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Shooting Stock on Vacation: Part 1 | Adobe Creative Cloud

September 13, 2019

shooting stock on vacation is a great idea you’re already shooting pictures to share with your friends and family and you can earn money from those photos if you do it right and we’ll give you some tips on how to do that when you’re on vacation and you want to make a great stock photo look for special lighting get up early it’s worth it anyway into that beautiful morning light stay up late see the sunset and look for beautiful situations that are different than everyday lighting make the extra effort to make it different than what everyone else is shooting you have to do something unique if you want to sell in stock great subjects for stock hands down are things that you up you’re going to get a deeper insight and knowledge into those subjects authenticity is everything find subjects that you care about that are interesting and capture the interactions between people those are the best selling stock photos and if you find a subject that’s worth shooting do a little exercise and see how many angles you can shoot it from and think about composition nothing is more important than getting out there and shooting I had an art teacher said you have a million bad drawings in you and the good ones aren’t going to come out and to just start drawing get them out and it’s the same for any creative endeavor and same for a photography get out there and start shooting [Music]

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