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ScreenFlow Tutorial – Zoom & Pan Effects

November 11, 2019

In this tutorial we are
going to see how to add zoom and pan effects
to a screen recording. I am going to be using a simple
10-second screen recording. You’ll notice that around
3 seconds the file menu is clicked and the new
finder window is selected. We want to use a zoom
and pan effect to focus the viewer’s attention on these actions. To do this, lets move the play head to
around 3 seconds and add a video action. Video actions are
always added to clips, so we need to select the
clip before adding the action. Now we have got a video action but it
has no effect until we make changes. So lets change our video:
increase its size to 200%, and move the screen recording so it fits
just in the top left corner of our canvas. Let’s take a look at what we have done. The user’s attention is now
drawn to the file menu as it opens. Now lets look at what
happens around 5 seconds. The new finder window pops
open and we want to redirect the viewer’s attention towards that. To do that, lets add
another video action. Now that we have a video
action we can make new changes. I’m going to center,
the finder window, then change its size
a little bit until it fits. Then to make the pan a little bit slower
I am going to adjust the left side of the video action so that it
starts around 4 seconds. Lets take a look.

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    mine doesn't do anything

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