Sony a7rii Unboxing + 85mm G-Master & 55m 1.8 Lenses

August 30, 2019

– Hey there, Caleb Wojcik
of DIY Video Guy here. And in this quick video I’m
going to unbox the a7R II and two Sony full-frame lenses. The 55mm and then the G Master 85 mil. So let’s go ahead and get
started here with the a7R II. In the top you just have your warranties and stuff, your manuals. Then as we keep going here you have the camera strap, you have battery charger here, you have a little port thing for the HDMI to be held
in place, which is nice. That’s it on that side. You also have a little wall charger for the USB connection
to charge the camera. And you have the camera itself. Comes with two batteries, which is nice ‘cuz this thing uses
batteries pretty heavily. And then you have a USB cable. So there’s kinda two ways
to charge the batteries, both with the wall charger
or with the USB cable and a wall outlet. And then here’s the camera, here. Going to the 55mm 1.8 Lens, this is a piece of Zeiss glass. Move some mess out of the way. Comes with a manual and stuff like that, but it also comes with a
nice, soft carrying case here. Also comes with a lens
hood, which is always nice. And then this is it, this is
the 55 mil 1.8 from Sony here. It’s pretty nice, it’s not very heavy. It’s actually fairly light
for such a good lens. And then lastly here we
have the 85 mil G Master. This comes in a much nicer case. ‘Cuz it’s more expensive. So you can see it has a nice leather composite case for carrying it here. Pretty nice setup. Velcro and zippers to open it up here. Let’s take it out here it has a hood and then there it is right there, the G Master 85 mil. This one is a little beefier here. It’s got the focus button here, so if you lock focus you can hold that down and it will stay there. It also has the click aperture ring, which I know you can
de-click, I’m pretty sure. Yeah, right here, de-click
the aperture ring. So it’s nice and smooth, pretty cool feature for doing video. Also in this bag it
looks like just a strap for this carrying case here. And that’s it. So we have the 55 mil 1.8 the G Master 85 mil 1.4 and then the Sony a7R II all
unboxed, there’s everything. Bunch of stuff. Nothing too crazy, no real big surprises other than getting a second
battery, which is really nice. So that’s it, unwrapping
a7R II, 85 mil, 55 mil and the reason I have this,
right now, is I recently reviewed the a7S II and I
reviewed it with a bunch of Canon lenses, using
a Metabones adapter. But I wanted to review the a7R II ‘cuz you can use 4K in the
crop sensor Super 35 mode. And I also wanted to do
some reviews of Sony lenses because with Sony lenses you
get some additional features that you don’t get with
some non-native lenses. Specifically, the eye
tracking, auto focus, just better auto focus in general and really wanted to try these two ‘cuz these are the main
portrait style lenses and all around lenses that you would use for photography and for video. This 55 mil is just like a 50mm on a Canon and it works really quick. And then this 85 mil is
one of their newest lenses and I really love shooting video
on the 85mm 1.2 from Canon. So definitely wanted to compare them side by side, and that’s it. So thanks for watching this unboxing. Gonna review this camera, the a7R II and use these lenses along with it when I’m doing that review. So I hope you enjoyed
this little unboxing. I try to share these,
so as I test these out you can see what it’s like
to get some of these cameras. So definitely check
out the Youtube channel for other unboxings, reviews,
tutorials, things like that. I gotta try out the camera now. See you guys later.

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