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November 13, 2019

Hi Guys. This is ETAMA. I am a Illustrator and I’m going to show you how to Paint using Photoshop. I hope my CC will help your creation. Let’s draw a simple area of face, hat, and clothes, considering the color of the skin that we want to express first. When you draw an area, I recommend that you follow the image as specifically as possible in your head. The reason why you have to follow images in your head specifically, If you don’t do that, there are a lot of modifications in the drawing process. Of course, it doesn’t mean that changing a picture is necessarily a bad way to do it Because like exploring new places, paintings can find new ways. But sometimes you want to create something new with drawing or painting. And it’s either something your experience created, or an imaginary figure that doesn’t exist. When that happens, follow your image as specifically as you can imagine. Before you move your hand first to draw something. Thinking of the finished picture will be your fastest map. When I decide what to draw, I think of what I like. I like watching movies. I like R&B and HIP-HOP and I like hoodies. So I drew a guy with headphones on. I also drew a female character like I saw in the movie. Iron Man is a hero to many people, and he is a hero to me. So I wanted to draw it. When you are at a loss for what to draw, try it like me. It’s going to be easy. After painting all the most basic colors, it gives you a rough location of the form to be drawn. It also expresses a simple material. Let’s be careful not to overstate everything at this time. I would like to express the texture and color that was broken after the battle in this painting. I tried not to paint too many of the broken parts at the beginning of the painting. At this time, I usually focus on the basic things of color. It shows the basic dark and light areas to draw the volume. When the expressions are finished, the skin and the damaged parts are drawn and the eye of the Iron Man is shown to emit light (using the color deadge attribute). I think it’s almost over to express the traces of the battle. Now it’s time to paint this guy. When you draw a person’s face, you think of the tone of the skin and the age of the person. It’s helpful to make a lot of observations about where the dark shadows on the face that you need to draw occur. I usually observe many people and materials passing by. I recognize where the wrinkles are on the face through such observations.And I think about where it’s dark and bright. When you draw a face, you can simply think of it as a detailed description of the face That’s good, but it’s more helpful to think about the surface of a face simply because it’s three-dimensional. When the facial expression is complete, draw a shadow on the hood shirt and headphones. Let’s trim the outside shape whenever we can. When you draw clothes, you can feel awkward because you can’t think of the design. When that happens, it is also helpful to read fashion magazines and materials related to fashion. When I draw wrinkles, I usually look at the joints and bones of the body. It trims bright and dark areas while imagining the volume and structure of the clothes. With the exception of the hand, almost all of the painting is done, so the next character is drawn. I imagined a woman wearing sunglasses, so I painted the basic colors of the sunglasses in advance. It helps to imagine her appearance when you draw a face. And I imagined translucent sunglasses.So I draw it carefully so that it doesn’t reflect too much light. I think about the silhouette of the person I want to draw, and I trim the shape. I like headphones very much and my hobby is collecting them. As I said before, when you hesitate to draw, it will be helpful to draw a design that you like or want to have. Back again, I paint the shape and texture of the clothes she is wearing. I thought she was wearing a dark, less reflective satin dress. If you have a variety of characters and materials in your work, think about each other’s materials. It will help your painting feel a little richer. I draw it by imagining the hand holding the iPhone. The woman’s hand on the back also expresses it thinking of posing. I like the image holding the sword.So when I draw comfortably like this I often draw a person holding a sword. It’s really fun for me to do colorful doodles with Photoshop. I like painting in traditional ways, but Photoshop has many advantages. because it allows me to express things that are difficult to express manually. It also modifies the shape of a sword held by a woman and proceeds with the painting. I like expressions that appear to be splashing in color like paint and also like expressions that draw a border with marker pen. It’s also very easy and fun to do Photoshop painting by pre-designating basic colors and then putting a line sketch on top of them. Express the silhouette on top of the basic color and the dark part you think. It also specifies the color of the light area. Imagine the texture and express the material. Finally, if you express the brightest part, it’s complete. I use the ‘overlay’ and ‘color dodge’ properties when painting the glowing parts with Photoshop. I’m trimming it for the finish line. Finally, I drew the border of the character in the middle. I hope you can see the person in the middle better by drawing a border. So, my photooshop painting Tutorial is almost finished. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.And I’d be happy to help you create a little bit. Thank you for watching. See you in the next video.


  • Reply windboi October 4, 2019 at 9:46 am

    welcome back , i 'm a fan of your works . great to see you upload stuff again !

  • Reply Ganjang Gejang October 13, 2019 at 3:30 am

    너무 멋있네요..

  • Reply 우니부기 October 25, 2019 at 5:04 am

    어떤 브러쉬인지 알수있을까요? 너무좋네요 느낌

  • Reply 손호정 October 30, 2019 at 2:24 pm

    와.. 감탄만 나오네요ㅠㅜ 자세한 설명과 멋진그림까지.. 잘보고갑니다!!ㅎㅎ 영상 다 챙겨보고있어요~!! 이쁜그림 영상으로 만들어주셔서 감사합니다!! 🙂 앞으로 쭉 응원하고 챙겨볼게요!!ㅎㅎ

  • Reply pfistor October 30, 2019 at 2:52 pm

    Really nice rendering style, I'm liking it a lot. I'm curious what brush settings you are using and if this is just 1 or 2 or more brushes? Seems like it has some nice texture and variable opacity / size but is 1 brush size variable and 1 opacity more or is it a mix. Currently I've been using 2 main brushes one that's just size variable and one that's just opacity/flow variable because mixing together doesn't usually work that well for me usually. I can tell there's some texture to it as well that looks like dual brush stuff any way. Not sure if that's something you would share but it would be cool to see. Also, I really like the style and shapes you use within the shading like ending a highlight with stripes and etc it's very appealing.

  • Reply 懒猫 November 3, 2019 at 1:20 pm


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