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Section Rendering In Photoshop – architectural section rendering ( watercolour effect )

February 20, 2020

I’m Meyssam Seddigh first, let’s have a review on what we want to show in this video I want to show an idea for colouring the architectural elevation or facade there are a lots of possibilities. I will show more in future, hope you like it for the first step, I need a section or elevation so I want to draw a section quickly I will draw it completely accidentally it’s just a background for starting the rendering starting the architectural design from section is a way for starting the design you can make decisions what could be on each floor then how each function can interact with the outside its give you a lot idea – don’t postpone it for after finishing the design most of the times I’m using render or an image exported from SketchUp for under layer with some perspective then we can show better what’s going on inside of each room I have to draw the sections lines above the image like this. square shape brush is so helpful for this if you hold shift key + left click on the mouse, you can draw straight line you can use any background. I’m using this paper pattern as a sign that it belongs to my youtube channel after drawing some lines it’s time to erase some part, it’s your design and it’s up to you if you pay attention to the position of the sun you can design your opening or shaders more functional I’m drawing some lines inside to fill the section with something, it’s just an example keep going with some extra lines I know its a quick sketch but still showing some details is fine like the section of the beams I forgot the landscape around the building, so I will resize it to add some landscape I want to draw some lines to show what we have inside in this example as its not a real project so it’s not important where and what I’m drawing keep continuing drawing inside for two minutes with some shadow around the opening, we can show how the sunlight can come inside at the same time, we can show the different time of the day you can write the information for each direction of sunlight next to it by the way, I’m doing it so quickly for showing the idea normally I’m doing it slowly with better quality I want to show that there is an artwork inside the main lobby I’m drawing something right now but in the real project I’m talking with an artist for it. but for the concept level, this is enough I will continue with more detail. actually what is important to me is having enough contrast inside of the section you have to create your own harmony I want to draw an accidental landscape for it one side could be a mountain and the other side could be a river or a lake I will start with a very quick sketch. then I can replace it with some images there are a lots of ways to show the ground, mostly with dark colour it coıud just a thick dark line or we can use below the ground line all same dark colour also, we can use gradient colour from dark to light I will pick the simple black version for now be sure everywhere below the ground line is black I want to develop my idea with some sketch, where is suitable for planting sometimes you can decide about the size of the trees if you can so also you can add some text next to the trees and explain why you chose that height or type the good thing about the fast sketch is you can decide quickly with simple drawing and checking I have no tips till minutes 20th πŸ˜‰ I have no tips till minutes 20th πŸ˜‰ it’s time to colouring first, you need to collect some trees coloured with watercolour or marker already I have some in the layers for removing the background just change the layer style from normal into Multiply in the layers menu for making different trees from one tree you can change the size or colour or anything even for the bushes, you can use the upper part of the trees even you can mix to trees together I will change the colours of the trees later hold the alt key to copy the layer copy as much as you need decrease the opacity of the trees to give the feeling of the fog or for the far trees using a different kind of trees is more realistic visible repetition of trees is not good at all so you have to make changes for each trees you can do it later after changing the colour of after adding the sky I want to use a grass field watercolour painting for behind the trees also, you can use it with different size or just part of it instead of erasing part of the images in a layer use mask you can apply the Mask from the bottom of the layers menu after applying the mask, a white rectangle appears next to the layers icon in the layers menu select it and use black colour and brush for erasing and white colour and brush for showing the image I used a full black colour for Mask of the sky, so it’s become invisible then I used white colour with the watercolour brushes for showing some part of that image it’s looking like I’m drawing that sky. but with each click of white colour brush, I’m making part of the sky visible just for each click use different brush even here the repetition of the brush is not good nobody wants to understand that it’s done in photoshop ;)) make a layer and change the style of it into Darken or Overlay and use blue colour for showing the water in the pool we can change the tone of the blue in the colour balance menu I want to add a few red colours on another layer below the water layer to showing some plants or fishes maybe some yellow or light green even you can use some images from underwater for it I made another layer on the top of all the layers and i changed the style of that layer into Overlay use the brush in any colour but with low opacity, less than 20 use normal round and a soft brush do it slowly, by each click you have little changes in colours I used yellow, orange, red and some blue hope you can do it better than mine if you like this video please share it with your friends I need lots of Support πŸ˜‰ when you think it’s finished check it again or ask your friend to check it always you can change something to make it better it’s a key for success have a good time I’m waiting 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    amazing!!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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    Where did you get all those trees? Do you mind sharing?

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