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Sounds for your vlogs: where to find it and how to use it

November 7, 2019

Hi, my name is Darya! You’re watching the Movavi Vlog. In today’s video I’ll cover the following:
-why we should use sound effects -where to source sound effects
-how to apply sound effects to videos After watching this episode you’ll know… After watching this episode you’ll know
how YouTubers and other video makers find sounds for their videos and how to add sound
effects to your videos. I bet you recognized those familiar sounds
and the vlogging style they create. Vloggers use these common sound effects for
emphasis – for instance, when they highlight a subscription button or draw attention to
an object appearing in the frame. It can also work to create a comic effect. Let’s see how the top YouTubers do this: Where can I find sound effects for my vlog? The easiest way is to use the built-in collection
in a video editor. I use Movavi Video Editor, which includes
some popular sound effects. No need to download anything. Just open the Sounds menu in the Import tab,
select the one you want and drag it to the timeline. The white line inside the clip indicates the
volume. If necessary, drag the line down a bit to
lower the volume so the sound effect won’t drown out the voice in the video. But what if you couldn’t find the sound
you needed in your program’s built-in collection? As a rule, professional video makers have
their own collections of sounds that cover almost every possible requirement. Alternatively, they use online sound banks. You’ve probably heard about stock images
– there are stock libraries for sounds too. You can find tons of sound effects on services
like Audioblocks and Pond5. But bear in mind that these are not free. You have to pay for a subscription or for
each sound effect you choose. If you want a rather rare sounds for your
video, but you’re looking for a free option, try websites like or freeSFX. These are freeware or shareware sound libraries. They do still require you to sign in. I’ll leave the links in the description. If you need the same sounds YouTubers use,
you don’t have to search for them in stock libraries. YouTube itself has a lot to offer. Launch the Creator Studio in your YouTube
channel settings. There you’ll find the audio library. The first tab is for music and the second
is for sound effects. All of them are free to use. Some might require you to reference the author
if you use it in your video. Please check the terms and conditions carefully. Unfortunately, the built-in YouTube library
isn’t very big. But if you try a simple search you’ll see
lots of sound effects packs created by other YouTubers. Most of them claim the packs aren’t copyrighted. But should you trust a random YouTuber? Well, it’s up to youYou can’t be 100%
sure your video won’t be banned because you’ve inadvertently used copyrighted sounds. YouTube makes it easy to find ready-made sound
packs created especially for vlogging, letsplay videos and Vines. To be honest, everybody tends to use the same
sounds as this swish sample or a bell or cricket chirping. By the way, there are types of sounds you
can probably find only on YouTube. I mean the so-called audio memes and quotes. Like this famous phrase. If you’ve decided to use a ready-made sound
pack you found on YouTube, you need an audio file to use the sounds when editing. Often, YouTubers provide links in their descriptions
to download the archive with audio files. If you believe the link is safe, you can click
it. But I’d prefer not to download anything
from a random YouTube video I just came across. Instead, I record the sounds using Movavi
Screen Recorder. This program lets me capture video from computer
screen, system audio and mic. It’s super easy-to-use. I just select “record system audio’ and
click REC. Then I start the video containing the sounds
I need. It doesn’t matter what visuals the program
captures. I only need the audio. Using this program I can record sound and
video not only from YouTube, but from any website. I click Stop. Now I trim the recorded fragment and save
it as audio file in wav or mp3 format. Let’s get back to editing! To use external audio effects, you need to
import the audio files to the program. It works the same way as with video files. Click Add Media and locate the file with the
sounds you want. I have a long clip on the timeline now. But I only need a tiny section with the desired
sound. Let’s trim it. I can simply drag the edges of the clip to
get rid of the unwanted parts. Thanks to waveforms, I can see exactly where
my sound is and where to trim. The only thing left for me to do is to put
it in the correct place and adjust the volume. And it’s done! That’s all there is to it! Now you know how to add sound effects to your
video and where to find them. Want to learn more about sound editing? In one of our previous episodes we talked
about how to record a voiceover to a video. It’s worth watching! Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel. And also, click the bell icon. Hope to see you soon, guys! Bye-bye!


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    Found a free sound library that you may share freely and use royalty free. They have been releasing these since 2014

    In celebration of GDC 2019 we are giving away 25GB+ of high-quality sound effects from our catalogue. Everything is royalty-free and commercially usable. No attribution is required and you can use them on an unlimited number of projects for the rest of your lifetime.

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