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September 7, 2019

Hey guys, welcome back to another video today we’re playing ESCAPE dad oBBY By rhys_dev So, yeah LET’S GET INto this game How are you supposed to do this Dad has gone mad let’s escape. rhys25, I don’t know if i’m saying that right I’m done below. I’m saying that wrong. Sorry But yeah careful not to touch the lava well it seems deg And I died dang it Okay, no no Okay got this don’t walk oh Just neat though, I think I just need those well Hey Olli I’ll read Their finally purple the burners quite hot indeed Think you just Go around these, yep have to see a hole up ahead. I Don’t even see a hole. Oh, I see it Okay This should be easy Okay So can’t touch the food At all at least that one I’m guessing Whoa, how can you get how much to pump it through? Wait look at it They’re finally made it Back don’t forget to like Smack that like button For me to have good luck this when dad’s garage It weird that that just it are Okay And what I’m Okay Ain’t it? Same thing like the last day my plate? just Both quick and They’re Barely this one doesn’t had at be Lava jumps, okay Line they’re Almost about it. Are you to pick kidding me? Okay motorboats low Now dead cookies Okay, try not fall for that slide Do you think on volume before you do it call it up? Okay Person like let’s I mean that that if my video said no aah Snap we didn’t even now to find way out Damn late, what did they purchase eat? And eaten Eats the human head. Okay, here we have Definitely that spirit matters to tape up Deb fine Wait There we go at first I actually thought It would be like a side to side thing. Like you climb up a little bit and then you fall But not make sure they balance on dads and tucked in and not fall into the boiling acid Okay Japanese go right here and there Mine almost Come on Okay Come on jump and jump and jump and I Think you just wait and jump Yeah, I think that how it is You know and I just thought now Picked up dinner Good idea Come on Almost There and I think about it One more time they’re made it MIT all the way down and someone ate muffins All right, sorry bud, but this is the only way out Okay, I’ll just go you do the same tonight Do what every single beat 100 but okay, come on Almost there There without I Wouldn’t dad Went to jail Okay ray you want now to have some fun the deed cool items? Okay I’m going in the video here and Then which I’ll bet Thank you guys for watching if you liked the video smack that like button don’t forget to subscribe for more gameplays and I’ll see at that time Bye


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