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October 24, 2019

Hi Guys. I’m illustrator ETAMA. In this video, I drew Jinx from Legue Of Legends. If you’ve ever painted with Photoshop or wanted to start it, You may have a vague or curious question. I’ve been through a similar process to you. So I’d like to use a cc to help your create some. First, let’s think about the character’s pose and simply paint basic colors and weapons. I also pre-marked the area of what she was wearing. You don’t have to paint clothes or hair like me first. It’s also good to create a layer after completing the body first, and then draw it later. And I drew the area of her approximate face and hair. And I imagined a complete picture of this painting. I use Photoshop’s Normal Brush for most of my work. Stack the touch using the pen’s pressure to trim the picture. Now we’re in the process of determining the tone of her skin, the percentage of her body, etc So I boldly adjust the size of her head, the position of her arms, until I like it. Otherwise, you will be exhausted after repeating the modifications later. So you’d better make as many decisions as you can in the beginning. When I want to decide on the dark side of the picture in advance, I usually use the Overlay and Color Burn properties. The layout is determined by the character’s pose. This picture uses her weapon to create a layout. I modified the position, size, and expression of the weapon as much as I could until I liked it. The hair color of the character Jinx seems to be a mixture of blue and fluorescent colors. I wanted to imagine what this painting looked like when it was completed later. So, when I decided on the color of my hair, I also painted the bright part of my hair. I only use a little layer. I’m only using big areas to paint or to distinguish between the background and the person However, if you use a lot of layers and work efficiently, we recommend that you use them to the fullest. Jinx’s weapon is a lump of iron.So, thinking about the texture, they paint the light part. I used the Color Dodge properties and Overlay properties to express the bright side. There’s an object around it that is made up of similar tones.I chose the color of the neighborhood and colored it. The basic areas are now being finished.So I started to sort out the texture. Jinx’s weapon in the game has some scratches and rusts.But I added as many flaws to the weapon as possible to express the texture of the weapon. I usually watch it for a long time when I find a rusty machine or a lump of iron.I am going to paint with the most memories I have observed. Thickness is heavy. Carefully draw the light part to make it appear heavy. I did most of the textures with one brush. But there are many different and good brushes in the world. If possible, you can draw with various brushes. Jinx probably walked around with heavy weapons. And so it gave us the marks of the battle and the feeling that it wasn’t in its original form. I like various colors when the texture is expressed in the work. So I colored a lot of colors to blend in. The area close to the character is where the eyes often stay.So I made the brush smaller and expressed it. I want to express the area corresponding to the dark space of the picture. Because it’s dark and it’s hard to see, but when it’s done, it’s more likely to be visible and do extra work. Jinx’s basic clothes are evenly mixed with leather. It is moderately thick and dark leather.So I painted the leather with care so that it was different from a lump of straw. If you’re a beginner, there’s a chance you’ll proceed with painting, thinking only about the bright and dark parts. But if you do that, you can’t distinguish between the various objects that you’ve planned before it Have you ever thought your work was rather dull when it was finished? Then try to distinguish things by thinking about them often when you color them. I drew almost all my weapons.Now paint her face and hair. There are many different ways to express your hair. Please decide how you want to express it according to your preference. If the hair is separated using a layer, it will be easy to correct. Fortunately, Jinx’s hair was not complicated, so she proceeded without major modification. It also expresses the coolest bullets in Jinx’s costume. Her clothes are made of leather, cloth, and puddles. Please don’t paint randomly. When expressing bright or dark parts, make sure to plan well in your head to distinguish textures. If you have to draw a shadow, sometimes coloring first will help your process. Of course, it’s easier if you use the Layer function. I hope you can see the tattoo on Jinx’s arm at a glance. I wanted to consider the area where her tattoo would her tattoo go.So I decided on the shadow area of hair and hair. Now, most of the big areas that we’re going to color are over. Let’s refine the shapes we’ve drawn. And draw the last part. It also paints sharp, thin spots and areas of tension, such as the tip of your hair. Her braided hair, the top of the bullet, the expression of the costume is over, and it’s time to draw a tattoo. Jinx’s tattoos are color-coded, so we simply drew them using the multiply properties in the layer. This completes Jinx.Thanks for watching. See you in the next video.


  • Reply 김재윤 October 1, 2019 at 1:11 pm

    Love it

  • Reply Simon October 6, 2019 at 1:34 am

    I wish I could render metal as good as you, very nice piece! Do you stream anywhere (Twitch)?

  • Reply Valentin Anastase October 8, 2019 at 3:43 pm

    Amazing work! <3

  • Reply ZikiHero October 23, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    That's really amazing, I have been waiting for some new Jinx speedpaint for ages. I hope you will draw her few more times 🙂 Keep it up!

  • Reply Sinihan October 23, 2019 at 8:05 pm

    ooooo that's nice! i should really get into doing videos again… xP
    really cool drawing, keep it up!

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