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Retouching tools in photoshop cc – 5 best beginner tools

January 17, 2020

hey folks my name is Erwin and i’ll be
teaching you photoshop today the subject will be five retouching tools for
beginners in this tutorial i will cover the five basic retouching tools and I
will show them very quickly just basics so you can use them and know how to use
them so let’s get started first of all i’m going to show you which area i will
focus on so you know what i’ll be doing and with every two on the same region i
will be focusing on region right here the little black marks in this t-shirt i
will be removing so now I’m i will remove the blue circle so we had long an
image tag the first tool i would like to show you is the healing drive can be
found in the tools menu on the left in my case right here just about the normal
brush and it’s the second item in the menu the shortcut for this too is j if
it is already selected select the healing tool you will see a circle fuck
up select your layer my way of working is non-destructive so i will always
create a blanking layer when retouching so i will do this now we have a new
layer get the layer selected if your healing tool selected set your example
to current and below not all layers current them below and what you need to do is press and
hold hold you will get the little little kudos with a circle select the spot you
want to sample so in my case I will sampling right here really click once
release the old button in the normal crossville here we can make this bigger
smaller and the area sampled will increase with it now you see the purple
dot get the size of my healing brush I can just click on the dots I would love
to remove this one here select here makes it the same quality I line it up
fuck fuck the little dog is gone it’s not best you up but you get the idea now
let’s get back where we were the blank layer the second tool I would like to
show you is the Spot Healing Brush it’s just above the healing brush tool in the
same menu shortcut for this if already selected is also J the difference
between the healing brush and the Spot Healing Brush is the healing brush you
need to sample what you want to use to use the spot you are researching the
Spot Healing Brush is an intelligent tool it will just say it will just take
the some point surrounding area and cover the spot you want to you and we
make the circle our brush as big as we think that we can cover this area just a
little bit bigger now we do one stroke and it’s gone we can do the same with
this piece it’s gone q and you don’t see any difference the third two I would
like to show you guys is the patch tool it’s also in the menu where you can find
the Spot Healing Brush even wash and below there that is the patch tool you
can also be selected by pressing J on the keyboard that’s the shortcut let’s
select it and show you guys what to do with this now the healing brush and the
Spot Healing Brush are both brush tools so you brush over your area you want to
correct and you correct it this way the patch tool works a bit differently it’s
a selection tool you take the you make a selection of the area you want to
collect so press draw a line around it and release you have a selection now we
can move this piece or go to an area which we want to use to cover this black
spot with so now we click in the selected area and we just drag it to an
area we want to use to cover this up so we can search for an area best fitting
the colors and the lines now this looks like a very nice correction I will
release my mouse and the patch has been dropped on to the black spots now press
ctrl-v a windows or come on D or neck and our black spot has disappeared we
can do the same with the line below just draw selection around it take the pitch
to load up this looks like a good correction release it control the
that you applied spots gone now for the 42 this is not in the same menu as the
page tool and the healing brush so let’s show you guys where to find this in the
menu the other healing tools were above the normal brush this one is below the
normal brush if you hover over it you see clone stamp the shortcut for this is
s for this time I will use the shortcut press s and I have to clone stamp
selected the clown stamping tool is a sampling to you sample an area which
will be used to go over the other place you are drawing over in this case we can
do this non-destructive so we go back to our blank layer make sure your sample is
set to current and below and we will sample the area right here to hold right
next to it with the circle by pressing the Alt key click once to sample release
all and start rolling over you will see the cross below your tool or in this
case left of our tool which indicates the area used to cover up the area in
the circle this way you know which area you are using since we used our blank
layer to put the cloned material on we can just turn this layer on and off as
your base layer is not has not changed so this is a non-destructive way if we
now remove this layer we got our base image back so keep in mind if you can do
anything in a new layer please do it in a new layer
and do it in a non-destructive way this way your base image is preserved now for
final and fifth retouching too we don’t need to go into any menus we just need a
selection tool in our case i will use the polygon lasso tool i will make a
selection around our dots here look close it up now since we want to fulfill
this and use the content aware tool will press shift next pace to do a fill or we
can go to edit still here we have the same window popping up now normally you
would use fit black fifty percent gray or white to do a fill the layer but in
this case we want to use content aware this is intelligent way of filling the
selection now the moment we press ok here Photoshop will take our selected
area we’ll take a look at it and we’ll search for an area in our photo or a
small area in our photo which fits into this area and cover it up now let’s see
the result photoshop now took a piece over t-shirt and dropped it in our
selection now we’ll press ctrl D to deselect and this is our final result
something I forgot to tell you this way of retouching does not work on the blank
layer since it needs something to calculate the filling on so this true is
also a destructive way of retouching your photos now my personal preference
goes to for example the the healing brush tool or the Spot Healing Brush or
the clone stamp those can be used in a non-destructive way so I can come back
change my retouching or even remove it and do it over again which the content
where to and the pledge to do not allow me thank you for watching my tutorial
now you know how to use the five basic retouching tools please do not forget to
subscribe to my channel or press the like button if you liked this tutorial
and I will be seeing you around

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