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Road to Infinity War: Episode 17 | Thor: Ragnarok

October 27, 2019

[SUPER SUPER INTRO MUSIC] So guys , the movie that we’re going to talk about , this movie is Thor’s best movie. Thor : Ragnarok is based on Planet Hulk , Surtur Saga , Contest of Champions and Ragnarok Storyline , where the return of Thor’s sister Hella places Asgard in danger. And Odin also gets salvation. Which means it’s now Thor’s duty to save the people of Asgard . Because Ragnarok will happen at any cost. Guys you are welcome to The Road To Infinity War’s Episode 17. Today, we’re going to talk about the 2017’s MCU’s Phase 3’s 5th movie ; Thor : Ragnarok . Without talking care of Spoilers, let’s start. Thor : Ragnarok is directed by Taika Watiti who is known for directing movies like ” The Hunt of The Winter People ” and ” What Do We Do In Shadows. ” . The total bugdet for this movie was $180 Million . However , the movie earned $802 Million at Box-office. The IMDB rating for this movie was 7.9/10 . And it was nominated for 30 awards and it won 5 awards. Before destructing the Dr. Strange’s set , Director Taika Watiti used it for filming some scenes of Thor : Ragnarok. This idea felt pleasant to Dr. Strange’s director Scott Derrickson.That’s why we saw this scene in Mid credits of Dr. Strange. Hella’s character was basically based on comics. But her character also included the traits of “Gorr , The God Butcher” and Thor’s sister “Angela”. Hella and Fenris Wolf were the children of Loki. Taika Watiti acted as Krog in this movie. He is second director to be seen in a major role in any MCU movie. Before him , Jon Favreau was seen as Happy Hogan in Iron Man 1 & 2. Natalie Portman didn’t re-appear as Jane Foster in this movie. Because Natalie Portman declined her role in this movie. And she also announced she won’t do her role of Jane Foster in future. Which means we’ll see anybody else in the role of Jane Foster in the near future. The scene when Thor and Loki meet Odin and Hella was going to be shown in New York. But director Taika Watiti didn’t like this setting for the death of Odin. And that’s why this scene was reshoot in Norway. Originally , Lady Sif had some scenes in this movie but due schedule’s problem , Jaimie Alexander , couldn’t reprise her role. That’s why , in an interview , Kevin Feige told during Ragnarok , Lady Sif was on a mission . Only one Avenger has his shirtless scene in his every movie , and he his Bruce Banner a.k.a Hulk. In movie and in trailer , we heard Led Zeppelin’s The Immigrant song. This very strange thing. Because Led Zeppelin Band don’t distribute his song’s licenses easily. But in this movie , they gave their song very easily. In final battle , Thor’s right eye is damage , then he lands on bifrost with Full God mode In this mode Thor is called Ruin King Thor , that means Thor got his father’s power He has got Odin force. According to producer Kevin Feige , events of Civil War and Ragnarok will set the events of Avengers : Infinity War. In movie , we saw Valkyrie in two costumes. This outfit is taken from Defenders’ outfit. In which Sakaar outfit is taken from 2013’s Fearless Defenders. And final battle armor is from 1970s Defenders comics. After teleporting Loki , Doctor Strange leaves his business card. Which reads “177 A , Bleeker Street” This address is not easter egg. But is the real address of creator of Doctor Strange. In movie , we saw Hella finding Heimdall’s Hofund to teleport her anywhere using Bifrost. But she already saw Tesseract in Odin’s vault which could teleport her anywhere. This is the third movie in MARVEL Cosmic universe. First two movies were Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1 & Vol 2. When Loki and Thor meet each other on planet Sakaar He says he has been there for weeks But still he didn’t knew about Grandmaster’s champion who turns out to be Hulk. In movie mid credit scene , the ship we saw Sanctuary 2 which belongs to none other than Thanos. So , guys these were some facts about Thor : Ragnarok. This movie was funny but still I missed some details or you have a new fact related about this movie. Do tell us in comment sections. Alongside , tell us which was your favourite scene from this movie. And for latest superhero news and for awesome superhero facts , don’t forget to follow us at Facebook , Tweeter , Instagram and Google+. WE ARE EVERYWHERE. So guys , you want to see videos related to Infinity War , I’ll recommend you to see our Infinity War playlist. Alongside , if you like this video , don’t forget to hit like and share it. For more super content , subscribe our channel. THANK U GUYS !! THIS IS AMAN SIHNA!!! AND YOU ARE SUPERSUPER!! PEACE!


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