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Selection tools in Photoshop cc 2020 tutorial for beginners episode-6

November 15, 2019

Hi friends, I am Manjot from lenspassions photography. I am here again for Photoshop beginners. In this series, we have already discussed
How to create new documents in Photoshop? How to create layers? How to resize the image? What is masking? How to save files in different file formats? Today I will discuss most important tools
of Photoshop and these are the selection tools. A selection is an area of a photo that you
define. When you create a selection, the area is editable
for example, you can lighten one part of a photo without affecting the rest
Adobe Photoshop Elements provides selection tools for different kinds of selections. For example, the Elliptical Marquee tool selects
circular and elliptical areas, and the Magic Wand tool can select an area
of similar colors with one click. More complex selections can be made with one
of the Lasso tools. Adobe Photoshop also offers Rectangular marquee,
Polygonal Lasso, Magnetic Lasso, Quick selection and subject selection
The most efficient way to make a selection in Adobe Photoshop is to use Quick Mask mode. Before going further kindly support me by
clicking on Subscribe button and click on the bell Let’s start with Rectangular marquee First I am a creating a new blank document
with white background Now I Change background white to yellow by
using Shift+F5 keys and select fill option to color, You can also use alt+backspace in win or option+backspace in mac if the foreground is selected before
You can see we have a yellow rectangular box The Rectangular Marquee and Elliptical marquee
tools are residing in the Toolbox under one and the same icon. This tool selects rectangular and square areas. To select a rectangular area I am first activating
the Rectangular marquee tool by clicking on the icon The Rectangular marquee tool. Bringing the mouse cursor to the point of
the image where the corner of an imaginary rectangle should be, and press the left mouse
button. Keeping the left button pressed, move the
cursor diagonally to the opposite corner and release the button. Now you can remove the part of a selection
or copy the selection. In this example, I am going to cut the selection
by going to edit menu and then go to cut Then go again to edit menu and select paste
Now you have a new layer of the selected part I am moving this part to that area wherefrom
we removed or cut To differentiate the selection, I am changing
the color of new selection yellow to blue by using the bucket tool
You can also activate bucket paint with G shortcut Elliptical marquee This tool selects ellipses and circles. To select an elliptical area
I am selecting the Elliptical marquee tool from the Toolbox by clicking on the icon The
Elliptical marquee tool, Bring the mouse cursor to the point of the
image where the corner of an imaginary rectangle with an inscribed ellipse should be, and press
the left button. Keeping the left button pressed, move the
cursor diagonally to the opposite corner and release the button. To select a circular area of the image, make
a selection keeping the Shift key pressed. The selection is made and this selection is
without pixels To add pixels and differentiate the selection
I am painting this selection to red color with bucket paint by activating G key
I am creating a new layer of the new circular object by going edit menu by selecting cut
and then paste Moving it to canter, now we have selected
two objects, first with rectangular and then elliptical marquee tools Lasso tool allows for creating freehand selections. To make a freehand selection
I am selecting the Lasso tool from the Toolbox by left-clicking on the icon Lasso tool. Bringing the mouse cursor to the object that
must be selected and outlines it keeping the left button pressed. I am selecting rough selection and fill with
green color and move to the right corner. you can use this tool there where the subject
selection requirement is freehand Polygonal Lasso The tool makes freehand selections, but its contour is made up of straight segments. To make a selection
I am selecting the Polygonal Lasso tool from the Toolbox by clicking on the icon The Polygonal
Lasso tool, Bringing the cursor to any point near the
object to be outlined and press the left mouse button – it’ll be the first point of the contour. Moving the cursor to the next point of the
contour not far from the first one and left-click it again. The program will automatically draw a straight
line between the two points. Keep putting points in this way until the
whole object is outlined and close the contour. You can see that I have created a tringle
object Fill it with an orange color move below the
circle object Magnetic Lasso This tool makes a freehand selection also When you use Magnetic Lasso you do not need
to follow the contour of the object precisely. If the object stands out against the background
the border of the the selected area will be traced automatically
as you move the cursor along with the object. To select an area using Magnetic lasso
I am Selecting the Magnetic Lasso tool from the Toolbox by clicking on the icon
The Magnetic Lasso tool, Bringing the mouse cursor to the border of
the object that should be selected. Press the left button and start dragging the
cursor along with the object. Close the contour, that joins the first fastening
point with the last one by bringing the cursor to the first point or by making a double-click. Now I have a perfect selection of a round
object Going to edit menu then select cut and then
paste and the new layer was created with another round object
Fill with dark red color and move to left Magic Wand This tool selects a consistently colored area. You can set Tolerance in the Options palette
of the Magic Wand tool. The lower the Tolerance value the less color
select you can see this example with 32 value it able to select one color
The higher is the value, the more colors will fall into the selected area. with 100 selected two colors with 255, it
selects four to five colors The Tolerance value ranges from 0 to 255. At Tolerance equal to 0 the selected area
will be represented only by one color, at Tolerance equal to 255 Select with the magic wand tool You should be selecting the magic wand tool in the Toolbox by clicking the icon The Magic Wand tool. Bringing the cursor to the pixel of the image
that must be included in the selection and left-clicks it. As a result, an outline appears around the
pixel. It includes colors of the image similar to
the color of the selected pixel according to the specified Tolerance value. So now another circle was selected with magic
wand saving it to a new layer by going edit the menu then select cut and paste
Placed to right and fill with maroon color Quick Selection tool makes a selection based on color and texture similarity when you click or click-drag the area you want to select. The mark you make doesn’t need to be precise,
because the Quick Selection tool automatically and intuitively creates a border. Now I am selecting the Quick Selection Brush
tool. In the Tool Options bar, choose a new selection
to add or subtract selection Subtract From Selection option is only available
after you make a selection. I picked add selection and paint on tringle
and tringle was selected perfectly Save the selection in a new layer by using
cut and paste option And placed selection on top and use transform
tools by using Ctrl+T in windows and Command+ T in mac
Flipped the object and placed along with the tringle object that was already on the image
You can select multiple objects with quick selection by holding shift key and paint over
the objects You can refine the selection by subtract brush
or add brush by using alt key in win and option key in mac
After selection, I again save the selected objects to a new layer by going edit menu
Moving the objects by using the transform tool and filling the colors to differentiate
the objects Now I removing the lasso selected object
And taking the snapshot by using Ctrl+shift+Alt+E in win and Command+shift+option+E in mac Now I am using Automatic subject selection
tools Now you can automatically select the main
subject in your photo with just one click. Photoshop Elements uses Adobe Sensei AI technology to identify a variety of subjects, including people, pets, animals, vehicles, and toys. To access the Select Subject option: In the Quick or Expert workspace, open a photo. Choose Select>Subject. Allow Photoshop Elements a few seconds to automatically select the most prominent subject or subjects in your photo. The selection is visible with a moving, dotted
line. In this image, Adobe selected automatically
all circles You can use your selection by using cut or
copy options according to your requirements Now I am creating a group by using Ctrl+G
in win and Command+G in mac And adding all layers in this group
Hide the group layers on clicking on the eye Now we have a group of layers and two separate
layers, you can start new editing in new layers Use the Selection Brush tool The Selection Brush tool makes selections two ways: you can paint over the area you
want to select in Selection mode, or you can paint over areas you don’t want
to select using a semiopaque overlay in Mask mode. I am selecting first with the Quick Selection
tool, and then fine-tune your selection with the Selection Brush tool. You can add to the selection using the Selection
Brush tool in Selection mode, or subtract from it in Mask mode. Select the Selection Brush tool from the toolbox. You may need to click the Quick Selection
tool in the toolbox and select the Selection Brush from the list of hidden tools that appears. By default, the tool is set to Add To Selection. Choose a brush from the brush presets pop‑up
panel. Specify the brush size. You can also use the [ ] keys so adjust the brush size -/+ Choose Selection (to add to the selection) or Mask (to subtract from the selection) from You can see when I activate the mask mode, here are unselected and extra selected areas When using Mask mode, specify an Overlay
Opacity between 1% and 100%. When using Mask mode, click the Overlay
Color swatch and select a color in the Color Picker to set the mask color. This is useful when the mask color (Overlay
Color) is too similar to the colors in the photo. Make sure your foreground and background colors
should black and white If any ground is in color used a key to convert
the black and white When I paint with black foreground area is
selecting more You can see it was over selected
So use the x key to toggle black to white foreground
When you paint over the excess selection with white brush extra selection will be removed
Now you can cut the selection and use new selection into the new layer I showed you very basic selections with simple
objects, We have to use the same tools in your images where selection is not easy like
this. you have to select which tool is best for
the required subject. So I am opening a new image of a woman where
I am using quick selection tool with quick mask option
I am not going in details just giving you an idea how to use in a complex subject
You can also watch my other masking tutorial how I selected the area, I am adding the card
above and inserting the link in the comment After selection I activating the quick mask
with Q key You can see the selection was turned in to red color
Selecting the brush adjusting the size and painting with white foreground and refining
the selection Recap
Created Rectangular with Rectunglur Marquee Then created a circle with elliptical Marquee
Then created triangles and circles With lasso tools, Magic wand, and quick selections
That’s all for today soon will come with a new tutorial for the advanced and beginners Thanks for the watching


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