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Smoke Effect – Photoshop Tutorial

September 4, 2019

Before you start watching, notice that this tutorial was made using Windows OS, so for Mac users simply alter Ctrl with CMD, and Alt with the Opt key Hello everyone Today we’ll see how to create this Smoke Effect that you can see in here using Adobe Photoshop alright fantastic So Letsgettoit! Alright so open your Adobe Photoshop and we are going to create a new file so I’ll go to File>New and I’ll start with 3000px in the width and 2600px in the Height and in the resolution 72px and RGB in the color mode but if you want to print it of course you need to go with the CMYK and 300px in the resolution alright, I’ll press OK alright now the 1st thing that we are going to do is to open the picture that you want to use I’m going to use the same pictures I used Just open it like this and we need to cut it from it’s background so I’m going to use the quick selection tool to do this but 1st I’m going to make a new level in here and I’ll try darken it a little bit so I’ll put this handle into the right a little bit just like that and this one just to make it easier for the selection to detect alright now I’ll go to the Chanel but make sure the picture is selected and I’ll go to the channels I’m gonna choose this blue channel in here and now I’ll go to the quick selection tool and I’ll try to make a selection like this as you can see it getting easier to select this way alright now, I’ll go and select the RGB (channel) in here and I’ll delete this level adjustment alright now I’ll open the refine edge in here and I’ll check Smart Radius and I’ll try to improve the hair selection in here just like so alright this will do and I’ll Output it to the selection itself, and I’ll press OK now as you can see we have our selection now I’m gonna apply a layer mask to it just like that and we’ll have it cut it from its background alright now I will take it and put it in the new file that we created and I will right click and choose Convert to Smart Object alright now I will press CTRL+T and I will make a bit smaller by pressing SHIFT+ALT and I think around here alright alright and I will right click and choose Flip Horizontal and I will rotate a little bit just like that alright and I will press ENTER now I’m gonna change the background so I will go and choose Gradients in here and I will change the gradients to this Black to White in here and I will change the black to a 50% Gray just like that, when you see a 50% in here and I will press OK and OK and I’m gonna change the style to Radial and I will reverse it and I will make the scale around 180 and the Angle 45 and I will press OK alright, so I will just delete this one in here and I will go to the layer in here I’m going to make a copy of it so I’ll press CTRL+J I will call this Liquify because we are going to apply a Liquify filter to it later and I will just hide it for now and I will go back to this layer in here and I will apply a Black&White adjustment to it so I will go and choose Gradient Map and I will clip it to this layer, so I’m gonna press ALT and as you can see, when I pree ALT, this arrow will pop up just like that and I will just one click (in between the layers) and it will clipped to this layer now I’ll go back to adjustment again and I will choose Black&white this time and again I’ll clip it by pressing ALT and one click and I’ll change ths blending mode to Soft Light and I will make the opacity around 50% alright now I’ll go back to this layer in here and I”m going to apply a black layer mask to it so I will press ALT and one click to this layer mask icon it will make it black as you can see now I’ll go to brushes and I’ll choose a Smoke Brush in here You’ll find the smoke brushes that I’ll be using for this tutorial down in the link from the description bellow Alright so, the trick I like to use for this is I just double click to this layer mask and I will make the density of it around 70% this way I can see where I want to apply my brushes I also like to rotate the canvas by pressing the letter R and rotate it like this as you can see let’s make the 1st brush just right here just like this and I will rotate it again and I will rotate the canvas and I will make the density 100% to see what it would look like I think it looks good lets go back to brushes and I’m going to choose a regular brush this time and I will reveal this part of the face just like that alright I this it looks awesome lets make another brush right here right there let see Alright Ok, now I’ll go to this Liquify layer in here and I will make it visible and I’ll apply the same adjustments I did for the 1s layer in here so I will select them both and by pressing ALT I can make a copy of them and I’ll put them on the top and again I’ll clip them to this Liquify layer, just like that but for this one, I’ll apply another adjustment to it so I’ll go and choose Levels and I’ll clip it to this Liquify layer and I’m gonna make it a bit darker just like this alright now I will select the liquify layer in here and I will go to Filter and I’ll choose Liquify alright, now I’m gonna freeze this part in here so, I’ll go and choose the freeze mask tool in here and I’ll try to freeze this part like this alright and I’ll go and choose the Forward Warp Tool and I’m gonna transform the head a bit bigger alright and I’ll press OK alright now as you can see I’ll apply a black layer mask again so I’m gonna press ALT and one click to this layer mask (icon) and as you can see this will make the picture disappear and I’ll change the brush to let see I can’t remember exactly which brush I used for the 1st image it would be impossible to have the exact same result but I’m gonna try to mimic it alright lets choose this one in here I’m gonna rotate it again alright lets double click to this layer mask and see put down the density OK lets make it a bit bigger and just like that alright I will rotate it again and lets change the brush to this one right here lets rotate it a bit and lets make it like that alright lets see let’s make the layer mask (density) 100% again and see what it looks like I don’t like the last brush I’m gonna undo that and I’ll try to make it in a better position maybe around here make it smaller alright I think let’s make the density 100% again alright I think it looks a bit OK now now we’ll go back to this layer mask and I’m gonna choose a regular brush and I’ll try to delete a little of this from the face alright I think it looks good alright, now I’m gonna make a text so I”ll go and choose text and the font I’m using it called Myriad Pro So I’ll one click and type Smoke Effect So I want the text to look like it coming from the smokes So I’ll make a bit bigger like this and I wanted to be around here just like that so I’m going to apply a layer mask to this text and I will choose a brush a smoke brush let see lets go with this yeah, lets go with this one in here lets change the color of the text to this gray color alright lets go back to the brushes and this time I’m gonna make a new LAYER on top of this text in here and with the same color I’m gonna try to make the smoke coming from this text like this let me change the color to this one and I’ll try to make it likehat t alright and I would go back to this text I’m gonna choose a regular brush and I’ll delete a little bit from the text itself just to go with the smoke right here and I’ll make another smoke maybe this one coming from here I’ll make the opacity a bit down alright now the last we gonna do is to apply an Exposure adjustment to it so I will go and choose Exposure and I’m gonna adjust the Offset in here just a little bit and the Gamma Correction just like this alright and there you go Alright, so I hope that you liked and enjoyed this Tutorial and it was a little bit helpful for you Don’t Forget to SUBSCRIBE and COMMENT and wait for more tutorial to come and have a nice day THANK YOU FOR WATCHING


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