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Sam Kolder Drawing Transition // Adobe Premiere Pro CC

October 31, 2019

Hey guys I’m Prithwiraj from PR75K and if you have seen that video by Sam Kolder called My year 2016 then you might be familiar with this drawing effect, so in this video I’ll show you how you can do that on Adobe Premiere pro quite easily By the way don’t forget to follow me on Instagram You can get some behind the scenes and other fun stuff over there and also you can dm me if you have any queries The link will be given in the description below so I have imported my footages over here this one Is that drawing back and this one is the hyperlapse part so firstly let’s find a still frame of the Taj mahal Which has least amount of disturbances? So take the razor tool and just make a cut over here press the right arrow key once and make another cut again right click on it go to this option called Frame hold options and Just hit on okay. Make sure that hold on is checked over you we got our frame freezed over here Now place it above the drawing layer now go to effects control and Decrease the opacity of this one of the original video. Now We just have to mask out the Taj Mahal from it So hit on this rectangle tool, and you will get the selection over here So once you have selected the mask then just make the opacity back to normal Now we just have to add luma fade on it. I won’t be using any third-party presets I will be using the default ones you get in Adobe Premiere Pro So now what I like to do is just create a nest over here of this one the above layer only This is because when I will apply the preset of the Luma fade then I have to scroll down a lot Among so many presets from the masks and all That’s why I just nest it for my own convenience you can do this if you want to or else nah leave Now go to your effects Rack and search for gradient wipe drag and drop on the original clip now go to the starting point where you want the gradient to start and It should be 0 over there let it be that way just click on this stopwatch icon So that the keying is enabled now at the end of it. Just make it hundred I Suggest you to nest this part so that you don’t have any problems playing with it again now. Let me place the hyperlapse beside it I am using a default transition which I have in adobe premiere Thanks for watching Please subscribe to my channel if this video helped because I’ll be uploading more such videos like this And also don’t forget to hit the like button, and I’ll catch you on the next one till the Hasta La Vista


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