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November 13, 2019

[Choose CC subtitle language] Hello illustrator ETAMA. (Translation may not be smooth. Please understand.) Today we will look at the coloring process based on digital drawing. Most people should have lost their experience in front of an empty canvas. There is a time when all the artists were aspiring, so I’m probably sympathetic. So this time I will briefly describe the vagueness of my digital drawing experience and my own solution. First of all, digital drawing has to draw a sketch with app or program without material The brush or tool that you choose will immediately become a material. The brush doesn’t decide all of my drawings, I think this is an important part of digital work. In any field, you may not be able to demonstrate the condition unless it is suitable for you. I thought it wasn’t a matter of ‘like a brush and any brush is bad’. I recommend that you first test what style of brush is compatible with your drawing. Digital drawing is not a material that you can touch with your hands To that extent, I think that brushes that are compatible with you are quite important. In order to know it, try to draw using actual materials. You can also say, “Oh, I ’ve seen the digital drawing process, why do you want to use real materials?” However, nowadays there are many cases where a picture is started first through a digital tool without going through a drawing tool as before. Such digital tools, tools or apps are ultimately tools based on actual materials. So if you try using several types of actual drawing material and know if it is compatible with me, it will be very helpful. For example, if you are comfortable with the soft writing material, select a brush with a lot of round values ​​and set the brush space option upward. On the other hand, if you are comfortable with the sharp material, adjust your brush options. If you can set the brush settings well with you in this way, I think that it will help a little to get rid of the deadlock. Of course, I don’t think this problem is important for those who have high skills apart from tools. I wanted to solve the vagueness of digital drawing and the settings that looked like the materials I was used to were very helpful. And rather than trying hard to draw Think carefully about what you like before you start drawing. It’s even better to draw after you have decided on a perfect layout, but it is somewhat impossible for beginners. Rather than being driven by the desire to draw well I think about what I want to draw with ambition and proceed with the drawing. Of course, if you are a professional, you may already know the solution. It is enviable for beginners. However, professionals sometimes make mistakes. I wanted to draw a dragon and a girl this time. It seems like the sketch is over. This drawing selected a sharp and random brush. expresses light and dark with brush which dances softly like spray. In such cases, your experience with real pencil graphite and brush will help you choose brush. I drew a beautiful line first, and then painted light and dark, Since it is a digital drawing, it can be adjusted to the layer regardless of the order. painted the light and dark so as not to overdo it while remembering when painting was completed. I wanted to paint a thorough calculated light and dark, I managed to paint it due to the limitations of my brain. Now that the drawing is complete, specify a basic color. You can adjust your digital work until you like it, so don’t be afraid to paint it boldly. I used a hard brush to specify the color. Since there is no pressure of the pen, it can be applied to fine areas without much effort. Conversely, soft type blending is used in areas where there is a color change, such as around the eyes or in the eyes. In this work, there are three types of painting (brush that was used before) I wanted to use a total of four types of brushes for drawing. By the way, when I checked the video now, it seems that I used only two brushes for drawing. That’s a shame colors dragon’s skin finely. Because there was a drawing, now it was easy to color. There is nothing, but I will share my brush settings with my subscribers using the YouTube community feature. You can see turning off the drawing layer and the color layer to check the occasionally painted area. If you don’t want to color it, you don’t have to do this. But I want to be careful. So it colors well so that there is no place that has come off. Imagine the feeling when the background color is easily specified. As I mentioned earlier, there was a subject I wanted to draw Drawing was easy and the placement of colors was relatively safe. But if you get lost when you draw, it ’s better than spending a lot of time fixing it And I think it would be useful to have a little more time to think about the theme you wanted. The arrangement of basic colors has been completed to some extent. If you have a little light and dark from the drawing in advance It’s easy to imagine the result of just basic color arrangements. Describes human skin, hair, and eyes. For beginners, always contrast the bright and dark areas evenly. It might be a kind of habit of drawing in the direction you are used to Let’s adjust the contrast of light and dark considering the atmosphere for each work as much as possible. I mixed the colors brightly, hoping that the girl’s hair looks a little lighter. Some people do n’t want to draw because it ’s annoying. expresses dragon’s scale and skin expression. If the texture of the dragon is cumbersome Because you lose good watching points. Let’s make carefully the parts that can be expressed such as feathers and nails. Finally, the coloring is finished roughly. The light and darkness of the drawing is not enough, He applied a little more light and dark to another layer. Colors light and dark while thinking mainly about the broken or blocked parts. If you look now, it ’s confusing whether you applied it to suit. only takes care not to look awkward anyway. Since the depiction is almost over, the work can be concluded when the background color is finally selected. My last videos thought there were a lot of processes based on painting. So this time, I decided to make a process based on drawing. I hope that it will be useful for people who have had a lot of drawings in digital work. there is a part that you want to handle more If you have any concerns, please leave a comment. Thank you for watching my video to the end today. See you in the next video.


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