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Repairing Zenith and Nadir with Photoshop | Immersive Panoramic Photography

February 28, 2020

This VR has the camera visible at the very bottom and some stitching errors
visible at the very top. We will fix this in Photoshop. To fix the camera at the bottom, we need to turn this upside down. Go to image, image rotation, 180 degrees. Then go to filter, distort, polar coordinates, and we see the camera dead center. Zoom in and drawn an irregular line, using the lasso, around the camera. A couple of pixels feathering will help hide the edge. When that’s done, right click, and go to fill, content aware, OK. And the machine will fill it in for you. Now don’t forget to deselect that. We have to undistort this image. Zoom out, go to filter, distort, polar-coordinates, and now go to polar to rectangle and OK and it’ll put it back to normal then flip it back over the same way you turned upside down now go to filter, distort, polar-coordinates, and select a rectangular to polar, and we’ll do the top zoom in and we can start clones stamping these artifacts. Clone stamping is really boring to watch so I’m gonna cut some of this, but you can see me softening the edge a little bit. There we go. now are going to put it back to normal and save! To avoid erasing my original, I will just save under new name. now the camera’s gone, and the stitching errors are less noticeable.

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