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Summerana’s Entire Shop Photoshop and Lightroom Membership Library Walkthrough

February 13, 2020

Hey, guys. This is Grace Pamela from
and this is the Membership Walk Through video. Okay, so
the first thing you’re going to want to do is, you can click the link from your
email when you first sign up, or else you can come directly to the Summerana
website, and then up here you will see it says Members Area. That is where you’re
going to want to click every time you want to go into your library. And then,
after you get to this page, you can go ahead and select Login.
There you’ll be able to enter your username and password, and also reset
your password if needed. Okay, so now that we have our library, you’ll see we have a
Help Center if you need it. Both here and here. You have an Affiliate Program, if
you want to sign up, and then also this is kind of like the Home Page, so if
you’re deep in the library somewhere watching something and you kind of want to
go back to the main page, you can select Library. If you click this icon here,
you’ll see that there’s My Library and Settings and Logout. If you select
settings you’ll be able to see that you can enter. You can edit all of your
details, so your email, your name, you can select through Preferences that
you would like about emails, you can change your avatar, and you can also add
other information. And down here you can change your password if you need to. Okay,
so these are your profile settings, and social profile and password. You can also
go to Credit Card Info, and that is where you’re going to go if you want to cancel
your membership. So, if you want to cancel it, you see that you have your
active subscription here, and it tells you exactly what you have for your
subscription, and then it also has the Cancel option right here. And you can
also change your card if you need to so, if you don’t want to cancel and you just
want to change a card, and let’s say it’s expiring, I didn’t like that. You can
select Change Card, and then you can also remove card. I guess that’s technically
another way that you can also cancel. Okay, so back to Summerana. Okay, so now we
know how to do that. Let’s get into the overview of where everything is.
So, you’ll see down here it says My Products. These are the sections that you have
access to in your membership. So let’s go to Learning Photoshop and Learning
Lightroom. These are not really where you will find products; these are just kind
of helping videos to teach you how to use your products, how to upload them, the
basics of Photoshop that you might want to learn. Maybe some, you know, just some
techniques that you want to learn, stuff like that. So, you won’t really
find any downloads here. Okay, so here’s the Learning Photoshop section and
you’ll see that there’s…in each section there are more sections that you can go
through, and you’ll see that there’s…it will tell you you can select Complete
once you complete it so you can know that you already went over that area, and
you’ll see a check mark here. You also have a progress bar, and here it says 1
of 16 completed. So, if you went through and watched all of these, you can
select Complete, Complete, Complete, and then you’ll know that you completed this
one section. Okay, so also be aware that, if you select down here, it says Show
More so, just so you know that: there might be more. And then, if you select
that and you go down, there might be page numbers, so each section is completely
different. It depends on how much stuff is in there. Okay, so I’m going to go back
to My Library, and then there’s also a Learning Lightroom section, and there’s
more sections below that. Okay, so, as you can tell when we went into Learning
Photoshop, in those titles you’ll see that it says Video, so that means there’s
no download or anything. If you are looking for a download, you might want to look
for Video and Download, or it would just say Download. So, I’m going to show you that
for an example. We’re going to go into Everyday Retouching in Photoshop,
select View, and then you can go down here and you can see that it says
Download Plus Video, and then this one, Download Plus Video, so that means
there’s downloads. You can go into All About Skin. This one is just a video
editing workshop and, if you select a workshop, you’ll see that the video is
here, and you can just press Play, and there’s also a description of the
video down below. So, once you have your video, you can adjust the sound here. I
turned mine off for the video. You can also select the Settings here, and you
can change the quality of your video, and you can also make it Full Screen if you
would like, and then, if you want to get out of Full Screen, you can select Un-Full
Screen. Okay, so you can also fast-forward through the video if you like, depending
completely on what your goal is, or you might have already watched it, you want
to fast-forward to a section that you want to re-watch or anything like that,
the videos are not downloadable. They are only available in your Library, and then
you can also see over here, this says Two Lessons. It might not be lessons. It’s
just…that’s just the wording. You can ignore that. But, you can go up and you
can select around in that category to watch another video, and then also you’ll
see here, I put a note here to let you know where your downloads are, which is
right over here. This is where it is. It won’t always say
Download Your Products Below, but this is where all the downloads will be on the
right side of where, of each section. So this is, these are two downloads. So the
reason why there’s two downloads is, one is for Photoshop and the other is for
Photoshop Elements, so you’ll see in it, says it in the title right here, it says
for PS and for PSE. That’s for Photoshop Elements, and PS is Photoshop. Okay, so now
that you know where your downloads are, I also wanted to let you know that, once
you click your download, you’re going to need to unzip them, and then you’ll be
able to find them, and there’s videos in here that show you how to do all that
stuff, too, and you can also go to the Help Center and it will tell you how to
unzip your files. And then, if you go to the Learning Photoshop, it will tell you
how to upload them because each file will need…it will
need to upload a different way. So, Photoshop actions, overlays, templates.
They all, brushes, all of that stuff goes in a different part of your Photoshop, so
it needs to be uploaded separately and differently, so…but once you learn how to
do that, I promise it’s a lot of fun. We have a lot of goodies in here. Okay, so we
also have the Everyday Retouching, Creating Art Editing Workshops, then you
can just scroll down and watch those. Now, I wanted to show you also, if you select
one of these workshops, then you go down and it will tell you what was, what
product, if any, was reused in the video to teach you how to create the final
image, and then you can click it so it would take you to the section where that
download is available. So, if you click it, you’ll see here it says Download Your
Product Moodle, so that way you can grab the textures as you’re going. If you
wanted to create a similar look as what, you know, we’re teaching in the workshop,
and then also you can go through and navigate this section here or go back
and keep coming. Okay, so we also have a new Guest Teacher Editing workshop
section. This section will change all the time. These videos are only available for
30 days, and it says it right here. I try to say it everywhere just so you’re
aware, and there’s also an expiration date. You see, it’s expires 3/8
2019. Each video obviously will have its own expiration date as it’s released.
These are guest teachers that I’m super excited about that are coming on to,
coming inside the membership to show you guys how they edit their images, and
these are photographers and teachers from all over the world that we’re going
to be showcasing, so I’m super excited about that. Then we also have different
sections. Our Creative Compositing, this is kind of where
we find all the fun stuff to play with. We have fairy wings, and then you’ll see
here it says Download. Download. These are two separate collections to download, and
two separate types of collections that we released that contain wings, and then
also you’ll see this video: How to Create Fairy Wing Composite. So, this is where
you’ll want to click after you’ve downloaded your products to watch how to
create your composites using these downloads. So, you’ll see most of them do
have a video below the Downloads, so be able to download the fairy dust and then
also a video on how to, you know, create your images using that product. So, you’ll
see if you click here, it has the Download here, and then you go down to
the video, and then you can watch how to use it. So we tried to make it pretty
straightforward. Go back here and you can see more smoke bombs, mermaids…This is
is kind of where all the fun stuff is, and then I’m going to go down to, then we have
Creating Animal Composites. Again, you just click in here, and you can kind of
see where you want to, which animal you want to download, or insects, or anything
like that. And click here to download, and then you can see down here it says
How to Create Animal Composites. We have several videos on how to do that. Also, if
you say, if you see when this is Download Plus Video, that’s where we have the
actions that go with the collection. So, the other ones are downloads for the
actual animal overlays, for like the zebras, and then you download that, and
then here is the action that can work with all of the animal collections. The
reason why I wanted to keep it separate, and so that we didn’t have to put it in
every single one, then you, you know, somebody who’s new might come in and
download it every single time, not realizing it’s the same action
collection, so I wanted to keep that separate in with the video on how to
create because we do have How to Create Animal Composites using Photoshop Actions.
So, this is how you do it using just the Photoshop actions, and then here is a
video on how to do it by hand. So, this way, if you wanted to learn how to create
them using the action to help your actions, you can do it by watching this
video, and if you wanted to learn how to do it by hand, you can watch this video
instead. Okay, I’m going to keep going here. We’re always adding new stuff, so it
might look a little different here than it does on your screen, and that’s okay.
If you have any questions that are on how, where things are located, or anything
like that, just feel free to shoot us an email at any time at [email protected], or
you can go up here and select Help Center, and that would take you also to a
contact page. Okay, so we have Creating Seasons in Photoshop. Here you’ll see
different seasons, of course, and how to create more of, like, a fall effect. You
can go from summer to fall. Download this video on How to Create
Fall Colors using Photoshop Actions. These are leaf overlays and actions, and
then here’s How to Create Fall Colors in Lightroom Using Presets and Brushes.
You’ll see that it says Download Plus Video in this one. These are just videos.
So, you can kind of see how to navigate the membership, and it’ll become like second
nature eventually. Creating winter, creating spring, creating summer. That’s the Creating Season Section. Sky
Compositing: this is where you’ll find all the tools you need to create
beautiful skies. If you have blown out skies, or just want to switch it up, or
add rainbows, clouds, skywriting, all that fun stuff. Then we have Digital
Background Compositing. Here you’ll see we have all the digital composite
workflow material, which is…are the actual digital backgrounds where you can
download them, and then we have the How to Create section down here.
Sparkler and Firework. Again, the same thing, we have our downloads here, and
some videos. These are the fireworks, and these are the sparklers. Creating Light
in Photoshop. Creating Light Using Overlays. So, these are the luminosity
light overlays, flares, and all that fun stuff. Rainbows, and then we also have
Download Plus Video. Creating Light Overlay Composites Using Actions. These are the
color of the lights actions down here, and then also the actions and how to use
your luminosity light overlays up here and then we also have Creating
Bokeh Light which are brushes and action. So, each section is a completely
different collection, so this is the Winter Light, December Light, to see the
titles here. And then this is the Celestial Bokeh down here, and all that
fun stuff, and these are the actions for the overlays. So, again, it can be kind of
confusing going through all of this stuff, but once you actually go through
and, you know, click in there and see each section, you’ll see that it’s pretty
straightforward, and then you also see that there’s a video that will help you
use each collection. Okay, so Photography Marketing. This is set up
a little differently just because there’s so many different things, so
here’s all the studio logos. You just select and download to your marketing
materials. So, there’s all different types of things: a couple of engagements,
maternity, depends on what you’re looking for; a newborn, family, model, spring, fall.
And you see that those page makers down here, winter,
you see those word overlays. There’s a video that shows you how to use word
overlays, and then there’s a snow globe template, social media template. It’s all
that fun stuff. And don’t forget the Show More down here, in case you see that, then
you know there’s more. Your Valentine’s Day; so, this section was created in the
ways that you can kind of get through it a little faster, looking for what you
need. So, Easter is coming up. You might want to
go to the section down here. So, you can kind of see where everything is going
through that. Okay, so going back, there’s only one section to get through. We keep
adding more and more stuff. There’s so much. I know it can be overwhelming but,
like I said, just kind of take it one section at a time and be sure to go to
the Learning Photoshop and Learning Lightroom section so you know how to
upload and use all of your products. Okay, so Summerana Magazine: this is a
section where we have our magazine issues.
You see there’s 2018 and 2019. You can select through it, and you’ll see
that there’s a download to read your magazine on the computer if you’d like
to, or you can go ahead and watch it directly here, but you can flip through
it, not watch it, read, I’m sorry. You can go to full screen here, and you can read it
right on the website. Another thing you can do if you wanted to order the print
version, you can select here and it would take you to, go ahead, and it will take
you to where you can purchase the print issue. The digital version is included
in membership, but the print issue is separate. Okay, so once you are finished
we do have new releases, and we do send out emails letting you know of these new
releases. We also post them on our social media pages, and our, you know, in the
group, somewhere on a group. I don’t know if you’re in there enough but, if you’re
not, I highly recommend joining. We have lots of members in there that we love
seeing all of your guys’s creations that you create with all of your downloads
and things that you learn from watching the workshops and video tutorials.
Another thing that I wanted to show you: I briefly mentioned the affiliate
program that we have. If you click that, you’ll be able to see that you have the
ability to earn 20% commission if you wanted to sign up to become a Summerana
affiliate. It explains how it works, and also gives you the link to sign up.
Oh, and then, once you are signed up you’ll be able to go to the affiliate
dashboard, and you’ll be able to see how your links are doing. So, basically how
this works is, once you get your special link, you can share that with anybody
that you would like that you think might be interested in becoming a Summerana
membership. I mean, becoming a Summerana member. And then,
once they sign up for the membership, you’ll be able to get 20% of that signup
fee. Okay, so there’s also linked on here, it
says Become an Affiliate. That’s where you can sign up. And then also your
affiliate dashboard is down here. We also have the Privacy Policy here, if you want
to read that, and also the Terms of Use and Copyright. Obviously we have, you know,
able to read Salvi’s or share what you’ve learned in some of those
workshops, so please be able to, please take time to read those two links as
well, and I think that’s everything. If you have any questions, let me know. I’m super
excited to see what you guys create. If you are in the Summerana Tribe group, I
love seeing you guys’ posts in there, seeing your images,
see how much you’re growing and learning. Okay, thank you so much for watching, and
I hope you guys have a wonderful time inside your membership. Bye, guys.

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