Shazam First Look Breakdown | Explained in Hindi

September 12, 2019

There is a information from undercover that in this Comicon with trailer of Aquaman Shazam’s trailer may also be released but before trailer Zachary Levi’s Shazam Look and Asher Angel’s Billy Batson look is revealed How far I am able to understand I can clearly say that this movie will be based on DC The New 52 ‘s Shazam Origin story but actual entertainment will be after watching the trailer We came to know about this news from this film’s cinematographer Maxime Alexandre’s Instagram post where he first wrote the releasing date of Shazam trailer but he deleted the post afterward So let’s talk about this news So guys I am Aman Sinha and today we are going to talk about Shazam and Billy Batson ‘s first look So keeping an eye on Spoilers let’s get started So after the release of Justice League and announcement of Joker that is not a part of DCU DC is struggling to compete But after revealing the first look of Aquaman , Shazam and Wonder Women 84 now DC extended universe is reaching its height After the first Wonder Women success now we fans are excited for watching Wonder Women 84 and Aquaman (who was seen enjoying in Justice League) solo movie but during this excitement our actual attention was snatched by Shazam’s first look after which we were also saw Billy Batson’s first look and this first look is not just the simple photo but there are many hidden detail So lets first look at Shazam’s first look Zachary Levi as Shazam first look came in this month on 10th July where we saw Shazam and Jack Dylan Grazer who is playing the role of Freedy Freeman according to film director , David F. Sandberg, this costume is influenced from many Shazam costume if we talk about classic comics or animated TV shows but there is more to notice Basically in DC The New 52 Shazam origin comics when Billy Batson got his power then he and his foster brother Freedy both save some life in return of that they give money to Shazam then Shazam and Freedy together bought some jacket and something to eat and in this image also we can see the same Now lets talk about Asher Angel as Billy Batson Billy’s foster brother Freedy is a die heart Superhero fan who is mad for Batman , Superman and Justice League so when Billy got his power he is guide by his brother Freedy and in this image we can see Freedy is showing some crusted bullet to Billy also we can see a Superman Cap , Batman Action Figure a Daily Planet Newspaper front page where Superman is Back is printed Batman Batarang , Superman Cup and lastly a Time Magazine is visible in which there is a pic of Earth engine in cover So this image alone tells us that there will be so much talk about other DCU movies But its not only about this apart from Billy and Freedy there are many people in this movie like Billy’s other foster brother sister Wizard Shazam movie’s villan Dr. Shivana and most probably Black Adam there is also a news that for role of Wizard Shazam Warner Bros are casting Djimon Hounsou whom we have seen as Korath in Guardian Of Galaxy plus we can also see that according to DC The New 52 Djimon Hounsou will be perfect for this role it is also rumoured that we can also see Henry Cowell Now we have to see how much Shazam will brighten the DCU Shazam is going to be released next year in April but before that in this week we will be able to see Aquaman first Trailer which will be revealed in San Diego Comicon we will also know something about Wonder Women 84 So now we fan are more excited about upcoming DCU movies So guys this is a short video about Shazam and Billy Batson ‘s first look Shazam is just visually grown up but has childish character but then also if there is any detail i missed or you have any new fact about this movie please do let me know in this comment box also let me know what you think about the new costume of Shazam also for latest Superhero news and facts don’t forget us to follow on Facebook , Twitter , Instagram and Google Plus We Are Everywhere So guys if you want to watch more DCEU video then i will recommend you DC extended playlist Also if you like this this video please do like and share and for these super content do subscribe our channel Thank You Guys This is Aman Sinha And You Are Super Super Peace

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