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October 8, 2019

– This was someones home,
and now it’s just rubbish. (knocking) – Hi, are you Gloria? (gasp) (gasp) – Oh my goodness. – This past year we’ve seen
a lot of natural disasters, and we feel really powerless when it comes to helping people that are in need. – It was terrifying. It
was a nightmare come true. We were looking around
trying to gather things up to see what we could save, and before we knew it everything was
just destroyed and gone. – The water started to rise
in, it was to our waist. I mean it came that
quick. I prayed and prayed hoping that it would end
and that we would make it. It was the most terrifying
thing I’ve ever been through. – So much destruction. We got out of here at the last minute. (crying) – I lost everything. A
house can be replaced, but our pictures, can’t. – My mom passed away when
I was nine years old. Her name was Amy, and these are the only memories that I had of her left. – This is of me and my siblings was young. What I have left, of my siblings, of all of us together at one time. – That’s my mom. I can’t go a day without looking at this picture. I
tried so hard to save it, it’s gone, it’s faded away. – Are you Kathy? (knocking) – Flaminga? – Flaminga? – We heard that you lost a lot of valuable items in Hurricane Harvey and we just wanted to give you hope. – So we’re here to give
you a little surprise. – Wow – Oh my goodness! (gasp) – Momma! – She’s beautiful! You all
made her look so pretty! – Thank you! – I thought I lost it all and… That means the world to me. You’re awesome – I keep my momma picture
by me, everywhere it go. – It was such an honor to
work in that photo for you, and I am so happy it
brings you so much joy. – It does. – I feel really blessed. – This means the world to me. – Brings a lot of hope, just to know that these can be restored that I know I can be restored back to new you know? (uplifting music)

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