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Smokey Dispersion Effect Photoshop

February 2, 2020

today we’re going to learn a dispersion effect, but by using smoke and also we’re going to install some new
custom brushes as well I hope you enjoy this tutorial as much as
I enjoyed making it for you ok so, lets get straight into the tutorial now the first thing you want to do is
drag and drop the image that you are going to use into Adobe Photoshop the image that i’m
gonna use today is from Shirin Fotographie and it’s
from a Facebook page she does some awesome work so please do check her out I’ll leave a link
in the description for the Facebook for you to have a look at so this is the
imqge i’m going to use now the first thing I wanna do is get
rid of the background so I can just work with the
image on its own so double-click where it says background and make it into a new layer that’s
the first thing you wanna do then control and J to make a new layer on top out that and then go over to your
quick selection tool and make a selection of the whole of the inside of the picture like so, now if you’re
not too sure on how to use the Quick Selection tool then I do have a tutorial for that
and you can check it out in this video here if not then just carry
on click on refine edge and then you wanna
have kind of a really strong blur comin out down here obviously to make it
a smokey effect, we want to try and make it look as real as possible so im just going to play around with the feather
a little bit bring it up and id say id leave it at that. Have the output to new layer with layer mask If you are going to do it again click remember settings and then press OK now I’ve got this image here with kind
of a little bit of an effect coming out already which is really
good to start us off so right click on that layer and
convert it to a smart objects so now we’ve got the two layers that were left over before we don’t need
them anymore so we’re just going to get rid of them by clicking on the layer and pressing delete and clicking on this layer and pressing delete as well. then were going to make two duplicates of this layer by pressing Ctrl & J and then Ctrl & J, now we have got two copies and then we’re gonna make and new layer
to go at the bottom and then have the foreground colour set as
white click the paint bucket tool and then fill the foreground color with white so now we’ve got a separate
background to the image so pretty much good to go
now the middle layer we’re gonna move across a little bit so press Control and T on
the keyboard to transform and then drag this image over to this side here and i’d say, probably leave it at that I was happy with that so click the check then grab my third image at the bottom. Ctrl & T to transform and then move this one over so it’s just showing what is left at the back I think I’m gonna stretch this out a little bit you can do it by going to filter and
liquify if you want to or you can just stretch the
image out I am just trying to get the cheek but not get the ear id say yep I was pretty much happy with that as
well so now we just want to kind of go over any
like smaller areas where we don’t want
the smoke to look as if it’s just repeating the pictures so just
have a little bit of a mess around so im going to go onto the back layer go over to the brush tool and select a really soft brush so I’m just gonna
double-click and use that one and then change the
size of the brush by using the brackets under the plus and return key even out any areas, so say i don’t want darkness here here I want it to be kind of light so go
into the second layer and hold Alt (convert layer first by clicking on image) hold Alt to grab the color i want to bring in and then just kinda paint it out a little
bit so when the smoke gets applied it won’t look as prominent build in with the colors take it off on the face there as well, do the same so were just trying to smooth out the whole image without leaving any solid lines
anywhere but trying to blend it in at the same time sort of work your way around the image
until happy with it we’re gonna do a little bit more editing anway over the top of it just kind of make it look as as natural as possible and id say i was pretty much happy with that now were going to begin masking add a mask on top of every single layer and then on the bottom two press Control and I to invert
them and they’ll disappear now you want to begin to work with the top layer use your black and whites, as always when masking to bring in and take back out again and I’m
gonna use a smoke effect now i’ll leave a link to
the same smoke effect if you want to use this one in the description and also if you don’t
know how to install custom brushes into Photoshop there is a video right
here that you can click and just have a look at that and see
what you think. Anyway but these brushes I’m going to find at the bottom and I’m gonna use say this one to start off with for example I wanna kind of build into the
face and make it look as natural as possible so literally this is just all just gonna be free hand and to see and you know what looks like an testing it so,
start off with black and turn my flow back up to 100% and then catch the back edges here just to kind of start it off and then change the brush make it as big as possible you want to try
and do it as big as possible with having so few brushes (only 4 or 5 smokey effect brushes ) so if you use lots of the same brush in
different areas then its easily noticed also if you want to change the angle
of brushes go to window and brush and then mess around
with the brush tip shape as you can see I’ve got the angle here so i’ll just set mine like that put a big one kind of coming round the edges i might do it with the flow down a little bit see what this looks like yep and then try and take this away a little bit at
the bottom going around the face as well you can build it in more, the more time that you do spend with it there the better it will look for your
and you can just change around by going on blacks and also your
whites so if you want to bring it back in a little bit Darker bring in the smoke effects here
then just use your you whites to do that, im going to keep mine as that so its all white, go over to your next layer at the bottom you’ve got the masks selected and this time I’ll
use my whites to bring the smoke in like so so i’m going to grab this one to have a look try and put this at the bottom here maybe and put that in there like that maybe use the bottom side to put a smokey effect there as well go over to my back layer choose a
different brush have a look what this one is like maybe get one here turn the flow down a little bit more say yeah i’m pretty much happy with that but the longer time you spend on it masking will always bring in whats below so depending on how it works you wanna
try and make sure that there is no straight edges anywhere so you cant see any lines within the smoke so it does look really natural

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