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Road to Infinity War: Episode 1 | Iron Man

November 14, 2019

So guys we all know that Infinity war is going to be released on 4th of May 2018. But in India, it will be released on 27th of April. Many of us have heard that that if from 1st week of January, we start watching all of MCU’s movies Then we will be done with all the movies just before the release week of Infinity War. Whereas we Indians will be on Thor: Ragnarok by that week. So I thought why not we watch all these movies together. And at the end of every week, I will tell you all the fun facts and trivia related to these movies. This will be an eighteen episode series. And I’m going to call it “ROAD TO INFINITY WAR”. So, guys, I welcome you all to the first episode of “ROAD TO INFINITY WAR.” In this video, we are going to talk about first MCU movie released in 2008, IRON MAN. Considering the spoilers, let’s start. Iron Man’s director Jon Favreau wanted Robert Downy Jr. to play Iron Man. Because according to him, Robert’s past was perfect for this role. He even once said that public has seen all of best and worst moments of Robert’s life. So Robert had to maintain a balance so that he could move on in his career. According to Jon Favreau, Robert Downy Junior could make Tony Stark everyones favorite and also could play a spoiled man. who could have won hearts of the audience with his emotional journey. Movie’s script was not ready even at the start of film shooting. Because moviemakers were more focused on story and action of the film. so the dialogues were written during the shoot of the movie without any preparation. Later Jon Favreau said that it was because of this reason that the movie appeared so natural. Some scenes were shot using two cameras so that the lines could be improvised. Robert Downy Jr took many takes for one scene so that he could try something new. Along with this Gwyneth Paltrow faced problems matching the dialogues with Robert because she would never know what Robert is going to say. Rhodey’s phone’s ringtone in the movie was the theme song of 1966’s Iron Man cartoon. The Montage of Tony’s life shown in the movie in that editor Kyle Cooper used real photographs of Robert’s childhood. And also he used photographs of Robert Downy Senior. In one of the movie’s scene, Pepper helps Tony to change his Arc Reactor. This scene was filmed using a prosthetic chest. which was placed on Robert’s chest. In this scene, Robert was sitting the entire time. And a bright light was projected over so that the edges of the prosthetic were not visible. The name of Tony Stark’s computer system was JARVIS. And its full form is “JUST A RATHER VERY INTELLIGENT SYSTEM”. This was a tribute to Edwin Jarvis who was the butler of Howard Stark. JARVIS was made an artificial intelligence so that people do not confuse it with Batman’s butler, Alfred. To prepare for his Iron Man’s role Robert Downy Jr, every week for five days trained and practiced Martial Arts so that he will be in shape. Director Jon Favreau shot this movie in California because he thought most of the superhero movies are shot in New York Originally Iron man was based on Howard Hughes who was an inventor, adventurer multimillionaire, ladies man and finally became a fool. But according to Robert Downy Jr, Tony Stark was a challenge. How a rich, weapon manufacturer and a drunkard could be shown as a hero. The man behind JARVIS’ voice Paul Bettany had never seen Iron Man. And also he knew nothing about the plot. According to him JARVIS was the easiest job for him where he had to work for two hours in exchange for a lot of money. Paul Bettany did not know, which movie he was working for. According to him, this was a favor for Jon Favreau with whom he worked in the 2004’s movie, “WIMBLEDON”. Iron Man was Marvel Studio’s first self-financed movie. A project which was being prepared by Marvel for too long. There were five-set of armors shown in this movie which were inspired by Iron Man comics. Mark I which was Iron Man’s first suit, was made up of only Iron. Mark II was a silver suit which became the prototype. Mark III was final Red-Gold armor but JARVIS showed Mark III as complete gold which was a tribute to Iron Man’s Golden Avenger armor. Later JARVIS showed this armor in Silver and Red, which looked like Silver Centurion armor from the comics. In the Movie’s script’s early draft Mandarin was to be shown, who was to be reimagined as Indonesian terrorist. Originally, Agent Phil Coulson had a very small role in the movie in fact this character was only to be called as “Agent” but as the movie proceeded Clark Gregg’s chemistry improved with the other actors because of this more of his scenes were added. In the comics, Obadiah Stane had his own company named as Stane International, who was a business rival of Tony Stark. While in the movies Stane was a part of Stark Enterprises. During the highway battle with Iron Monger there was building in the background which had the logo of Roxxon In the Marvel Universe Roxxon is such a company which is known for illegal activities. In the comics, Roxxon’s agents were responsible for the death of Tony’s parents. When Jon Favreau was hired to direct this movie then he celebrated this by going on a diet, that is how he lost 70 pounds of his weight. Many writers were passed for movie’s production and for most of them, Iron Man was a normal character and not many knew about this character. Also, these writers were nervous working for Marvel Studios because this studio was new and was only known for publishing comics. When Jeff Bridges came to know that Obadiah is a biblical name, he right away researched about it. And he got astonished knowing that the major theme of this book is changed. Agent Phil Coulson repeatedly calls himself a member of “Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division” which was shortened for S.H.I.E.L.D at the end of the movie. But in comics, the full form of S.H.I.E.L.D is “Supreme Headquarters, International Espionage/Law-Enforcement Division, which was changed in 1991 as “Strategic Hazard Intervention/Espionage Logistics Division”. This was the first six picture deal between Marvel and Paramount but after Disney acquired Marvel, Avengers’ and Iron Man 3’s distribution rights were given to Disney. On the other hand, Paramount had Iron Man 2’s, Thor’s and Captain America: The First Avenger’s rights. This film took 17 years to develop. Originally Universal Pictures planned to produce this movie in 1990 but later its rights were sold to Fox. Fox, in turn, sold it to New Line Cinema. And finally, Marvel decided to do everything on its own. So guys, these were the facts I came to know about Iron Man. If I have missed any detail or you happen to know any new fact about this movie then please let me know about it in the comment section. And also let me know which was your favorite moment in this movie. For latest superhero news and updates related to Marvel videos Do not forget to follow us on Facebook Twitter Instagram and Google Plus. “WE ARE EVERYWHERE” So guys if you liked this video then please like and share this video. And do not forget to subscribe our channel for these kinda super content. Thank you guys 🙂 This Aman Sinha. And you are “SuperSuper”. **PEACE**


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