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Skylum Luminar 2018 First Look (Version

August 16, 2019

Hey the Scott of Photography Banzai. I’m gonna talk a little bit about some photo editing software. This company sent me a license key for this Skylum Luminar software. So I’ll be checking it out a little bit
today, and definitely into the future as they improve it. It is an option for
photo editing and all that. There are different ones. Of course, you can get
some open source stuff such as GIMP, but the big one is Photoshop. Now the
difference between this and Photoshop is this is you pay once per version. With
Photoshop, of course, you’re paying for the subscription. Which I personally
don’t want to get into. I do own a few older copies of Photoshop. You can
actually integrate this tool into Photoshop through the plug-in interface.
And it actually works with my older version of Photoshop, which is nice. But
basically we’re gonna check this out a little bit, and see how it works. See how
fast it is and my computer. I also use something called Acdsee Photo Studio
Ultimate 2018. Quite a name to it, but that’s my main editor. And maybe I’ll
compare that a little bit in the future to this program. But today we’re just
gonna look a little bit at this one specifically and see how it works, so
let’s get started on that. So here’s the program itself. Luminar 2018… So you
can’t really do much until you get started. Like I said, there is a batch
processing option. But I’m gonna skip that today. I’m gonna open up one of
these images from Botanic Gardens in Chicago. Let’s try this one. Speed wise It’s taking a little bit of time. Got the main
interface. Can use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in. It’s a very quick, smooth.
Let’s see if I use any of the keys.. It’s pretty smooth. Here’s the main interface. You can select some predefined workspaces. So it’s probably
one of the best features I’ve noticed so far with this program… Is this interface
for workspaces. So clear that up and it doesn’t anything.
But you can easily select one of them. So these scroll bars are a little tiny for me
personally, but you can use the mouse wheel to scroll things. So many different options…
Let’s try to adjust a few things real quick. Got the standards… highlighting,
shadows, seems pretty quick with adjustments like this. Pull back the
whites. Get some more dramatic effect. Clarity is usually some type of
sharpening, in some form or another. Looks pretty good. We can actually remove these from the list. So if I don’t want let’s say de-haze, get rid.. get rid of it.
Or a few other ones. You can basically customize this area for your style of
editing, which is very nice. I assume you can save those. Haven’t gotten to that
point, but yeah, save new workspace. A few think to take note of with this program. It is basically for doing batch processes or doing singular photos. It
does not currently have the full suite like similar to Lightroom or the ACDsee
program that I use to organize photos, to adjust them inside the organizer type
interface. So hopefully in a few months they will have that feature, and I will
definitely look at this program more. But price-wise, it’s about where I could see
they don’t need that to still be interesting to check out. But it will
definitely help out their software to have that full suite of organizing plus
photo editing. All right, now let’s try a few of the additional tools that I
noticed. Pick some type of image. Doesn’t really matter. Again with the loading
speed. So we’ve got one of our images. A little slower this time to zoom around, but
different file. In this case this is a Nikon image from a full-frame. Probably D750…
There should be information around here somewhere. But these tools here are what
we’re going to look at. Crop, of course, very quick. So at that point when you
click done over here. And then I noticed this clone and stamp tool is quite a bit
quicker to use in practice, just from my processing standpoint than my ACDsee Photo Studio Ultimate 2018 program. So let’s try some opacity differences. The
softness up there. That’s quite a bit better. I hope you found that quick look at this Skylum Luminar software interesting. It is
an option. Especially when you consider there is no actual monthly fee to it,
which I’m personally not a fan of those monthly fees. So I’m gonna check out this
more in the future. Still use my other programs, but it is an option out there.
Hope you enjoyed this video. If you did please consider subscribing, helps me out
a lot. Likes and shares help out a lot as well.
Gives me options, give me ways to try out new things like this. Because they
saw I had a little bit of subscribers and such. They sent me that license to
check out. Anyways, hope you enjoyed this video. See ya!

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  • Reply C Rankin August 13, 2018 at 10:52 am

    I've had Luminar since the end of last year. I like it quite a bit but my workflow with LR and Nik Efex is so streamlined now that I hardly open it even though I am sure that if I took the time to really learn it I would find reasons to use it more.

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