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Sublimation Design Tutorial for Beginners – Simple -How to Design a Template in PS Photoshop –

January 15, 2020

so today I wanted to share this short
video with you on how I design a sublimation template this template is of
the chopstick or lip-balm substrate and I got it from Hale bound com that’s Hale
bound dot-com and I buy some of my blanks from her and she also provides
the template so makes it easier than having to you know do your own and it
makes it easier to design and then it makes it better make sure you have your
bleed lines and and it’s just very very helpful so now I’m gonna be customizing
this digital paper a little bit I got this digital paper on Etsy and there’s a
lot of different designers that sell digital paper and clipart and everything
so that you could use it on your projects just double-check the terms if
you’re gonna use it for business though because they do have limited licenses on
there where if it’s for business some allow it some don’t but if it’s for
personal use it’s usually not a problem because that’s why they they actually
sell it on there and so um are you Valentine’s Day is coming so I kind of
want to add the word be mine here and the way you do that is by making sure
that the textual is selected and then you can hover over to or go over to the
phone and click on there and you’ll see that a layer has been added to your
layers palette and you can just add up the words that you like in order to
convert it and for it to be accepted you’ll see like a check mark up here and
you kind of have to check it or also push enter and so I like this font but
let’s just say that you didn’t you could also come over here and there’s a
gazillion different that you can pick from and there’s even
more you can add if you really want to but I like this font that I picked if
it’s selected and you see this little arrow that means that you can move it
around wherever you like even if you don’t like it on the bone maybe you like
it right here and then once again you’ll see the
checkmark and you have to confirm it or push enter and I do want to see if I
could change the color of L I kind of like this red color that’s darker red
here and so you do that by clicking on it like this and then coming over to
this color picker and once you hover over the paper you get this little
dropper and you can pick any color that you want it’s very helpful so I’m going
to pick this red and push okay and um for some reason did you work so let’s
try that again sometimes I kind of miss a step so I’m gonna come back over to
the color picker pick the color and there we go now it’s changed colors and
then you just gotta accept it so there we go
um now I don’t particularly really like this angle that is that I kind of want
it to go at the same angle that the bone is that so in order to do that you
actually have to come up here to the move tool up here it’s usually on the
top left and then you’re gonna look for this little handle thing it’s like two
little arrows with like half a circle and then it’ll help you angle it and and
you can make it bigger or smaller you know you can change the angle once again and then once you’re done again you have
to push enter it for it to take and then you’ll see that job you click off of it
it you know I change the angle so it’s kind of still not in the area that I
want it to be so I’m gonna move it around a little bit another trick is to kind of push the
control button which is the ctrl button and kind of the arrow the up arrow and
you can move it around and kind of position it where you want that way
sometimes that’s easier so now that I kind of got it where I want it um I’m
gonna go ahead and see if I um can add like a little outline or stroke I guess
just to see how it looks and just to show you guys that you can also um just
add like a border it just depends Photoshop calls it it’s like a style
effect or a stroke and so the way you do that is you have to make sure that your
that layer is selected and you go down here to the FX down at the bottom and
you’re gonna see the word stroke and so then that’s gonna pop up this box and
you’re gonna see that the black is selected you can really put pick any
color that you want but I actually didn’t want black and and here you’re
going to see that you can make this like as the outline or the stroke as white as
possible and then we have the opacity where you could make it lighter where it
almost changes the color like to gray but I just like to keep this very low
I’m just gonna keep it there at number two and I’m just gonna keep the opacity
all the way up and so you can kind of play it with
these other things but like if you want it on the inside or on the center but I
like it on the outside the best for this project so I’m gonna um go ahead and
just do that and you’re gonna see that all the effects here were added to this
layer so now what I want to do is add the words to all these other little
bones that are around it and you do that by copying this layer and then moving it
around there’s just actually several ways of
doing things but I think this is the simplest way for a beginner on and since
this videos mainly for beginners this is the way I first saw how to do it so you
come to a layer and then you click it and you can actually drop it there and
see you made a copy so there’s they’re stacked on each other
and you can make another copy another one you can also go and just do control
you know the C button and copy it that way with a shortcut but for right now
we’re just gonna do it this way you drop it down to this little one down here at
the bottom I’m not sure actually what that’s called
I guess it’s copy but and once you have it on there then you can go ahead and
move it except for you have to confirm it once
again and then you can pull it over so gives you these guidelines is just kind
of cool and you can just click off of it somewhere and then you get another copy
and pull it and when you copy like that and also copies what it’s called the
styles and so the outline came with it and all that if you didn’t do it that
way and you just wanted to copy the layer only like the
words would call or not the styles or the outline so you know this is one way
to do it like I said there’s several ways but I find this easiest for
beginners okay so when you have your design the way that you want it you can
go ahead and then save it and what I like to do is first we need to come over
here to the background layer and go to merge visible and that will put
everything on one layer and you go over to file and save as and so I don’t like
to overwrite I guess it’s called the original file because I like the
original paper the way it was so that’s why you have to do save as and then you
have to rename it or add words to it to make it a different file and you have to
save it under PSD for Photoshop if you want to be able to make adjustments like
saying I maybe I want to change the be mind back to black or whatever in a
future use and so if that is the case then I save it in PSD and so I save it
there what I also do is go in and then change it to a JPEG or a PNG but those
you can’t edit those files only a PSD can you edit in Photoshop okay so I’ve
already done that so I’m just gonna push cancel and I’m gonna go ahead and close
this out okay so now we have the template and the first thing I want to
do is actually go out to view and put it to the size of the prints IDs actually
and I’d like to turn off the safe area because I’m gonna be working with the
background in the bleed area for this next step I’m gonna bring in that paper
by going to file and place and then placing that paper that I want to use so
now that I have this in here I’m gonna hold down my shift key and so that when
I pull the edges it goes proportionately and it doesn’t get distorted and so um
I’m gonna try to put that exactly where I want it
and that looks good so now that I have the paper pretty much where I want it
we’re gonna have to get the digital paper and and place it right over the
background like that and we’re going to clip the digital paper to the background
by using clipping masks and there’s a couple of ways to do that but the
quickest waver the beginner is just to go right here right to click and then
create clipping mask and see that goes ahead and makes a digital paper the
shape of the background and that way you pretty much have your bleed in there and
your your design you can still actually a little bit and even make it bigger by
holding down the shift and positioning it and so now you want to turn on the
safe area and you see that is is where the actual blank will go and and that
includes the bleed area but you can’t print with it you can just double check
that it’s in the right area and that everything looks good and then you want
to take it off before you print it so those are the steps that you need to
take in order to design a sublimation template this one that is a chopstick
holder and by using clipping masks and your own digital paper so hopefully that
was helpful thank you

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