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Road to Infinity War: Episode 15 | Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

September 19, 2019

[SUPER SUPER INTRO MUSIC] So guys , the movie which represented MARVEL at Oscars® is Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2. Guardians Of The Galaxy is based on Peter Quil and his guardian family who are trying to help Peter to find his father. Although , Some old enemies became companions and closer members became worser than enemies. But Guardians pull out themselves and Galaxy from this danger. Guys you are welcome to The Road To Infinity War’s Episode 15. Today, we’re going to talk about the 2017’s Phase 3’s Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2. With talking care of Spoilers, let’s start. Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2 is directed by James Gunn who is known for ‘Slither’ and the first Guardians Of The Galaxy movie. The total budget fir this movie was $200 Million and it earned $863 Million at box office. However , The IMDB rating for this movie is 7.7/10 which is lesser than the first movie. Still this movie was nominated for 39 different awards and it won 12 awards. When James Gunn was writing the script for this movie , he forwarded the idea of showing Ego The Living Planet as the father of Peter Quil to MARVEL. But MARVEL told him that Ego’s right are with Fox Studios . Then James talked to Fox to use Ego. To which Fox agreed to it. And in return , Marvel let Fox to use Megasonic Teenage Warhead at Fox’s full command. In this movie , Stan Lee in his cameo was shown with The Watchers discussing about his previous cameo which fueled the popular theory in which it was believed that Stan Lee is a Cosmic entity of MARVEL , who exists beyond this realities. This movie’s prop master Russel Bobert lost the SONY Walkman used in the previous movie. So he contacted SONY to ask if they had more Walkman left , but SONY didn’t have any Walkman left. Then Russel created six Walkman himself. For Groot’s dance shown in the starting of the movie , Motion-Captour model was James Gunn himself. However , the time taken by whole visual effect team to render this scene was two year. Taserface was shown a member of Ravagers in the movie but in comics Taserface was a warrior of cyberneticaly enhanced race “The Stark”. The Stark Race was made when Iron Man’s technology crashed at their plant and start worshiping Tony Stark as their God. *Just Like Some MARVEL’s Fans See him.* For the first movie, Bradley Cooper gave only his voice for Rocket but for second movie he gave Rocket’s voice and did Motion-Captour for him. In the first movie and in this movie , we saw Groot stop dancing whenever he thought Drax was seeing him. This is because Drax didn’t like dancing. Later on in this movie Drax told he met his wife because he didn’t like to dance. Actress playing role of Nebula , Karen Gillan , shaved her head for first movie , but for this movie she wasn’t ready to do it. Because of this many fans thought that she wouldn’t be in this movie. The role of Kismet is portrayed by Elizabeth Debicki. She got this role because her height is 6foot 3inches but still she wore platform heels so that she could look 6foot 7inches. Some fans thought that Groot’s voice was digitally altered but this high pitched voice was produced by Vin Diesel himself We came to know that Gamora didn’t like to dance . This is ironic because Gamora’s actress Zoe Saldana was a good background dancer in her career. In which she was fond of Ballet dance. In the end of movie , when Gamora bids goodbye to Nebula then Nebula she is going to kill Thanos. Here , Nebula tells Gamora that she doesn’t whether it is possible to kill Thanos or not. This is hint what can happen to Nebula in the Infinity War In Marvel Cinematic Universe, the events of this movie took place in 2014 , three months after the first Guardian movie. This means this movie events took place during the Captain America : The Winter Soldier. Now , after 4 years in 2018 , Guardians will meet Avengers in Avengers : Infinty War. In this movie , James Gunn was going to feature Adam Warlock but he left Adam and other celestial for next Guardians Of The Galaxy movie . That’s why we saw his cocoon in mid credit scene. Some fans thought Baby Groot is re-born version of Groot but James Gunn cleared it through his Tweet that Baby Groot is son of Groot and Groot is dead. Yondu’s actor Michael Rooker always read his script from the ending. When he read Yondu dies in the end , he was shocked and called James Gunn. In comics , Peter Quil’s father is Jason of Spartax but for movie James Gunn casted Ego as Peter’s father . However, in Ego’s Human form we can see all characters of Jason in him. So , guys these were some facts about Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2. This movie was awesome but still I missed some details or you have a new fact related about this movie. Do tell us in comment sections. Alongside , tell us which was your favourite scene from this movie. And for latest superhero news and for awesome superhero facts , don’t forget to follow us at Facebook , Tweeter , Instagram and Google+. WE ARE EVERYWHERE. So guys , you want to see videos related to Infinity War , I’ll recommend you to see our Infinity War playlist. Alongside , if you like this video , don’t forget to hit like and share it. For more super content , subscribe our channel. THANK U GUYS !! THIS IS AMAN SIHNA!!! AND YOU ARE SUPERSUPER!! PEACE!


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