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Save a Boring Photo Using Lightroom Local Adjustment Tools | Lightroom Tutorial

October 21, 2019

Hello everyone My name is Will And I am a travel photographer Today I’m going to show you how I turned this photo Into this photo Using just Lighhtroom So the reason why this image is boring Is that everything is flat It’s kind of dark And everything is about the same brightness Nothing pops up especially And it doesn’t have mood So for a photo to be interesting Or to grab viewer’s attention We need to create mood for your photo And one of the ways to do that is to create contrast for your photo And by contrast I didn’t mean the contrast slider in the development module What I mean by that is you need to have different brightness in different areas When the viewers see this picture it’s not a flat Image You have some part that is bright some part that is dark that creates a more visually interesting photo Today we’re going to achieve that using local adjustment tools Now let’s go to the develop module First of all I find this image a little bit too green So I’m going to adjust the tint I wanted to be a more bluish So it’s more of a  bluehour kind of look Let’s pull down the highlight a little bit And brighten up the shadows Let’s pump up the whites Lower the dark just slightly Right now I find this guy is a little bit too bright So I’m going to use the gradient filter Just hold shift while you dragged the gradient filter down It’s going to keep it aligned with the horizon Let’s lower the exposure And also adjust the temperature Now the overall image becomes a little bit blue So I’m going to adjust the temperature again The colors start coming back on the buildings My goal is to keep the viewers attention in the middle of the picture Because that’s where the buildings are So I’m going to try to force the viewers attention here by using two gradient filters by using two gradient filters To darkened the top and bottom off the image So we’ve done the sky part No I’m going to do the bottom part Let’s lower the exposure So does the temperature I think we need to darken the sky a bit But I’m actually just going to crop out this part Because it’s way too bright So distracting So let’s unlock the aspect ratio Then cross the sky out So I’m going to use the gradient filter again And I’m going to make it a bit more narrower So the transition is more intense In case you didn’t know The graduated filter in light room You got three lines This par on the very top That’s where the effect effect your photo hundred percent In below this line it has completely no effect on your photo now that we know that I’m going to make this graduated filter a little bit harder And I’m going to drag it down here So we can keep the viewers attention in this area Now we have successfully force the viewers attention to stay in this area Because we tend to look at the brightest or the brighter part of a photo Now I want the building to pop out a little bit more Because right now they’re a little bit dark And I’m going to do so by using this radial filter Let’s invert the first so we have better understanding of what I’m doing here So I’m going to brighten this part of the photo And try to keep that on the building Apparently bright now it’s too bright And too yellow Some just going to And bring down little bit towards the colder side And I’m gonna duplicate this filter and apply it on the side of the river as well So only this part of the image is affected by this filter I’m going to add one here as well So let’s invert the mask again And bring down the exposure And change the temperature a little bit towards the colder side Now that we have created the contrast in the image It started to pop little bit more ok now I’m going to made the overall image a little bit darker Because I think it’s still a little bit too bright So I’m going to bring down the exposure again And now I’m going to light up the lights including the boat Now let’s drag a circle as well and invert the mask Let’s make this area really pop I’m going to bring down the brightness ever so slightly And I’m going to make the light a little bit warmer
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because the the nature of lights I’m going to duplicate this Drag it on to the other light But I am going to lower the exposure a little bit Because they’re overlapping And the little bit of magenta Same goes for the other one So I’m going to duplicate this And drag it on to the boat A little bit more magenta A little bit brighter I’m going to make it a little bit further inside the boat So it’s more realistic I’m going to duplicate this and put it on the reflection And I’m going to light up this bit this bit and that bit as well Let’s duplicate that And drag it onto this building here I’m going to narrow it down so it looks more natural And also this bit here I’m going to make it really small And darker Now let’s look at the result Now it’s making the image more interesting I want to light up this bit furthermore And the dome of the cathedral as well Let’s put more filter on them Invert the mask Let’s lower the exposure and make it a little bit cooler And adding more magenta in it And I’m going to duplicate that And lighten the dome of that cathedral And maybe a little bit cooler And not as bright I’m going to duplicate this to the other dome here Okay I think I’m going to add one more here Let’s just increase the brightness of that And make a little bit wider A little bit more magenta Let’s move down to the HSL panel So I want to increase the saturation of blue here Am I going to change the hue Because I can still see a little bit of green in that blue And I’m going to increase the saturation of the yellow The orange and the red Which are essentially the color of the lights And a little bit of magenta Because we have a lot of magenta this photo So we can really separate the objects from each other And I’m going to raise the black point a bit So it’s not so chunky And I’m going to push back the shadow slider let go back to the HSL panel again Enough going to lighten up the orange and the yellow Because that’s a color of the light Bright them will make the photo look more natural Then I’m going to put a very long and narrow radio filter in the center Let’s invert that first So we can really emphasize the buildings And of course we’re going to lower the exposure And make it a little bit cooler Actually I’m going to make it a little bit wider And put some magenta back in there Because it was a little bit too green And I’m going ajust the feather So it’s a bit smoother And more natural And lower the exposure a little bit more Okay right about there Since we just put another filter on It has darkened as part of bit So I’m going to lighten that up Ever so slightly In the boat as well Make it pop even more In there as well And there I see a little bit green light So I’m going to put a little bit red back in there and adjust the saturation of these colors a little bit more So it’s more natural now Okay so the image is almost ready by now I’m just going to boost the contrast a bit Okay that is our final edit Let’s have a look at the before and after You can do so by hitting the ‘ ‘key So that’s how we transform this boring flat photo Into this more interesting photo By just brighten up some part of the photo and dark in the rest of them using localized adjustments like gradient filter To force the viewers attention to stay on the area that we want them to stay Okay so that’s today’s video Let me know what you think in the comment If you like this video please leave a like And share it to your friends And if you want to see more tutorial in the future Please hit the subscribe button If you like how I edit my photos I have lightroom presets available on my website Link in the description I’ll see you in the next one


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    以前自己用Lightroom都只會整張照片一起調,因為試過幾次Local Adjustment Tools結果都很不自然。今天看了專業攝影師的操作真的有學到,瞭解如何製造焦點導引視線。很期待你未來更多的影片!

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