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[Sub/먹방브이로그] 연휴동안 세상 끝날듯이 먹는 유지어터🐷 (마라탕, 더티초코, 인절미초코파이, 양념치킨, 하겐다즈, 회전초밥, 인절미꼬북칩)

February 2, 2020

Hello everyone Happy new year Today is Lunar New Year’s Day So I will celebrate New Year’s Day as Mukbang.. That’s the children who live next door Actually, the children and their mom gave me a New Year’s gift A huge gift like this My neighbor brought it to me Traditional sweet mandarin from Jeju island I have nothing prepared for them.. I think I should make the cake next time for them Anyway I am now on New Year’s Day holiday In addition, the gym is closed for three days during the Lunar New Year. So I’m going to take a Mukbang Vlog of New Year’s Day So yesterday I went to ‘Our Bakery’ Dirty chocolate croissants finally bought In fact, I tried this three years ago And finally, eat again now Because I kept staying abroad Even when I came back to Korea, I didn’t have time to eat this one But everyone said that this is so delicious So, I’ll try it again Then I’ll eat now! The outside of the croissant is really crispy This is called ‘dirty chocolate croissant’ because it gets in my mouth a lot. Guys, look at this ~ I bought a new black lipstick It’s amazing It’s really delicious I think this bakery uses high-quality dark chocolate In fact, when I was dieting hard last time I went to Our Bakery with my friend. But she was eating this chocolate croissant I only had Earl Gray tea. I’m so happy right now I remember that hard times, so the food I eat now is more delicious. I eat it as soon as I get up in the morning so my face is expressionless and I don’t express it well But that was really delicious The cocoa powder I spilled is also delicious There’s a chunk of chocolate in this bread The dark chocolate stick inside was really good I really like this kind of moist pastry I’m going to watch the drama ‘YOU’ Hagendaz Brownie Macchiato I’m going to eat this while watching the drama It’s been a while since I’ve had ice cream This is really thick and really delicious This ice cream has a strong coffee taste So delicious I don’t know how much it is to eat like this Of course I’m not going to eat all of this I can’t eat it all of this When I watch Netflix, the time goes really fast This is really awesome! Guys, can you see the brownies here? This is really sweet and delicious It was so delicious that I couldn’t say anything. There’s sweet coffee syrup in the ice cream When I first eat this, the memory is not forgotten I tried this delicious ice cream for the first time I like this after vanilla ice cream Coffee syrup and brownies Suddenly focus on Netflix Do you know guys, American teen drama called ‘Gossip Girl’? My first American teen drama is Gossip Girl. So I thought all American high school students lived like that drama I watched that a lot because I really liked that ‘Dan’, the main character of ‘Gossip Girl’, is really good to see again as the main character in ‘YOU’. I told you guys I can’t eat all of this But now I can eat it all by myself I won’t tell what I can’t promise next time lol Who made this ice cream? They deserved to have more compliments It’s so delicious That’s not a spoon That’s not a spoon, but a scoop of ice cream I think I should leave this Injeolmi snacks I left last time I like this one the most The seasoned bean powder is sweet and really delicious I also like other kinds of snacks I also like butter cookies with lots of butter and Korean traditional sweets with honey Only bite sweets from breakfast I should stop eating I ordered a Maratang that is kind of hot pot and little bit spicy Added more beef, cilantro, vermicelli and fish ball. I delivered a spicy Maratang I usually go to restaurants to eat this But for the first time today, I ordered from delivery app It smells good There’s a lot of ingredients inside and I’m eating this kind of noodles for the first time I think this will be as delicious as a rice cake And I really like cilantro I put coriander in salad I put it in a sandwich, like Banh Mi Sandwich I eat very strong flavor very well This is peanut butter sauce! I really like this too noodle This is my first time eating this kind of noodle! It’s really chewy The soup is really delicious My favorite fish ball The soup is similar to the taste of a restaurant’s one In fact, it was a holiday today, so many restaurants were closed. I barely found this restaurant in the delivery app and ordered it I was worried that there wasn’t a photo review for that restaurant. But it’s good that it’s delicious This is really hot It’ll be okay soon and start eating again. Don’t cut the noodles succeded This is spicy but delicious What is this? There is something like potato This was a potato I’ll put the first review of this restaurant on the delivery app. Chinese cabbage, beef, mushroom, peanut butter sauce It’s really delicious when I eat that all in my mouth I chose potato vermicelli I had a cough because it was so hot If you cough wrong when you eat Maratang, your throat hurts Luckily this day was fine This noodles will be my favorite food from now on This is really my taste This is a different texture than rice cake I feel like I’ve digested all the sweet and fatty foods I’ve had for breakfast. I really like this noodle The soup is good Also noodle is really delicious Chewy The broth is spicy and the peanut butter sauce is so nutty that I keep eating it It’s really good combination People should rest well and eating delicious food during the holiday season. Vermicelli is really the best ingredient The noodles are delicious even if I put them on tteokbokki Maratang has a lot of vegetables Contains a lot of fiber So this is a healthy food It also contains meat so you can get enough protein And Sodium … a lot of refined carbohydrates. OK. Delicious food is healthy food lol If you eat noodles, vegetables and meat in one bite If you eat it like this, everyone will like Maratang. Trust me Spicy! What … There are other kinds of rice cakes too! I’ve seen it after eating it all haha Maratang contains many different kinds of ingredients So I’m so happy when I eat this Now only vegetables and broth are left It’s been a while since Maratang was really delicious Bye Hello I’m back again Injeolmi Chocolate Pie Everyone, I really wanted to eat this I really like this kind of food I’m so happy It’s really smaller than I thought The chewy rice cake is in the middle of the pie There is rice cake in the middle with marshmallow delicious It’s sweeter than I thought Sweeter chocolate tastes stronger than Injeolmi. But this is chewy and delicious I need to heat this in the microwave Accidentally warmed up too much It’s completely disassembled One is too small for me so, I heated two up in the microwave I warmed it up for 20 seconds I should warm this up for 5-10 seconds next time Rice cakes and marshmallows stretch like cheese The rice cake is getting more chewy than before It’s like mozzarella cheese on a pizza This is awesome This will be my favorite seasoning dessert Great..! Really delicious Really sweet and chewy and warm It really sticky and sticks to the plate This is really delicious! Please heat this in the microwave before you eat It’s really delicious Really really But this gets sweeter when the microwave is warmed Then if you don’t like sweet desserts, you might dislike this one It was really delicious because I like sweets I hope there are a lot of real Injeolmi dessert So goodbye I went to a sushi restaurant to eat sushi with my family. This looks delicious I chose shrimp, salmon, sea urchin, etc I really like shrimp sushi Shrimp sushi with soy sauce Sea urchin sushi The sea urchin smelled fishy Tuna Sushi Looking at the menu to order another sushi Salmon sushi That sushi is shrimp sushi. It has a sweet chili sauce and cheese on top Eel Sushi Eel sauce is sweet Viewing menu again Miso soup Cheese Garlic Scallop Sushi Sashimi is so delicious All done After we eat, we go to church for Friday worship Today’s breakfast is a Korean rice cake soup Dinner is soy sauce chicken and sweet and spicy seasoning chicken Cheese Fries The chicken is really good Very reasonable price Half and half of this, so a whole chicken costs 17,000 won ($ 15 US dollar) Really cheap And if I add a review photo to the delivery app, I get this free cheese fries. Cola sound Seasoned Chicken Legs The seasoning is moderately sweet and spicy It is just the basic seasoning taste The chicken is really moist and tender Really delicious This is really delicious but I can’t explain the taste In fact, I was really sleepy this evening But I wanted to eat chicken Sleepy But I want to eat chicken I want to sleep Eventually, chicken and my appetite beat sleep lol Soy Chicken Wings Chicken wings are also really big This chicken brand also sells Tteokbokki Next time I want to try Tteokbokki The chicken is delicious so Tteokbokki will be delicious Remove wing bones Here is the first time I have eaten soy sauce Soy sauce is really good The basic fried chicken is really good I always eat chicken with cheese powder but this brand’s plain fried chicken is really good without cheese powder When I first ate chicken here, I was really impressed I can chose different flavor of this half and half Also I can add another different flavor of half chicken So last time I ate plain fried chicken and seasoned chicken And cheese-flavored chicken I eat soy sauce today for the first time The soy sauce tastes also good It’s moderately sweet and salty I really like potatoes. French fries! Potatoes must be fried It’s best to eat this with milk shake It’s hard to eat chicken with one hand because it’s too big Really delicious This is the chicken flavor I used to eat when I was a child Something tastes of good memory? I think they use fresh chicken here The rest of the chicken is really delicious when eaten with rice and mayonnaise the next day. Mayonnaise chicken rice bowl! I made it for my sister and she really liked it. The cheese powder on the potato is really delicious Listening to ‘Help me’ reminds me of when I used to go to the beach in Australia A man drowned in the sea and he sreamed, ‘Help!’ My friends and I say ‘What should we do?’ and I just was rolling with my feet At that time, the lifeguard swam and went to save the man. But suddenly a drowning man stood up in front of lifeguard There was a land next to it, and the man didn’t know it. So the lifeguard and the man looked at each other and laughed embarrassingly. By the way, why am I suddenly talking about this story with you guys? I don’t know In fact, I’m writing a subtitle at night, so I’m writing anything without thinking haha The cheese powder on the french fries is really delicious I want to order this cheese powder at the online shop if I can find it And then I want to order just plain fried chicken and eat with cheese powder Huge It’s really moist♡ Here’s chicken breasts I don’t really prefer to eat chicken breasts because that’s too dry But this chicken breast is really tender and moist The sauce is also really delicious I want to eat it with lots of sauce And sometimes some people ask me am I gained much weight after eating like this much I’m gaining weight too. I’m covering my body with my clothes lol I am gaining weight very well as I eat too much So I think I should exercise and eating health foods for the rest of my life Now it’s just a break time In fact, I’m on a diet again after uploading this video haha But when I eat, I eat delicious food with delightful mind I’m full, so I will eat one slice of soy sauce chicken hehe Anyway, I can see I ate a lot while editing this video I want to carry heavy weight when I do squats, so that’s why I’m eating like this much lol That’s my plan (She’s talking nonsense right now) But people should eat good food and rest well during the holidays I think Then start again And there are mistakes that many people on the diet make ‘This time I’m going to diet really hard to lose the weight!’ ‘So I’ll eat less when I have plan with my friends and during the holidays!’ think like this If you keep on thinking like that, you’re more likely to be stressed out and compulsive. So when you eat, just empty your mind and just enjoy it. I can eat a lot because it is a holiday. Whatever, I can start again. 2 pieces of chicken left Oh I ate a lot Thank you for watching my video Subscriptions and likes are a big help to me 🙂 See you guys in the next video! Bye


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    열심히 뺄때 빼고 운동하면서 먹을때먹고 반복하다보니 몸이 익숙해지면서 기초대사량도 높아져서 적당히 잘먹어도 일반사람들보다 덜찌게되는거같아요

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    i wonder, what do you plan to do now, nana? do you have any goals now that your photoshoot and diet period have passed?

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    외모에 집착하기보다 항상 자신감 넘치고 자기자신을 소중히 여기는 모습이 느껴져서 너무 멋지고 늘 응원할게요
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    Have you tried intermittent fasting? It works like a charm for me, everytime I have something heavy at the weekends or during my PMS.. And I usually call it Treat Day instead of Cheat Day, because I can allow anything on my diet as long as it fits my macro at 1 day 😅

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    Do you gain weight from one cheat day? Of yes how much?

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    멋있어염!! 저도 4월말에 거기서 찍기로 했는데 진짜 저도 빨리빼서 맘편하게 먹고싶어요 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 나나님 응원합니당😭💙

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    상상보다 잘 드세요!
    이걸 보니까 자기관리하는 모습이 더 멋져보이네요. 맛있는 걸 위해 다이어트하는 저와 나나님 모두 화이팅입니다.

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    저는 이제 먹방을 보는 단계로 왔어요..
    대리만족 감사합니다 ㅜㅜ

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    저는 조금만 먹어도 살찌는 체질이라서요ㅠ

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