Roy Wood Jr: Kill The Kiss Cam | Let’s Fix Sports

September 28, 2019

So many things wrong with
sports, but if you’re watching at home, you don’t even
see the one thing that’s killing the stadium experience, the Kiss Cam. (music playing) If you’ve ever been to a live
sporting event, then you know that teams are determined to distract you. They have to keep you
distracted because God forbid you remembered that you
paid $200 for a regular season ticket. Wait a minute,
did I just pay $200 … Oh, T-Shirt cannon! Whee. Whee. Shoot me! But there’s nothing corroding
the stadium experience more for fans, than the Kiss
Cam. Blatant, romantic bullying passed off as entertainment
for years. Take two chumps who just want to enjoy their
$12 beer and then for no reason at all, you put a camera
in their face and demand that they make-out in front of
40,000 people. I guess paying to see the best athletes in the
world perform on the biggest stage of their lives is not
enough. No, that’s not enough. I think that that son-of-a-bitch
over there in section three needs to kiss that woman.
Nobody’s demanding the Kiss Cam, you don’t have to do it, you
could come up with other ideas. Look at what the Atlanta
Braves are doing, they have a contest called Beat the Freeze.
Beat the Freeze, they give a white dude a head start
and he’s running along the warning track, and then
this black guy in spandex just starts running and just
catches the white person and passes him. What makes
you think you gonna’ beat a black man in Georgia? He
been running from racism his whole life. If you must keep
the Kiss Cam around, at least modify it a little bit.
There’s more to keeping a relationship alive
than kissing. How about Pretending-to-listen-to-each-other-when-you-talk
Cam? How about a Fake-orgasm
Cam? That keeps a lot of relationships alive. Or at
a minimum, just update the types of kisses. Nobody wants
to see a trash ass love peck. How ’bout we just bone,
right here, court side next to Spike Lee. This romantic
bullying has to be stopped. Or, you have to allow all forms
of intimacy on the Kiss Cam. Or you can just lower the ticket
prices so we’re not sitting in the stands pondering how
to pay our rent. Either Or. Hey guys. Thanks for
watching. If you want to see more videos from The
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