I build that Sorry… There was a floor glitch 😛 This building is not like Square or something (that’s why glitches) It’s like Pfppt (what I was saying?!) [Again trying to explain the posters] Yup! No that’s not bad someone need it=_={Again explaining posters} Yea the… The shirt buttons No not that Not that xD And also they invented the WiFi system and bluetooth Wireless system This is the conference room (OOF maybe) The radios and stuff (what they invented was a basic model which carried out the main stuff) They have 13 editors in the team… Wow 13 editors and they have actually… {Counting} 28 channels wow That’s a mistake I did, I wrote 27 ok… What we have here…? Washrooms… That’s cool {dunno how} OOF okay… No.. xD You can’t leave She always locks me in the elevator Always.. Instant XD Woah It’s so good OOF It’s so cozy That’s awesome This is one of the staff’s office Yea your office xD Now… she owns the office for like 30 mins Yea.. Oww that’s the 3rd floor that’s so high And.. this is…someone’s office Oh their they make music Again the cho cho train I should sit like this {Cringe cho cho by Alexa} Okay lemme play something.. [Again cho cho train} Okay we have a cute cho cho train xD Chairs? oof You are pro… Okie These are good I think Yea… I am gonna learn something today Maybe if someone need it Maybe…? They will put some paintings when they will reach 100 Million So yea… Just 48K subs less for 100 Million Yayyy OOF Okay we have kitchen over here Ah she’s gone I will cook the pizza She cannot stop me now okay… oof Then go to your house oof Okay lemme take some canned beans BIG OOF That’s your nose…I guess That maybe……. your dream? Yes=_=okay… Oh wow So bright… There is a new update too in the bloxburg They…. You locked yourself Yes…. They (coeptus) installed the ENB Enhanced graphic settings Now…. Bloxburg will not look like plastic I don’t wanna read the chat they are just mean PB&J PUBG XD PUBG That’s a game Lol Okay then they have the… oww Then they have a beautiful pool? In the garden 😀 They have a really big garden OOF We are oofers And here we have an Indian flag That’s deep? It’s not deep It’s not even pool LOL Yea that’s deep That’s deep OOF that’s really deep Welcome to Business Park Yea.. Business Park, New Delhi {Playing music} Okay so this was the whole tour of the office, this took me around 4 days to build..? This whole thing 4 days Yea… I was like “huh? you are saying something” And this is the music for u!! Omg I have a panda on my shirt!! Yeasss LOL Yea… I am gonna drive back to the home So thank you to the T-Series staff for letting us in their almighty office OOF she always makes mistake (while sitting in the car) and… I LIKE THOSE MISTAKES 😀 okay… So that was the tour for the office of T-Series… TYSM for watching this video Yea.. Yea.. And the comments are going to be disabled coz I don’t want people to throw the crap in the comment box [Singing a song} yea she is gonna come for you XD Oki goodbye ♥♥♥ Ba-bye THE END

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