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Smooth Zoom Blur Transition + FREE PRESET // Adobe Premiere Pro CC

September 6, 2019

Hey guys I’m Prithwiraj from PR75K. The smooth
zoom transitions are somewhat in trend currently. So in this video I’ll show you how you can
do that effect or transition on Adobe premiere pro If this video helps then please consider subscribing
to my YouTube channel it helps me a lot and if you face any problems then you
can DM me on Instagram and yeah do follow me over there for behind the scenes. I have these
two videos loaded on premiere and I want to apply the zoom in transition in the middle
of these two clips. Firstly right click on your project media
bin and create an adjustment layer place the adjustment layer and add another adjustment
layer on the top and position them accordingly. Now select the lower adjustment layer and
from the effects, search replicate and add the effect to it and change the count to 3 and
you’ll see your video line up to a 3×3 grid. Now search mirror and apply that effect as
well, change the reflection angle to 90 degrees and adjust the positioning so that the edges
don’t look sharp. Repeat the same process again and select -90
this time and adjust it. Apply it And again change the angle to
180 degrees, adjust it, apply it. And for the last time and select 360
degrees and adjust it. So we got all of the 4 sides covered. Now select the top adjustment layer and search
for an effect called transform and apply that. Take your cursor to the middle of the two
clips, you can use the up and down arrow keys for this purpose And go 10 frames towards left using the left arrow key. Now in effects controls click on the stopwatch
icon next to scale and it’ll be creating a key frame And go to the centre of the two clips
again and go 10 frames towards the right using the right arrow key and change the scaling
to 300 and you’ll get back the original clip you started with. Uncheck the box beside the compositions shutter
angle and then change the shutter angle degree to 360 to get that blur while the zoom effect
takes place. Else it will look kind of weird and sharp which we don’t want. Now you get that smooth zoom effect but it’s
a little too slow. Open the drop down list under scale and adjust
these curves to a mountain like thingy and adjust it accordingly to set the duration
of this effect. Okay so.. if you’re feeling lazy then I got
you covered as well. I’ve made this effect into a free preset so
you can use it as well. Just simply add an adjustment layer and trim
it to 10 frames and apply my preset there. If you want the transition as per your liking
then you can just do this yourself instead of using my preset Okay everyone thanks for watching! Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for
more such videos like this and also hit the thumbs up button. And I’ll catch you in the next one. Till then. Hasta la vista!


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    Going good bro, but as a viewer I will suggest you to make a Preset of it because these days no one has time to work that much on a single transition.

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    Nice one

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    I honestly don't usually comment on stuff, but your videos are great stuff, and the free presets as well. It helps with easing time.

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    Hello friend, I would like to know how you made that audio cut, which you used in the second 6.

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