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Sublimation Template in Photoshop – How to design a sublimation Transfer for beginner – Tutorial PS

January 17, 2020

hello so today I wanted to share with
you how I went about designing this table runner for Christmas and I have
not done this before to be honest with you this is the first time I will be
pressing something that’s has to be done kind of like in sections my press is 16
by 20 and my Epson printer prints up to 13 by 19 so those are kind of the
parameters I’ve been working with but today I wanted to tackle this because
it’s something I want to do and I went ahead and made my template the size of
the actual runner and so it’s actually 13 by 72 and I’m gonna probably end up
cutting it or slicing it in pieces to press it but I wanted to design it all
on one template of course so I could see what it looks like in the positioning
and all that that that I want to do so down here is the the final design and I
haven’t pressed it yet not that’ll be um probably the next couple days after I
finished some orders but just kind of wanted to share this video um and get
some feedback if you guys have other ideas or you think something else works
better please share with me I’d be happy to hear any recommendations so I’m going
to be probably placing this rate first and just got to hold down the shift and
bring it in push enter and then you can kind of up push shift again and kind of
position it to where you want it now because this runner is
72 inches I kind of the middle I think is about 36 so that’s why I placed that
there and we’re gonna work with that the runner has some points at the end which
I did not include because I might leave those blank I might not work with that
area or I could always get part of my design and print it and then press it
last if I think it needs some extra touches right now I’m working with the
center part here and I’m gonna duplicate this layer here and to flip it once
again if you have I’m not sure you guys know but there’s these little handles
there and you kind of just can flip it that way and then play with your design
I love that these lines guidelines come up and help you position things and
Center them it’s very very very helpful so next what I’m gonna do is add this
Christmas we either that says Merry Christmas on it I think I’m gonna
position it here on the ends not too close because I want to make sure it
stays in the general area of the length of the runner and I’m going to put
another one at the end other end and now I want to add a few of these stars that
I have here and probably put them over here down the center so now that I have
this star here I always like to make sure that I view fit on screen here and
you can also like view print size but obviously I want to do that at the end
when I want to make sure everything is positioned correctly but right now so
that I can in the design process here I want to do fit on screen
and and so that’s pretty much the size I think I want to do it and then after in
order to copy you just come over here to the layers and you make sure that the
one you want to copy is selected and you pull it down here to the bottom and you
let go and then you just do that as many times as you want it to copy there is
also a shortcut for that ctrl C and then you just ctrl V and it brings up another
one there so that you can move it around you I have this little reef here that was
green and I brought in some gold paper and I clipped it to the reef and now
it’s it’s old and so I show how to do that in another video if you need me to
link it up I can go ahead and do that so that you could see how to use it it’s
basically called clipping masks and once you do that then you merge the the
layers and then you can pull this up and use it in your design I want to see
about putting this gold element around the reef here and just to give it this
area’s a little bit more gold accents to match these gold stars so when that is
selected it’s it’s I don’t know if you could see it but it is actually on top
of of this and I don’t I don’t want it I kind of want it to accent the background
so with it selected and with the morph tool selected and actually the gold here
it selected I’m going to go ahead and move it all the way down to the bottom
and then that way it accents the bottom and it kind of and this replays on top
but it’s just something extra it’s not like you have to do it I just kind of
like a little bit more gold accents I’m also going to go ahead and duplicate
that layer with control C and then control V and I had the wrong one
selected so that’s why I do that so we’re gonna make sure it’s the bottom
one and so I’m gonna do control C and control V and then I’m going to go ahead
and flip it around and position it you Oh what I think I want to do now is like
I said add some red and I’m going to add it right here to the middle I actually
already have this little star that I I made again with the clipping mask and
once again I do have another video that shows specifically how to do that so let
me know if you need it I can probably can i link it to this video somehow and so this is the design that I’ve come
up with and I will be pressing it soon but I wanted to share that with you and
I’d love to know what you guys think if you think there’s an easier way if it’s
a good idea to make it the size of your actual blank or the the table runner in
this case let me know let me know what you think and I’d love to know your
input to make this easier or faster or if you guys have any tips and I will
also probably be sharing when I press it is going to be fun to try and do that
but I thought I’d share it and just we can just learn together okay thanks

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