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Select and Mask in Photoshop | Learn from the Experts | Adobe Creative Cloud

September 5, 2019

What’s up guys this is Ted
aka @eye.c This time I’m gonna show you how I use one of my
favorite tool Select and Mask So what I usually do
to isolate the subject from the background is to use quick selection
or magic wand and to drag on the background to select the area that I
dont want I’m also using the add and subtract
selection to help me to refine the selection area on the subject that I’m working on
right now You can also hold alt on pc
or option on mac to switch inbetween
the adding and subtracting It’s one of the shortcut I like to use
on Photoshop Now we gonna ivert the mask and go to select and while holding shift click
select and mask and you are entering the
refine edge tool mode I like to use this to softening the edge around the hair and brush around just to make it to
an easier selection You can just simply use the brush and brush on it and if you made a mistake just press ctrl(command) + z and you go back to the step before And now we can use
the layer mask to blend the girl back to sky There is also a different way to use the select and mask tool with the adobe sensei and I’m going to show you
how to use it Go to the selection tool use quick selection and click select subject
on the top What Photoshop is doing
right now is to use the deep learning AI to help you to
automatically select the subject and there you have
the final selection For the next step what I usually like to do is to go back in there and go ahead use the
select and mask and choose refine edge and polish the hair you can just simply brush
around the grey area that’s from
the background and then remove it by playing with the setting
on the right side and click ok once you are done and apply the layer mask to it and you have the final selection

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