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Sketch Generator – DRAFTUM – Photoshop Plugin Tutorial

October 21, 2019

Download Draftum from
and unzip archive Open your Photoshop (use only English version, MAC/PC)
CC2015.5, CC2017, CC2018, CC2019 and newer Find installer.jsx file and drag-and-drop it in your Photoshop.
Than follow the instructions Restart Photoshop and browse to Window>Extensions>Sketch Generator – Draftum That’s all! Plugin is ready for work You can also install the plugin in another way. Browse to File>Scripts>Browse…
and open installer.jsx file Open your photo, image etc. Step1: Select focus area using one of four ways:
“New area”, “Auto area”, “Smart area”, “Full image” Let’s see all four ways… Ofcourse, you can edit the selected area Another example of focus area selection Ok. Go to Step 2: Image optimizashion Please keep “Color mode” turn ON to convert image to RGB 8bit
and set as the Background (recommended) And keep “Image size” turn ON to resize small/big images
(will be 3500px big size and 300dpi) Step 3: Click “Generate Sketch” to start sketching! It takes approximately 2-4 minutes… Ok, sketch is ready! Play with settings First of all, please choose the most suitable sketch preset. Now available most popular 10 sketch presets Now you can use sliders of Sketch Fine Turning System (SFTS)
to clarify the smallest details, colors, hatching etc. Combination options are virtually limitless. Another sketch example Click EDIT tab and try Smart tools “Smart eraser” erase selected details
with taking into account sketch style Just click the button and brush.
When you stop brushing, erasing is applied “Smart brush” restore selected details Just click the button and brush.
When you stop brushing, restoring is applied Use Additional options (swithes)
to customize and improve sketch Smart guides, sketch fragments, watercolor drops and backdrop,
frames, hatching background, paper textures are available Use mask of “WATERCOLOR” layer
to correct and individualize color part of sketch Use “Watercolor saturation” layer
to adjust color saturation, hue and lightness Open “GUIDES” folder and choose guides types Open “DROPS” folder and improve watercolor drops Open “DROPS” folder and choose sketch fragments Open “BACKDROP” folder and adjust watercolor background:
gradient, color, saturation etc. Open “FRAME” folder and choose frame types In “BACKGROUND” folder you will find available background hatching Be creative! And be free to contact us with any questions:
[email protected]

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