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Self-Writing Text Tutorial in Adobe Premiere Pro by Chung Dha

December 10, 2019

Hey filmmaker Chung Dha here. In this video I’m going to show you how to make a self writing text inside Premiere Pro. It’s not as easy as in After Effects but it still makes it possible, if you don’t have After Effects. First of all we’re going to need to go to preferences, go to general and we’re going to change the still default duration to one. This will make the titles and images that you drag into be just one frame this is needed so we can animate the writing text better and it looks better with just one frame, two frames it kinda looks choppy so I rather to go with one frame. Now we’re going to make a new title here and we’re going to just write something. The video how I start is always with a “Hey” so going to write that and we’re going to increase the size of the text make it a little bit easier to follow and we’re going to use a text that looks very written we’re going to use the font Mistral for this one. You can use any other fonts that looks like a handwritten text and we’re going to change this color to red, so it’s just making for the next process so it’s easier to see what you’re doing and we’re going to drop this onto the timeline and drag it out and we’re going to make a new bin and new bin here. Double-click on it we’re going to drag the bin on here so that it’s easier to work with and in here we’re going to choose new title and ok. We’re going to now just draw lines how to cover the words so to cover it you can actually use any of these tools here and you can use like the rectangle or anything else because this is so a handwritten with all of curvature and especially this part you can see we’re going to use the pen tool so this is about the half of it to make the thickness here and make this round and to make the second stroke we first need to select the bin then we’re going to choose new title based on current title. This will keep the stroke that is on the title already and we’re just going to use the pen tool to draw this part and basically the same as the other make the name lil’ bit bigger to cover it and just round here. Let’s make it like that so it covers the entire part and basically we’re just going to continue this for a while so now let’s just fast forward to the next section. So here we just finished off the 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 and here we can actually see why you need to select this folder because here I’ve got to select the folder and made a new title and it just put it down here so this one we actually don’t need we can actually put it in the bin and from here we just “Command + A” to select all of them and drag them onto the timeline and the last frame of it we can drag it all out because that already reveals all of them. We can move this here, we can already see how it writes out so you don’t need to perfectly use the pen every time. You can use squares and everything on the title panel just to cover the letters and this these titles were going to nest them so it’s easier to work with and the title under it we’re going to use an effect we’re going to go to the video effects than to keying and use Track Matte Key you can also just type in here Track Matte Key and you also get that effect so we’re going to drop it onto the timeline on to the normal text and now we’re going to choose the layer where the nested is so we can now see the writing effect and we’re going to change this one to the colors that we want right now so now we can actually make it white and hey we got a self-writing text here so that was the tutorial how to get a self-writing text inside Premiere Pro hope you guys like this video and please give me a thumbs up if you want to see more upcoming videos please subscribe also check out my other videos on this channel and if you have any questions please comment below and I’ll see you the next time bye-bye


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    as always, inspiring. nice chungdha

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    chungdha the best youtube channel ! you always make it easy.

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    Chung dha is my hero!

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    HEY! Could you do one on Sam Kolders new india video! I've been trying to figure out the zoom twirl transition and the 3-D one he does but I'm struggling.

    Thank you!!

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    Great tutorial!

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    How does your premiere run so fast? Mine is always so slow even on really fast computers

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    Love your tutorials ! It's Worth to buy your presets !!

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    This could be done sooo much faster in after effects tho…

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    Nice tutorial…. Hope u will create more preset.

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    I love what you do, I will be donating in a few weeks..

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    Hi ChungDa, its should more be easy if you create the typing effect from Ms. Power Point first with the green background and export as video. Then import to Premiere and you can remove the background with masking. Its more easy

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    That is amazing.

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    hahahah holy shit! id rather just pay after effects than have to do all these extra steps! hahah your a smart man to figure this out tho!

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    I love your videos helps me a lot to continue learning, but I have a question of eating to make the texts in motion like Rory Kramer, help me know how I can look for it or is called, thanks
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