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Suhaag {HD} – Amitabh Bachchan | Shashi Kapoor | Rekha – Hindi Full movie -(With Eng Subtitles)

August 20, 2019

Congratulations! Baby boys, twins. Look after Durga, while I go
and break the news to her father. Congratulations, Mr. Dinanath. You’ve become a
grandfather to two children. I’m a grandfather? Who is their father? I see you dancing everyday,
still I’m not weary of you. Don’t let him enter!
– Who are you? Get out! Who is kicking up a fuss?
– This old is trying to get in. Old man? Who? It’s me. Do you recognise me?
– I ignore young people.. ..on the second meeting.
How will I remember old men like you? Out!
– No. I’m not going until justice
is meted out to my daughter. Justice, eh? Justice. You fool! Son of a gun! If I were to be fair with
each and every man’s daughter.. now I’d have had
ten-thousand fathers-in-law. Let’s go, Father.
We won’t be given justice here. No dear, have patience. Vikram.. You destroyed my daughter’s life.
We’re poor, we bore it silently. But now that you’ve refused to give
the innocent children their right.. ..all their life they’ll
remain a blot to the society. I won’t let you live
in peace! I won’t! Look at you, old man.
You rustle like a withered leaf. Just one touch from me and you’re
going to embrace the graveyard. Stop it, Vikram.
Enough. You’ve spoken enough. If I stop talking,
my shoes will talk. No Vikram. Just think
about the future of the kids. Oh yes. I almost forgot about them. Dump those misbegotten
ones into some orphanage. As for your daughter..
she’s pretty enough. Put her in a brothel,
her old age will be taken care of. Vikram! Father! What happened to you?
– My child.. Father! No. No. You are high on wealth and power,
so you spurn a hapless woman. You refuse to accept
your own children. But remember. There’ll come a
day when time will favour the kids. And they’ll extract
revenge from you.. ..for themselves
and for their mother. And you.. you will beg
for mercy from them. Yes, you’ll beg for mercy. You’ll beg! I? Beg for mercy? Mother Goddess, what
kind of justice is this? He married me before You. And today he denies. He even refuses to
acknowledge his sons. You tell me, Goddess.. ..what do I do with
these innocent children? What am I to do?
Oh, where am I to go? Like days and nights, joys
and sorrows come and go. The truth is that, one
who can’t take on sorrows.. ..has no right to seek joys.
– Accepted. But what else can a
hapless woman do but cry.. ..who has no one to fall back upon?
– When the world.. ..snatches away one support,
God gives more. I know of a woman in the city,
who has devoted her life.. the welfare of hapless
and destitute women like you. Go to her, and you will find refuge. I know no one in the city, brother. Now that you’ve
called me a brother.. ..I must honour this relationship. Come, I’ll take you there. Please come. More attitude, less professional. Greetings. Nice. Very, very nice. Are we ready? Come, please. Sit here while I talk to the landlady
about you. I’ll be right back. Champabai, how long?
It’s been half-hour. I’m losing my drunken ecstasy. I’ve brought sensuous stuff. He’s
going to be intoxicated forever. Really?
– Show me, will you? Go, look her up. I’m no
Jaggi if you don’t enjoy. What a dish!
– Fine, but what about the kids? Don’t worry. I’ll take care of
them provided you shell out dough. Good. Go and wait in the room,
we’ll send her. Well..
– First introduce her. This is your landlady.
– Landlady? She’s like a daughter. What is my job?
– It’s simple. You can start right now. Let them be. Go on,
I’ll take care of them. Come honey. Don’t cry.
– Go on, don’t worry. It’s your own house. He’s our new guest. Make him happy. What..?
– Yes, else I’ll flay you alive. Where to? Stay right here.
Shut the door from inside. She’s a late-starter,
but she’ll give in. Damn, she will! I’m a poor,
respectable woman. I have kids. I was brought here
under the pretext of a job. I beg of you, brother. Get up, sister.
– Sister? Do not be afraid.
I’m a police officer. I was informed that women from.. ..respectable
families are lured here.. ..and forced to do this. Don’t you worry. Jaggi, you are under arrest.
– Police? Make a move, and this kid..
– No! No? Then drop the gun. Drop it,
else I’ll kill the kid. Drop it! Stop, Jaggi! No brother. You might hit the baby. Liquor for two bucks,
and some peanuts. Get lost!
– Move it! Want this kid? Out of the way. Out of the way, you cripple! Gangubai! Get up. Take care of the kid.
You’ll be paid handsomely. “Like flowers they blossomed..” “Like flowers they blossomed..” “And were set apart in no time.” “And were set apart in no time.” “Like flowers they blossomed..” “And were set apart in no time.” “And were set apart in no time.” “Like flowers they blossomed..” “In a world of plenty..” “All a mother had was so little..” “And what little she had..” “She lost.” “Like flowers they blossomed..” “And were set apart in no time.” Thieving?
– No sir, no. My mother is sick.
I need money for medicines. Let me have it, please.
– Want it? Drink. How else will you buy medicines? Mother! “Like flowers they
blossomed together..” “And set apart in no time.” “Like flowers they
blossomed together..” What’s wrong? Where do you live? Come, I will drop you. You drunkard. “Tormented and torn..” “A mother she was.” “Tormented and torn..” “A mother she was.” “It’s a story of flowers.. ..plucked and torn apart.” “Blossoms..” “Torn apart in no time.” “Like flowers they
blossomed together..” Idiot! Tap water
comes only for two hours. Drink this. Go on.
You will get it 24 hours. Watch it!
– Don’t worry.. ..just toning up my throat.
Get that donation box. Here you are, Amit.
– Hold the bottle. In the name of the Goddess? Why hide it away?
It’s for building a temple. You’ll be given more!
– I don’t have money. I haven’t made a cent yet.
– Not a cent yet, eh? No.
– You’ll be given right now. What’s this?
– Sandal. Brand?
– Kolhapuri. Size?
– Can’t see. Size 9. What size?
– 9. Right, 9, lasts long
enough for a hundred beatings. Nice. May the Goddess bless you. Are you through?
– I am. And you?
– Almost done, Amit. Got from all of them, except the
idiot, the fatso. He isn’t giving. Well fatso, gathered lots of fats, eh?
Out with the money, or! Fair play all right, else I’ll
break everything. Give that too. How’re the goings?
– Still more shops to go. More shops? One by one will
take a lot of time. Hold this. Keep the boxes here. Listen folks, the temple must come
up before the festival of Navratri.. ..else I’ll lose face
before Goddess Durga. The boxes are kept here.
Come one by one and donate. You will be blessed. C’mon, put the money.
What’re you looking at? C’mon, hurry up. C’mon, hurry up. We got to collect 50,000.
C’mon, hurry up. Come on, hurry up.
Put it in this box. Come. Come. What’re you honking for? Donate money first,
then we’ll clear the way. Sir, they’re asking money.
What to do? Sir, we’re
collecting donations for.. ..building a
temple of Goddess Durga. Who are you collecting for?
Goddess Mother? Or your mother? One and the same.
The Goddess is also my Mother. What sir? A tenner?
The temple will need 50,000. How will it come up if rich
men like you act so miserly? At this rate how long will it
take for the temple to come up? It’ll come up, sir. If the
donations fall short, I’ll get dirty. I’ll rob and murder. But I’ll
see to it that the temple is built. Can you kill?
– Definitely if I fall short of money Donate, please. You seem to be a useful person. Thank you. Ismail,
make way for the car. Clear the boxes. Hurry up. Let him go. Greetings, sir. Get me my medicine. Brother Amit! Someone fleeced your father.
– Fleeced? Where?
– At the bar. Oh my God!
– What’s the matter? What’s wrong?
– Son, I’m ruined. I’m undone. I’m reduced to penury.
Years back, I got a goon banished. The dirty man
cropped up from nowhere.. ..and robbed me of
my hard-earned money. My God!
– And all of you were watching, eh? No, teacher..
– Forgive us. Forgive, eh? Where did he go?
Which way? I’ve no idea where he went. He used to live on the Kali hills,
near the Hanuman temple. Hey black coat! What’re you searching there?
This way, look who’s here. I knew you’d come for sure. I’ll pursue you wherever you go. Then take me on, sonny.
You’re destined to have it from me! Anyone can play with a gun. That’s like it. Anyone can play with that.
How about this? There goes. Who are you guys?
To fight or to set up a trade.. this territory, you
need to ask Raghu don. Raghu don? So you aren’t Raghu?
– No, I thought you.. no? Forgive me don, my mistake.
– It’s okay. What’s this?
– Sandal. Brand?
– Kolhapuri? Size?
– No idea. No idea, he says. It’s size 9. Mine is size 10, boys. 10, eh? Smart fellow! Take him away. Who is that who commands a salute?
– He’s the inspector. Inspector. Sir, I never knew
you were an inspector. Forgive me if I have hurt you.
– No problem. Message for you, sir. Sir, please don’t book me.
Else, I’ll be in for a year or two. I got a clean police record.
– It’s all right, go on now. I’m sure you must
be hurt. Forgive me. I told you, no problem. Go. Sir..
– Get lost! Yes?
– Inspector Khan was shot. What? What has happened to my son? My son! Do not cry. You’ve lost a son,
but I am still alive. I swear by uncle Khan,
I’ll avenge his death someday. Excuse me, sir. These are four suspects in
inspector Khan’s murder case. They’re regulars at
Jamnabai’s brothel. If I fail to avenge
his death from you guys.. I don’t deserve to be a policeman. Jamnabai, call her.
– She’s getting dressed. Isn’t she taking
too long to dress up? She might take all the time,
but I’m fully prepared. Will I do? Don’t make faces, man.
I’ll show you such a stuff.. might not have
seen in your life. Here.. this. What’s this? What is this?
– Sandal. Everyone knows it’s a sandal.
But what make is it? Kolhapuri. Those dons out there, use knives.. ..and I put this sandal to good use. What’s the size?
– 6. It’s 9, and you say it’s 6? Forgive me, I can’t see properly. Myopic, hard of hearing,
false teeth! And you dare come to a brothel?
Get out of here! Out! Leave me! Aren’t you ashamed? Get out!
– Hey! Drunk again?
Kicking up a fuss again? I held till the ritual
of Goddess Durga got over. Once it was over,
I guzzled a bottle in. Everyday you come and
bug my clients. Why? Only when they stop coming
here will you marry me. Say what? I’ve told you ten times!
I’m not going to marry you. Why not? Man, yours is the right age. You’re nearing eighteen. Once you’re old, no
one is coming to you. None of these guys. Guys.. ..will you be coming here
once she is a old woman? No.
– What did I say? None of them. Only me. Even after my hairs
turn grey I’ll keep coming here. Let’s go, guys.
– Go on. Where are you folks going?
Sit. Don’t fall for his words. I’ll dance. Is it? All right, if you
dance, I’m going to sing. “You’re losing your youth.” “You’re losing your youth.” “Who’s going to care for you?” “Try something.” “Yes love, do something.” “Mere words won’t help.” “Mere words won’t help.” “I’m not going to give in.. matter how hard you try.” “Try your very best.” “For my dancing-bells, I
have a thousand admirers.” “For my dancing-bells, I
have a thousand admirers.” “You’re not the only one.. heart has a
place for millions.” “How long will you dance?” “Someday your body
is sure to tire out.. matter how hard
you try to save it” “Try your very best.” “Love me, waste not the moments.” “Break the
dancing-bells and give in to me.” “Give in to me,
break the dancing-bells.” “Handcuffs, I shall wear.. ..but I’m not giving in to you.. matter how hard you try.” “Try your very best.” “You’re getting old.” “You’re getting old.” “Who’s going to care for you?” “Do something, now.” “I’m not giving in.. matter how hard you try.” “Try your very best.” So our information was accurate. Hey, stay put!
Or I’ll break your jaw. Pandu, take him away.
– Wait. How can you take him away? I haven’t yet dealt with them. Let me hand them below the belt,
then you can take them. You? You are the one?
– You are that inspector, right? Right.
– Good day, sir. So you’re here too? Wherever
you go, you create trouble. No sir, trouble
follows me wherever I go. But sir, please don’t book me,
my record will get a beating. All right, go now.
– Everyone has to go someday. But sir, please don’t book me,
my record will get a beating. Will you shut up?
– Put me in the cell if you want.. ..but please don’t
register a complaint. Ramble more and I’ll handcuff you. Hang me if you want, but if you
book me, my record will tarnish. Shut up!
– I’ll get out if you want, but.. record
shouldn’t be spoilt, sir. Don’t book me! Consider my record! Who are you? What’re you staring at? I guess you don’t recognise me?
– No. 15 years back when your son.. ..was lying
inebriated on the streets.. ..I was the one who brought
him home. Do you remember? You are the one?
– Yes. Come son, come on in. You’ve grown so tall and broad.
– Loneliness stretched me. Burdens of misery broadened me. But your favour,
I shall never forget. What favour?
– I wanted to study. You encouraged me, also
gave me books. Remember? Look mother,
I’ve passed matriculation. Really? Wonderful! Bless me.
– Live long.. You’re drunk, aren’t you? Yes, I drink. But actually it’s
the liquor that’s swallowing me. When your son was drunk,
you had slapped him. One slap changed
his life completely.. ..and he reached new heights. Had I a mother, had she slapped me.. ..I wouldn’t have fallen so low. Who is it, Ma?
– Look for yourself. You?
– Yes sir. Why have you come here?
– Son.. I came to express my gratitude
for saving my life last night. Fine. If you want to
express your gratitude.. ..come to the police station. And this is my house.
– What’re you saying, son? Don’t interfere, Ma.
If you encourage such people.. ..all the rogues in the world
will start visiting our house. Do you know who he is?
– I know him in and out. You don’t know. Once as a
kid, when you were drunk.. ..he was the one who picked
you up and brought you home. Remember? Yes, yes. What did
you say your name was? No, don’t say. Let me guess. Amit! Right.
– Strange! Why didn’t you tell me before?
– How could I? You didn’t give me time,
you just shut my mouth. Sit.
– Have the oblations. I’m a devotee of Goddess Durga.
– Then we can sure hit it off. Are you Goddess Durga’s devotee?
– I’m Mother Durga’s son. The two of you
remind me of my lost son. Had he been around,
he’d have been like you. Consider me your son.
I was lost years back.. you’ve found me, mother. I’ll answer it. Hello?
– Inspector Kishan? I’ll call him. Kishan, call for you. Hello?
– If life is dear to you.. ..set my men free. Else.. Who’s that?
– Your father! What’s wrong? Why are
you upset? Who was it? Your father! If you don’t want to tell me, don’t.
But why drag my parents in? I mean, he told me that.
– Then say that. I thought you
spoke about my father.. You love your parents dearly? No question of loving them
when I haven’t seen them. Implying? Your parents..
– No. I have no one. No one to fall back upon,
no one to look after. Thought I found a brother in him,
but he too acts on his whims. You aren’t even married?
– Ma, who will give him a girl? The rogue! Six months he is in
prison, and six months he’s out. Wrong inspector. Girls form
a beeline outside my house. Come, see sometime. Then why don’t you marry?
– Well, none is worth liking. What’s wrong with today’s men?
No girl attracts them. Same with him. He has seen many,
but none attracts him. And how? I don’t
want an illiterate oaf.. ..and you don’t want a modern girl. I’ll accept anyone. Just get one.
– Right, get one first. Hear that? First the dough, baby.
– Giving, man. Don’t you trust me? I don’t even trust my father.
What good are you? Here.
– 50 bucks? 50 is past, baby. 100 works now. Know what? The police keep on
raiding every now and then. It’s hard to smuggle in the goods.
– Give me, please. There’s the girl in
red who came with you. Get me a date with her.. ..and I’ll give you a drink for free.
– I can only introduce her to you. Then it’s up to you.
She’s a shy girl. She’s here to study the atmosphere
for a college stage show. Oh I see. Jack, one cigarette please. For you.
– Thank you. And this is for your friend. Just one puff, and
she’ll be rid of her shyness. Excuse me! Annu, what’re you
doing here all alone? C’mon, have a cigarette. Cigarette? No way.
– You’re going to act as a smoker.. the show. Why not
have a rehearsal right here? Come on, have it. No.
– C’mon. Please. Drink. It’ll take care of the cough. Good. Annu, this is Mr. Gopal.
He owns the disco. Gopal, she’s Annu.
– Nice to meet you. Hello. You’re staging a
show that portrays.. ..the evil effects of drugs? Nice. I’m sure, it’ll have a good
effect over the young generation. And you know, I’m
very happy about that. Give me all the tickets that are
remaining, I’ll have them all sold. Hey brother, quickly. Excuse me. Hey brother, one for me too.
– Who are you? This is the first time I see you here.
– I have seen the world. Seen all the hangouts.
I heard lots about this place.. I came here. That’s good. Hi! What’re you doing here? Annu, why don’t you go on the floor? Take her on the floor. I’ll join you.
– Come on, let’s dance. Dance will set your mood right. Hey brother why do you hold my arm?
– To put on handcuff. Handcuff? Who are you? Police. Annu, there’s a fight going on.
Let’s get out of here. Come on! Go to hell! Police? Take them away! Come on. Get in. Move it. Sit. Where do you want to go? Tell me. C’mon, tell me.
– Me? Take me wherever you want to.
– Wherever? How strange! Where do you want me to take you? You got a name, an address? “How do I tell you.. story?” “How do I tell you my story?” “I don’t have a house,
no place to go.” “Then?”
– “I’m homeless.” “Take me to your house.” “If that’s a problem,
take me to your office.” “I’m homeless.” “Take me to your house.” “If that’s a problem,
take me to your office.” “Hey stop it. Come down.” “If it’s an holiday,
don’t lose heart.” “If it’s an holiday,
don’t lose heart.” “Just stop on the way.. ..near some hotel.” “Hotel? Are you mad?” “If not a hotel,
take me for a movie.” “I’m homeless, take
me to your house.” “If that’s a problem,
take me to your office.” “I’m homeless.” “If watching a movie gives a
bad name, sit in the motor car.” “If watching a movie gives a
bad name, sit in the motor car.” “Let’s go for a long ride,
like lovers do.” “What’re you up to?
What’ll people say?” “Then marry me,
take me to a temple.” “I’m homeless, take
me to your house.” “If that’s a problem,
take me to your office.” “I’m homeless.” “I think..” “I’ve reached my place.” “I think I’ve reached my place.” “Not home, not office.. ..we’ve reached the hostel.” “Don’t leave me stranded,
take me home.” “I’m homeless, take
me to your house.” “If that’s a problem,
take me to your office.” “I’m homeless, take
me to your house.” “If that’s a problem,
take me to your office.” “I’m.” Kishan. Get up and have tea. Wake up now. Have the police started
keeping girls’ sandals for guns? Sandals? In whose pockets?
– I see. What’s this? Sandal? Oh come on, Ma.
You think you can fool me? That must be some neighbour’s.
– Great! And that lipstick? Some neighbour’s? Lipstick?
– Yes. Tell me, who is she?
– Who? The lipstick one, the sandal one.
– Oh come off it, ma. Tell me.
– Prepare my breakfast, my dress. I’m in a hurry. Fast ma,
I’ll take a bath and come. Greetings.
– Greetings. Who are you?
– I’m Annu. Well, you don’t know me. I’m a medical college student.
I’m here to do social work. Social work?
– Yes. What’s that?
– We go and work at homes. And.. ..with the money
people give in return.. ..we buy clothes,
medicines for the poor. No dear, there’s no such work here. Nothing?
– No. One minute. Who is that? That? That’s my son. Your son?
– Yes. Please call him for a minute.
– Why? Actually.. I got to apologise. Apologise? For what? For last night’s antics. I see. So that’s your sandal?
– Sandal? Yes.
– Where to? Come on in. But..
– Quiet! Sit. Sit! I’ve had it. Your sandals?
– These? No, not mine. Your sandals?
– Yes. Now tell me. Are you
really here for social work? Yes.
– What jobs can you do? Jobs? Everything that
a girl can do. – Is it? Yes.
– Come with me. Kishan is having a bath.
Make an omlette for him.. ..iron his clothes.. ..and shine his shoes, fast. Okay?
I’ll be right back. Shine the shoes, iron and.. ..omlette! Ma! Quick, I’m hungry.
I’ll change after breakfast. Wonderful! Looks
like a special omlette. Anything special today? You? What’re you doing? I shined the clothes,
made a shoe-omelette.. ..and ironed the breakfast. No.. I goofed.
– You’re still on last night’s high? I’m out to do social work. Get out of here. If ma sees you,
she’ll have a go at you.. ..she’ll bash you up.
– But she asked me to do all this. Yes, I did. What?
– Aren’t you trapped? Trapped? I’m a policeman,
I’m not in the wrong. Yes, you’re a policeman.
But if you keep switching guns.. ..and sandals.. ..someday you’ll make news.
– Ma, she’s intruding. I don’t even know her.
– Come dear. I know everything. Sit down. Take this.
– Why’re you giving her a coconut? To break it on your head. When the girl comes
home for the first time.. mustn’t send her
empty-handed. – What do you mean? Now out with a tenner,
and give it to her. Tenner? For what?
– For her social work. Social work? Why should I give?
– Why won’t you? Start the practice right now.
When she comes here as a bride..’ll have to
give her your earnings. Ma, are you out of your mind?
– Send a swift note to your family. Ask them to meet him soon. Postman. Letter for Basanti.
– But I’ve told you, Basanti.. ..doesn’t stay here anymore.
She’s in Bombay. I’ve already intimated.. ..the post office
about her new address. Send the letter to that address. Okay.
– Yes. My dear sister Basanti.. I haven’t got replies to
any of my earlier letters. You’ll be happy to know
that I’ve chosen a boy. His name is Kishan.
A police inspector. His mother has also approved of me. She wants to meet the two of you.. ..and fix the wedding. So, come
down to Bombay, to my hostel.. soon as you
receive this letter. I haven’t met brother-in-law as yet. This will be an excuse
to meet him. Yours – Annu. Letter from whom?
– Annu. She’s found a boy. His mother wants to meet me.
– So meet her. I will meet her, but..
– How long will you keep this secret? A family for myself
is out of question. I’ll have to withhold
my true identity till.. ..I get Annu educated and married. Kishan.. oh mother, you?
– Are you surprised? No, actually.. Kishan..
– I know, Kishan called you here. Shall I tell you why?
He doesn’t want to marry Annu. Right? But remember something, Amit.
I like the girl. Kishan will marry only her.
And you will get him to marry. I? But how will I?
– I know nothing. If you don’t get his consent,
I’ll break your leg. Get that? But what have I done?
– You haven’t done, you have to do. Do what?
– What I told you. Kishan. I’ll hide behind the tree. Okay? Amit! Where are you?
I’m tired looking for you. What’s the matter?
– Let me take a breather. You know her?
– Who? She.
– Who? Annu. Wonder what names they keep. Ma is impossible!
– What’s the matter? She wants me to marry Annu.
– So marry. No jokes, I don’t want to marry.
– So don’t. I won’t! Hey, don’t be harsh.
I must say no in style. Do something. Go to Annu,
and tell her that.. I’m a bad man. I’m an alcoholic. I’m a sinner, a hypocrite.
I have all the vices that you have. Are you listening? I have
no time. Got to go to work. I’m listening, I’m also watching. I don’t know whom
to pay attention to. I don’t care about that. But if you don’t spoil
my record before her.. ..I’ll spoil your record. My record? Hey, listen, one minute. What if the trick doesn’t pay off.. ..and she still
insists on marrying you? All right, don’t let her sister.. ..and brother-in-law
make it to my house. Call them right here. The two of us will put the
matter to rest. You dig? Hang on. Despite this, if they
still insist on the wedding? Then I’ll break your leg.
– My leg? Which leg? This one? Or this? Let me guess! That one.
– It’s already booked. What?
– Nothing. Go on. Crazy! Strange! Everyone is after my legs. Heed him, and
mother’s after my legs. Heed mother, and Kishan wants them. If I fail to deliver, my
legs are gone. Curse my legs! Mother.. She’s gone.
Everyone has deserted me. Come on out! You’re only
one who never deserts me. You want to marry Kishan? He’s a first-rate
dirty man! Very mean. If you get hooked to him, you’re
going to rue it all your life. Don’t weep. Try to understand,
it’s just a rumour. Mother says that Kishan is one
of a kind. Decent and honest. He’s as great at heart
as great as he looks. That means, if there’s a
gentleman on earth, it’s Kishan. But.. As far as I’ve heard,
he’s a drunkard. Drinks imported as well as hooch. Visits casinos more than his office.
He’s also a flirt. No matter even if he’s on duty,
the sight of a girl just lures him. Either he gets the girl,
or he gets bashed up. But mother says
that let alone booze.. ..the stink of it itself stops
her son from raiding liquor dens. As for girls, at the sight of
them, he turns coy, like girls. Bashful eyes, careful banter. But.. Kishan says, come what may,
he won’t marry Annu. But mother says, she’ll make.. ..Annu her daughter-in-law,
at any cost. But..
– To hell with your buts! Sometimes you talk in his favour,
sometimes you insult him. I thought you came to help me. But you’re putting me in a quandary. All because, I’m all alone. Had my sister and
her husband been here.. wouldn’t make a butt of me. I have no one who can talk for me. Serious situation. Now look, I’m very sentimental.
A girl in tears really moves me. Well, where’s your sister? I wrote to her, but I got a reply
that they’ve gone on a pilgrimage. They can’t come.
– All right, don’t worry. Tell me, do you love Kishan?
– Yes. Truly?
– Yes. That’s it. Now I don’t care.
No matter if my legs break.. ..or my record is spoilt, I’m
going to make Kishan fall for you! Or else, I’m no.. Name? Name? I’m no Amit! I’m not playing sister! You just know how to
interfere in others’ matter. I’m not interfering, I’m going
to help someone settle down. You couldn’t make my life,
at least help someone marry. The girl is in love with
my friend, inspector Kishan. Kishan? What’s the girl’s name?
– Annu. Annu?
– Yes. Basanti, I’ve promised her.
If I don’t get her married to Kishan.. ..I’ll lose face. All right, but on one condition.
I won’t show my face. I’ll cover my face.
– Do whatever, but come on. Fine. I’ve made you help
someone else get married. If don’t make you marry me, I’m no.. Name? Right. Great music.
Well, I’m facing the music. No one is here as yet.
Not your sister, not her husband.. ..not my mother, nor my lousy
friend. I think they won’t turn up. Oh no, don’t say that.
They will sure come. Yes. No, no chance. Probably they must’ve
met somewhere else.. ..and decided against the wedding.
– Hey brother! Who says the wedding won’t happen? Who is that?
– That? He is.. I’m the lady’s brother-in-law.
– Right. And this is her sister.
– Yes. See, they’re here. My wife is sworn not to show her
face until her sister gets married. And you jerk!
You don’t want to marry her? What’s wrong with the girl? What do you mean?
– I’ll tell you later. Tell me, what’s the length?
– What? What’s your height?
– Five-eleven. Five-eleven? Is that fine, dear? Fine.
– What’s your weight? 62 kgs.
– 62 kgs? Is that fine?
– One minute. Yes, the weight’s fine too.
– What job you do? I’m an inspector.
– Ticket inspector? No, police inspector.
– I see. Look for the mole now.
– Oh, I forgot. One second.. What is it about the mole?
– It’s linked to her heart. It’s in her horoscope. The one she’ll marry will
stand five-eleven tall.. ..weigh 62 kgs and have a black
mole. And you have all of them. Here’s the wedding gift.
– The gift? Oh no. The gift’s for you.
And please stop pursuing me. And find another man for the girl.
– Where to? Listen to me. “Your marriage was
made in the heavens.” “Believe it or not.. ..this is what the mendicant says.” “Your marriage was
made in the heavens.” “Believe it or not.. ..this is what the mendicant says.” “Whatever you say..” “I have nothing to do with it.” “My marriage will take
place only with my consent.” “Why do we need
elephants and horses?” “Of what use is a retinue?” “In your eyes, my love, let me be.” “Where will you find a
girl like her again?” “She moves around like a doll.” “It takes a lot of
pining from bees.. ..for such a rose to blossom.” “Go away, let me go.” “Do not tinkle your bangles.” “I do not wish to be your husband.” “Why did you gaze into her eyes?” “Why did you rob her of her sleep?” “Why did you gaze into her eyes?” “Why did you rob her of her sleep?” “You have given me a bad name,
you stone-hearted man.” “Beware the wrath of a Jat!
Don’t you turn her down now..” “Quietly become the bridegroom.. ..or be careful of this stick.” “Do not tie me forcibly to her.” “You could get handcuffed for this.” “What they say is true..” “Love is a terrible affliction.” “You have broken my heart..” “I could stab myself to death.” “Forget him, silly girl.” “Do not waste your lovely youth.” “There are millions like him.. ..and you’re one in a million.” “By God, I could die..” “I was putting up a fake fight.” “Wear this ring for me, my love.” “Your marriage was
made in the heavens.” “Your marriage was
made in the heavens.” “Your marriage was
made in the heavens.” Hello.
– Listen.. My love, she’s got her man.
What happens to me? God knows.
– Lady, God will know later.. ..let me tell you now.
That’s more like it. Mr. Jaggi, I know you control all
the illegal trades in this city. And I also know that all the
grains storehouses belong to you. So?
– I want you to.. ..hand over all the
storehouses to me. Really? What joy does it bring me? I want to make you my partner. My goods will lie
in your storehouses. And what profits I make from them.. will get 20 percent. Agreed.
– Let’s go, son. Why, what happened?
– I didn’t know how a big man.. ..could talk such crap. The storehouses are the
means of my existence. When there is a drought,
people yearn for a morsel of food. That’s when I quote my
price and earn my millions. And 20 percent is with what
you’re trying to lure me? Then take 25 percent. Only cheapskates
fall for petty baits. Find yourself some other partner. Do you know whom
you are turning down? Silly question. Know who I am? In minutes I can
get you behind bars. Mr. Vikram! We can have you hanged. If you don’t believe,
look at this picture. Nice photo. Looks like
the job of my well-wisher. He looks sick. Give him treatment. I haven’t done anything. Forgive me I did nothing. Spare me, please. Good luck. I didn’t know how a big
man could talk such crap. The storehouses
are the means of my existence. When there is a drought
people yearn for a morsel of food. That’s when I quote my price
and earn my millions. 20 percent is with what
you’re trying to lure me? With the help of
this tape you can go.. for at least 10-15 years. No? Daddy, what use squabbling? I speak no evil, I hear
no evil, I see no evil. Same goes an old saying. So uncle, we won’t let the word out,
we won’t display the photo either. And you’ll not let anyone hear
the tape. Am I right, uncle? Daddy, say something.
– Your son is smarter than you. Thank you. All right. You hold my
weak point, I hold yours. Compromise is a must. Here’s the negative.
– We’ll lock our weaknesses safely. The safe will have two
keys that we shall share. Done?
– We’ll go fifty-fifty on the profits. Done? Done.
– Thank you. Kishan, he’s the one
who came to bribe my son. But my son refused. I feel he’s the one
who killed my son. If he’s responsible for uncle
Khan’s death, then trust me.. ..this time I’m not sparing him. Who are you talking about, son?
– Uncle Khan’s assassin. Let me see who it is.. Your dress is stained. Can’t see it properly. The day I arrest him,
you’ll see him, ma. Someone is here to see you, boss.
– Send him in. Come in. Hello. Hello. Are you Mr. Vikram?
– Yes. I’m Inspector Kishan. Can I sit? Please sit.
– Thank you. What can I do for you?
– I want a favour. Tell me.
– I hear, you’re kind to the police. Sorry, sorry. I’ve never
kept connections with policemen. You’re misinformed.
– No, the information is accurate. You tried to offer
inspector Khan a big amount. He was murdered recently. Inspector Khan?
– Yes. Inspector Khan? I’ve heard the name. Yes, I read in the papers.
But I don’t know him. Big men hardly remember
trivial matters. Well.. I got a request. If you offer me what you tried
to offer inspector Khan.. ..then I promise.. ..what unlawful things you
wanted him to do, I’ll do them. Unlawful things? I guess
you are a new recruit. You mustn’t intimidate a
gentleman without evidence. Don’t you know? Son, come up with some evidence,
and then talk to me. It’s time for my dinner.
I don’t talk while eating. Get out! Fine, Vikram Singh. Go on,
tonight you have home cooked food. I’m no Kishan Kapoor unless
I make you eat prison food. Boss, ever since this
inspector has been here.. ..he has been a menace. That’s what they said
about inspector Khan too. But I got my men to kill this one.
– Then? There’s one man. He needs
money. To build a temple. Idiot rogues! Put your hands in your pockets
to save yourself from apocalypse. How dare you refuse? Climb down, son!
You’ll die if you fall. Let me die. I wish I were stillborn!
I’d have spared of these bad faces. This bad neighbourhood
is a pile of misers! Shameless! Go and drown yourselves! To buy a movie ticket
in the black-market.. ..they shell out hundreds. But when it comes to
donate for the temple.. ..they are cash strapped. Right opportunity. Tell him to jump. We’ll build the rest of the temple. Amit! Jump off.
We’ll build the rest of the temple. Come again!
– Jump off. We’ll build the rest of the temple. Why didn’t you say that before? You got me up here for no reasons. Hang on, I’ll jump. I’ll jump, okay? Coming. One.. ..two.. ..three? No, no, no.
Who guarantees that the temple.. ..will be built after my death? What if they cheat
on you after I’m gone? Man, I got brains too. Right? Son of a gun! If you have brains, use.
And climb down, moron! The old man is right.
Absolutely right. I was drugged and sent up here. Now they want to send me to heaven. Bad cheats! Thank God,
I didn’t jump. I’d have died. Had I died, how could I have
faced Goddess Durga. I’m broke. You conned me, I’m stranded. For such a trivial
thing you sent me up here. I started building you, but
who will finish building you? My Father? Had I a father I’d
have begged of him. He’d have come looking for me. If not in person, he’d have
at least sent someone to me. Today I realise, in times of
need you can rely only on friends. Listen here, who is Amit?
– Up there. When will friends come? And when will this
temple be built? I’m broke. Amit, come down. My boss wants you. Hurry up and come down. Tell your boss to come up here.
I’m not coming down.. ..until this temple is built.
– Come down. Boss will give you money. Is it? I’m coming. Hang on, I’m coming. Coming. Money! Like a Skylab,
I’ll shoot down. Me and my intoxication! Zoom! How’s the temple work going? Who’s that? The temple
work is going on fine. But.. Who are you? Why don’t you face me?
– Just answer my questions. Sure, ask.
– I hear you need 50,000 more.. ..for the temple.
– Well yes, I do need. I can give you
50,000 on one condition. Condition? Well, any conditions
accepted. I can even give my life. Not to give, you got to take a life.
– Sure, I will.. Take a life?
– Yes. This man’s life. Oh no, I just joked. I can’t kill. Ask me to vandalize, ask me to hit
someone, ask me to kidnap someone. I can do all that. But murder..
playing with knives.. God forbid! My sandal is my best weapon.
This is what I use. He.. he is inspector Kishan. You want him murdered?
– Yes. Why didn’t you tell me before?
He’s my sworn enemy. But sir, first the dough.
– Here’s 25,000. The rest, after the job is executed. Fine. Keep the 25,000 ready. You’ll find his corpse
within half an hour in the sea. Listen.. Yes? – Not in the sea. I want him killed right
before my eyes.. ..during the festival of Navratri,
in your temple. Idiot! At least you
should’ve seen his face. How could I? He was
sitting behind tinted glass. I was led blindfolded in and out.
That leaves the hideout unknown. Then it’s difficult. What to do?
– What else? I’ll kill you. What? – What else?
He’ll be there in person. He has paid me. Albeit, for
the temple. How can I betray him? Are you drunk?
– No, but I’ve got something. Look. I’ll use this to kill you.
Like this.. Why’re you scared? This is just a
toy knife. This is how it works. On that particular day, it’ll
be coloured red. Got the idea? Got it. But make
sure you bring this one. If by mistake you get a
real one, I’ll be sacrificed. I’ll certainly offer a sacrifice,
but it won’t be you. You mean it?
– Yes. “Save us from the claws
of evil, Goddess Mother.” “Save us from the claws
of evil, Goddess Mother.” “Glory be to the Goddess Mother.” “You are the greatest.” “Astride upon a lion. You ride, on
the highest mountain You dwell.” “I’m in a bind.. set things right.” “You are the greatest of all.” “Astride upon a lion. You ride, on
the highest mountain You dwell.” “I’m in a bind.. set things right.” “You are the greatest of all.” “Astride upon a lion. You ride, on
the highest mountain You dwell.” “I’m in a bind.. set things right.” “It’s a trying moment,
calamity has befallen.” “You must a show us a way out.” “This world has shut all doors.” “This world has shut all doors.” “My life has become a
struggle, O Goddess.” “I’m in a predicament, O Goddess,
set things right.” “You are the greatest of all.” “Astride upon a lion you ride, on
the highest mountain You dwell.” “I’m in a predicament, O Goddess,
set things right.” “O destroyer of evil..” “You brighten up our lives.” “For the lonely..” “You are Succour.” “You are Succour” “Heaven and earth offer salutations
to You, O Mother Goddess.” “I’m in a predicament, O Goddess,
set things right.” “You are the greatest of all.” “Astride upon a lion you ride, on
the highest mountain You dwell.” “I’m in a predicament,
O Goddess, help me.” What’s delaying the
sacrifice to the Goddess? “Who do I offer as a
sacrifice to please You?” “Enemies shudder at Your wrath.” “Enemies shudder at Your wrath.” What happened to her? What happened?
– Nothing, she just fainted. Summon a doctor!
– Wait. Why do you need a
doctor when we are here? This is a house of God.
Not medicines, miracles work here. But priest..
– No buts. I’ll bring him to life. Do you have a room here?
– Nearby is a cottage. Pick the lad and put him in my arms. Careful. Wait. I shall perform this miracle
in complete privacy. Wait for me. Kishan! Open the door! What happened, Kishan?
– He ran off. Kishan. Kishan. Are you all right, Kishan?
– I can’t see a thing, Amit. What?
– I can see nothing. I can’t see.
– Kishan! Doctor, his eyes?
– Corneal blindness. Doctor, do something.
He’s the only support I have. Restore his eyesight somehow. I’ve heard of eye transplant
that can restore one’s eyesight. Can it be done in his case?
– Chances are there. Then give my eyes to him, doctor.
He needs eyes more I do. Besides, my eyes have seen
nothing but hell and nasty things. It’s not possible. In such cases,
we can use only those eyes.. ..that are destroyed due
to cortical blindness. But at the moment, the eye
banks haven’t any of that type. Still you must apply for the eyes.
– Okay. What’s on your mind, son?
– I’m evil. All my life I’ve been treading
along evil paths, breaking the law. That’s why my I don’t expect
much out of life and destiny. But.. ..but your son is a
decent and honest man. And what did life offer him? You
made him follow the path of truth. And what did you get in return?
– What do those mothers get.. ..whose sons take on enemy
bullets and get martyred? If every mother clutches
her son to her bosom.. ..then no country in the
world will enjoy freedom. And no mother will have the
pride of calling her son a martyr. Well Amit, can you debate on that? I have no answer to mother’s point.
But I can certainly answer back.. ..the one who snatched your eyesight.
– No, my friend. In a frenzy, don’t do
something that goes against the law. I know not what’s for
and what’s against the law. All I know is that
someone snatched your eyesight. I can’t be at peace
unless I destroy him. No Amit, this is no answer to it. If you have an answer, this is it. Yes, my friend. Wear the
uniform and take my place. Police uniform? How can I wear it? You know that when the night
sets in, I need liquor for support. I’m also aware of that. And I also know that
for nine nights in a year.. abstain from drinks
for the Goddess Durga. Can’t you stop drinking for my sake?
You consider me your mother, too. My name is also Durga. Agreed, Amit is your friend.
What’s surprising is that.. intelligent and responsible
officer like you speaks.. favour of him. You’re recommending a man who
never ever cared for the law. Picking up fights and
arson are his hobbies. His greatest weakness is booze.
Without booze, he gets quivers. It takes more than a couple of
drinks to quell the fire in him. That’s the fire that
only the booze can quell. But you haven’t seen the
fire that razed his childhood. As a child, before he could realise,
he saw himself in a liquor den. At an age when parents tend to
kids, he was carrying stoned men.. their houses, which
earned him two square meals. You can find many patrons of
decency amidst gentlemen.. ..but seldom are those found, who,
after consuming the poison of crime.. ..still harbour a desire to
follow the path of righteousness. Call Amit. Hello sir. So, you want to join the police?
– Yes sir. If you oblige me. I’m not illiterate, sir.
I’m educated, cleared matriculation. Life offered me no support,
so I used to study during nights.. ..under the lamppost on the
streets. This is my certificate. Sir, give me one chance.
I grew up amidst crime and sin.. I know the root causes of all evil.
Breweries, gambling dens.. storehouses, smugglers
hangouts.. I know everything. Sir, iron cuts iron.
I grew up amidst criminals. I shall erase the criminals.
Give me one chance, please. Give me one chance to
wear this uniform, sir. If I fail to honour the uniform,
if I fail to honour my friend.. have every right to
rip my uniform and my skin off. All right, I’ll think about it. Thank you, sir. Basanti. No clients yet, and you’re
already here to drive them out? No Basanti, tonight I’m not here
to pick up a fight. I want help. What is it? Look, I got a bottle.
– Nothing new about it. It’s in your hand now, in a
while it’ll go right into your head. No Basanti, tonight I’m not here
to drink. I want to quit drinking.. ..forever. Must be last night’s hangover.
– Believe me, I mean it. If you help me tonight,
I’ll quit booze forever. If you have a soft corner for
me, or even if you pity me.. ..then stop me. Sing, dance,
do what you want.. ..but keep me away from booze. If I don’t drink tonight,
I’ll never drink for good. Will you help me? Fine. If not you,
maybe someone else. “Tonight is the test.” “Tonight is the test.” “You’re my guest for tonight.” “Tonight is the test.” “The intoxication in my
eyes will break the bottle.” “I shall not let you drink,
no I shall not.” “The intoxication in my
eyes will break the bottle.” “I shall not let you drink,
no I shall not.” “It’s a challenge.. ..for me.” “It’s a challenge.. ..for you.” “You’ve been drinking for ages,
living a miserable life..” “You’ve been drinking for ages,
living a miserable life.. ..being a slave to liquor.” “Do not destroy yourself.” “Oh, don’t be upset with me.” “I can rid you of sorrows,
tonight I’m ecstatic.” “No matter how thirsty you are.. ..come to me.” “Intoxication is the key..” “It hardly matters if
it is water or booze” “I won’t stop you from
getting drunk, but your life.. ..means my life.” “It’s a test” “It’s a challenge.. ..for you.” “O young drunkard.. ..booze is evil.” “O young drunkard.. ..booze is evil.” “This night is so beautiful,
what you need is a partner.” “You have me before you.” “And I have you before me.” “Yet ours heart are burdened, and
the bottle of booze is an enemy.” “In the bottle you’re mirrored,
and in this gathering I’m bound.” “Swim across the oceans,
come and embrace me.” “Don’t drink the poison,
for tonight.. ..I give in to you.” “Tonight’s the test.” “It’s a challenge.. ..for you.” The bottle.. I broke it, Basanti. Look.. look.. I broke the bottle. I broke
the bottle of booze, Basanti. I’ve got rid of this poison.
I’ll never booze again. I swear by you, Basanti,
I shall never drink again. Never. Mother.. What?
– Take a look, mother. Look what you have made out of a
drunkard. I used to break the law. You’ve made me a guardian of
the law. Here, have a sweet. Open your mouth. Where’s Kishan?
– Inside. Kishan, see here.
How do I look in the uniform? Sorry. I wish you could see. Can’t I see? Nice uniform. Ma.. Ma, ward him off the evil eye. How I wish you both were in uniform. So what if either of us wears it.
It’s one and the same. We’re two bodies, but one soul.
– Right mother. Now watch his brains
and my power at work. We’ll break the faces of
those who break the law. What happened? You drive.
– I? No way. C’mon, I’m with you. Amit! The clutch. “Listen, my friend..” “Your friendship means
more to me than my life.” “Listen, my friend..” “Your friendship is dearer
to me than my own life.” “In friendship,
we are incomparable..” “We make a terrific duo.” “Listen, my friend..” “Your friendship means
more to me than my life.” “What do I look at? And when?” “It’s through your eyes
that I look at the world.” “I swear it on you,
these hands might be mine.. ..but the strength
in them is all yours.” “Listen, my friend..” “Your friendship is
dearer to me than my own life” “My heart bears your picture.” “My heart bears your picture.” “You are my fate,
you are my destiny.” “Whatever the two of you say..” “I always heard.” “But listen to me now..
it’s my turn.” “Listen, my friend..” “Your friendship means
more to me than my life.” What insolence is this, son?
– No, son. Police. Your business closes down. No, Kishan. Don’t shoot..
spare the old man. Get lost! “We’re the days
and nights of youth.” “We’re the days
and nights of youth.” “As if we’ve been
together since we were kids.” “My heart and life
belong to my friend..” “What do I possess?” “Even this uniform
belongs to the government” “Listen, my friend..” “Your friendship means
more to me than my life.” “We are incomparable..” “We make a terrific duo.” “Listen, my friend..” “Your friendship is dearer
to me than my own life.” Daddy, we’ve made Vikram our partner,
but there’s a risk I figure. I hope, he doesn’t take over the
storehouses and leave us gaping. Son, you know your
father, don’t you? In the illegal trade, millions
venture in and bite the dust. And you father? Look how far he
has come. All because of his brains. Once Vikram’s goods
arrive here, we’ll seize them. It’s me, Kishan. Hey cockeye! Where
are you running off to? Do anything. Engage
the biggest lawyer. Get my son released. Go, hurry up. Jaggi! I’m ruined. I’m undone. What is it?
– What kind of boy did you sell me? I reared him with my blood.
– Not blood, liquor. Yes, but I reared him. I taught
him the intricacies of my trade. But he used it against me.
He has become a police officer. Know what he did the first thing?
– What? He shut my shop.
– How can I help it? For the sake of our longstanding
friendship, help me so that.. ..I can make a footing for myself again.
– I’m not magnanimous enough.. help the disabled.
– Don’t say that, Jaggi. There was a day when you
were hard put, and I helped you. Look, I’m not in the right
frame of mind. Get out of here. Give him a tenner and throw him out!
– A tenner? What else? 25,000, eh?
Take the tenner or get lost! Out! You cripple! Take this. All right, Jaggi. I shall
remember this day. You must too! Damn you, Jaggi! You had me
thrown out, eh? I’ll fix you! Can’t you see, cripple?
Want the other leg broken too? Vikram Singh?
– Move it, driver. Stop the car. Hello sir. You don’t know me, but
I know you very well. Me?
– Yes. We’re in the same trade. What? What sets us apart is the volume. I’m in bad weather. Even Jaggi
had me thrown out of his house. Please offer me a job. I’m cripple, but I got
the brains and the skills. Good. Let’s see how
trustworthy you are. Come to my office tomorrow morning.
– Okay sir. Cheers! To the cop who
committed the mistake.. ..of taking me on
and lost his eyesight. Pretty soon he’ll lose his life too. But his friend is still alive.
Through my eyes, he’ll see. And his uniform is what I
use to discharge my duties. What’s the matter, inspector?
– Nothing. Goddess, tonight is Karwa Chouth.
A married woman observes a fast.. ..all through the day and
breaks it in the night.. ..after she sees her husband. But I’m not so fortunate. You? You, here? How come you’re bleeding? My enemies! All my enemies are
after me. I’m punished for my sins. When I was evil, they
wanted me to change my ways. Now that.. I’ve turned a new leaf.. ..the same guys want to
drag me into the filth again. They all want to kill me. For a
while, Durga, hide me somewhere. Come.. come. Don’t tell anyone that
I’ve been shot. – I won’t. I’m an idiot, Durga. One day you came to
me seeking justice. But I humiliated you and had
you thrown out. And this day.. ..when my life fell in danger,
I’m brought to your doorstep. Don’t say that.
– I was high on alcohol then.. ..and I refused to even acknowledge you.
But believe me, Durga.. ..since then,
I never found happiness. Durga, I’m not worthy of it.. ..but if you can, please forgive me. Oh no, what’re you doing? No matter how the husband is.. ..but it’s the duty of
the wife to respect him. I’m not worthy of respect.
I shall give you your right, my wife. Where are my children?
I’ve been pining for years to see them. One was lost when he was
a kid, and the other.. Who is it, Ma? He’s your son. Whom are you talking to?
– Someone tried to take his life. If I encounter the idiot,
I won’t spare him! Kishan, know who is here?
– Who is it, Ma? Your father. Father?
– Yes son. For years, he has been looking
for us. At last he found us. Ma, ask him to go away.
– What’re you saying? I mean it. He snatched away
the most desired right from us. He made you live like a widow.
What has he come here for now? Where was he when you
worked in houses to feed me? Where was he when you were sick? When I used to beg
to buy you medicines? When in return all I got was a glass
of booze forced into my throat? Stop it, Kishan.
– No Durga, let him say it. Let him pour his heart out.
I’ve given you nothing but sorrows. Kishan, you are right. I’m not
worthy of being called your father. If I’m a blot to you, don’t ever
tell anyone that I’m your father. You can call me your servant.
– Don’t say that, please. Still if you aren’t convinced,
then I shall go away. No, no.
– Let me go, Durga. When my own son doesn’t want
me here, I can’t stay back. Stop him, Kishan. Wait, father. Stay with us. Son.. my son. Come, take some rest now. Blood? Hello?
– Who is it? Who? Vikram Singh? I’m Pascal here. Pascal? What’re you doing there?
Where are my men? All your men have run,
scared of police. Jaggi’s son, Gopal.. going to testify against me
in court, tomorrow. Don’t you worry. Trust me, I won’t
let the cockeyed one reach the court. Good. Pascal, as soon as you
get him, call me on this number. 53-39-81.
– Sure sir. My sister used to live in Kanpur. I went looking, but
I didn’t find her. Her neighbours say she’s in Bombay. I can’t find her. Someone asked me.. lodge a complaint.
– Sit. What’s her name?
– Basanti. Basanti. Here’s her photograph. Wonderful. Wonderful. Annu! Annu.. you.. what
are you doing here? That’s my question, sister.
What are you doing here? I? I..
– Tell me! What can she tell? I’ll tell you. This world, the beats of
the musical instrument.. ..the chimes of the dancing-bells.. ..the clink of money.. all
these have shackled her feet. The outside world scares her.
In the decent world, she feels lost.. No! That’s untrue. What’s the truth? Want to know? Come with me. For a poverty-stricken
hapless girl, the brothel.. a place thousand times better
than the world of gentlemen, Mr. Amit Here, even in the midst of vermin,
honour remains intact. And there.. it’s hard to save one’s honour
despite living.. ..among respectable people. That’s what happened with me.
When there was drought in the village.. ..I became first victim. I had only one cow. It died. Helpless I was,
I had to see the landlord. Yes? I need money.
– You think I own a mint? You haven’t paid me what you owe. And now you come
again asking for a loan? I’ll repay every cent.
But please help me today. I got to send money to
my sister in the city. How will you repay? For your
sister’s studies, you have pawned.. ..everything you owned with me.
– Have mercy on me. Give her some money. Blessings of
the poor come handy in trying times. I can’t help. If you
can, you help her. All right, I’ll help. Come. Where?
– Upstairs. Upstairs?
– Yes. Money matters must be
settled in papers. Come. He conned me, and took me upstairs. I don’t want your money! Take it! Well! Help them, and
also take their tantrums! Sir! Murder! Murder! You murdered him! Life had closed all doors on me. I could see nothing but death. What the hell? Why do
you want to kill yourself? Let go! I want to die!
– Who are you? What’s the matter? Take it easy. Come, dear. This.. The Lords of society
call this place a brothel. This is only place where
respectable people visit.. ..yet it’s maligned. You’d better let me die. You’re taking it wrong, my child. We dance and sing to entertain, no
doubt but we don’t sell our honour All the girls here
are like my daughters. It’s my duty to protect your honour. Come in, dear. That’s how I ended
up in this brothel. You tell me, had I a choice? You wanted to marry me, didn’t you?
Am I worthy of getting married? Why did you tell me all this
before? Didn’t you trust me? I had trust in you, but
I had not the courage. Basanti, you.. Basanti, you have no idea,
to the law, you are.. I know. Someday, I was to be arrested. Good that you will arrest me. “When the dancing-bells break,
it’s time to put on handcuffs.” “When the dancing-bells break,
it’s time to put on handcuffs.” “I shall put on the handcuffs..” ..but I shall
never give in to you..” “Come what may.” Amit! He’s the one whom I murdered! No! He’s alive.. he’s alive, Annu. Come here. C’mon, the car’s over there. Hello?
– Sir, your job is done. And Gopal is in our custody.
– Wrong number. Who was it, son?
– Someone said the job is done. And that he has Gopal. Wrong number. Tell Mr. Vikram that Jaggi is here. He’s not well. He won’t see anyone. Tell him my name. He might recover.
– Let him in, son. Hear that? Just my voice
got him out of the bed. Well, what brings you here?
– I hear you’re sick, so I came over. Thank you very much. Careful, son. He?
– My son, Kishan. Was he born blind?
– No, someone helped me.. ..lose my eyesight, very recently. Father, I guess the two of
you have met after a long time. You might have lots to discuss.
I’ll go upstairs to my room. Okay son. Sit. How did you know I’m here?
– Keeping track of partners is a must. Why have you come here?
– Mr. Vikram, you must remember.. ..our weakness are
locked inside a safe. The safe has two keys that we share. I remember. So?
– I’d like to have your key. What for?
– For joy and sorrow. As for the joy, unlike you I’m not
wanted, and my business is soaring. As for sorrow, if you
refuse to give me the key.. ..then I’ll inform the
police about your whereabouts. Oh I see. Then talk to the point.
Why did you have to give a lecture? Want to talk to the police?
I’ll dial the number, you talk. Hello?
– Vikram here. Yes sir? Tell me.
– Mr. Jaggi would like to speak. Sure sir, put him on. Here, talk.
Don’t stare at me, just talk. Hello?
– Who? Mr. Jaggi? Who’s that?
– The forgotten slave. Pascal. Here, talk to your son. Hello daddy..
– Gopal? What are you doing there? They’re holding me. Daddy,
please accept all their conditions. Else, they’ll kill me.
– Where are you? Hello? Spoke to the police?
What did they say? The police are coming, aren’t they?
– Vikram.. you’ve won.
– I’ve won, haven’t I? Now heed me. Give me your helicopter. In return, I’ll give you
your son and the key. Agreed? Agreed. Come to the hangar with my son in
two hours. You’ll get the helicopter. So I see, son. You were taping your
father’s conversations on the sly? Yes, Father. Police motto. Tape a
thief’s conversation on the sly. But son, what’ll
you do with the tape? I’ll give it to the police.
Let them know your true colours. No. Will you turn your father in?
– Let alone my father.. ..when it comes to duty, I
won’t spare my grandfather either. Don’t move, Father. Had I wished,
I’d have riddled your chest. But I fired only to stop you. Sound
is all I need to shoot on target. Like to see? No, don’t remove your shoes, Father. When you’re silent, your shoes talk. Keep jogging on the spot.
And remember.. ..if your shoes stop talking,
my gun will talk. That’s nice, Father. Good. What’s going on? Now shoot! I have your mother, Kishan. She’s my shield. Let me
see how you shoot me now. Someone’s coming. Now be a good boy and
listen to your father. Go downstairs and send him
away as fast as you can. And if you try to let the word
out.. you know the end result. Kishan.. Basanti has been exonerated.
– Really? Yes. And very soon I’ll also find
the one for whom I joined the police. Here’s his photograph.
I wish you could see. That’s fine, but
Amit you better go away. How strange! I gave you a good news,
you don’t even congratulate me.. ..and you ask me to go away?
– I’m happy, I’m elated. But you go away.
– Going. Let me have a glass of water. I’m thirsty. – No water.
Ma has locked the kitchen. If you don’t wish to give me water,
then don’t. But don’t lie. The kitchen is open. Stop arguing, Amit.
I told you, go away! See that? You fell down! I’m
not leaving before mother comes. Ma is in danger upstairs. I don’t need you here.
Go, I say. Go on. Going. Why are you pushing me?
I won’t come even if you call me. Fine.
– Strange man! Calls me home and
then throws me out. Ma.. Ma.. Well done! You’re an obedient son. And what do you think of me?
– You never left? Then the sound of the jeep? Left a rock on the accelerator. Amit..Amit.. Ma..
– Kishan! Let go! Kishan. Mother!
– Kishan! Kishan!
– Mother! Let go! Annu.. What’s going on?
– Come on. Get inside the car, girls. Get in. Get lost.
– Kishan. Don’t worry about me. Amit is lying
injured inside. Look him up, hurry. Get lost!
– Kishan. – Sit. Amit!
– Kishan. Kishan, he’s
taking your mother away. Welcome, Mr. Vikram.
I was expecting you. Your key. Where’s my helicopter?
– Where’s my son? What’s the hurry? He should be coming.
– After he comes.. will get the helicopter.
What’s the hurry? Inspector, make a
move and the kid.. – No! No? Then drop the gun. You are the one
who took my son away! Where is my son, tell me?
– Which son? You snatched him away
from me, years back. He’s the one who
ran off with our son. Ask him, where our son is? Where’s my son, tell me?
– Get lost. You want your son, and I’m
worried for my son. I don’t who and where your son is.
– But I know, Jaggi. You must’ve forgotten
your past. But I haven’t. For 300 bucks, you
sold her son to me. You like to sell kids, no? So come,
strike a deal for your son. But where’s my son?
– Stay there! Don’t you move. Here, see your son. What have you done to my son?
– He was screaming too much. So I got him to
sniff some chloroform.. ..he’s going to sleep for some time. You lousy man! Hurry up, Pascal. Give him his son..
– Stop, Mr. Vikram. I got to settle a score with him. Where’s my son?
Tell me, I’ll be obliged. Want your son? Then you
will have to pay a price. Now tell me where my son is.
– Only four bangles? Hurry up, Pascal. The police..
– Hang on, Mr. Vikram. Why’ve you worn the wedding necklace?
Is it worth more than your son? Not this, no. The wedding
necklace is my husband’s memento. I can’t let it go, no matter what.
– I’m your husband. Mere gold rolled on to this damn
thread carries no weight. – No. In this thread is trapped
your breaths, Mr. Vikram. It’s a mark of a married woman.
Destroy it, and you’ll be destroyed. Take it, mother. Amit, this man knows who my other
son is and where he is. I know, everything. What do you know? Speak up!
Who is my brother? Tell me, or I’ll kill you.
– I’ll tell you, everything. Amit. Amit is your brother. Amit.. my brother? Brother? Amit.. my son! Wait. Where are you going?
– To answer the phone. Not to detonate a bomb. Our men are fixing a bomb in the
helicopter. As per your orders.. will be set to explode
ten minutes after ignition. Mr. Vikram, my helicopter is ready,
at the old airport. You may go. If anyone tries to move, I’ll shoot. Hold it! Don’t try to venture out, father. Let me go, son. Will you shoot me if I don’t stop? No, you can’t shoot me. Because
my blood runs down your veins. You’ve already shed that blood.
You’ve also extracted its price.. ..along with interest. We’re her sons. You never
considered her your wife. She’s your wife, yet you
tried to trade the relationship. Mr. Vikram! Take me along. What’re these?
– Sandals. Brand?
– Kolhapuri. Size? Six.
– Not six, eunuch. Nine. Nine, cockeye! Amit! Daddy, hurry up, come on. My brother. Embrace well, for the last time.
You won’t get another chance. Because you will die here.
And your parents, in the helicopter. I’ve fixed a time-bomb in it. Amit, save Ma. Come with me. What’s wrong?
– A truck is trapped in the middle. Father! Stop Father! My arm is injured.
I can’t drive. What to do? Go straight. Dead straight. Right! Oh no, no entry. To the right. Now left. Right, very good. Straight. Left. Right. Stop, stop. Ma’s car has met with an accident.
– What? I’ll be back. Ma.. Are you all right, Ma?
– Where’s your father? Must’ve gone for the helicopter. But Jaggi has
planted a time-bomb in it. What? Time-bomb?
– Yes. Son, save your father, somehow.
– But Ma, you.. Don’t worry about me, son.
Save my husband. Save my husband.
– Yes, Ma. Let’s go, Kishan. Left. Left. Kishan. Faster Kishan. Speed up. Faster! Why did you risk it here? Jump off. No Amit. Whatever we do,
we’ll do it together. Father!
– No use. The rotors are too loud. Amit. Amit, I can’t hold on.
– Don’t let go. We’re too high up. Father, there’s a time-bomb
planted inside. Land the copter. Son of a gun! You think I’m a
fool to fall for your words? Believe me, it’s wired. I am telling the truth that
there is a time bomb in it. There it is. Brother, jump off when I tell you.
– Right. Jump. Open your eyes, slowly. That’s right. Ma..
– Kishan. Ma, I can see. I can see, Ma. I can see. Who donated his eyes for me, Amit?
Is he alive? Yes, Kishan.
– How could he when he’s still alive? How could he?
– Doctors say that.. ..if due to an accident
someone suffers cortical blindness.. ..he can donate his eyes.
– Amit, I want to meet him. So that I can thank him.
– No need to thank, son. You?
– Son, so much I owed you. I was the one who
snatched your eyesight. Now that I’ve given you my
eyes, I’ve only repaid you. “Listen, my friend..” “Your friendship means
more to me than my life.” “Listen, my friend..” “Your friendship is dearer
to me than my own life.” “In friendship, we are incomparable..” “We make a terrific duo.” “Listen, my friend..” “Your friendship means
more to me than my life.”


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